Tour Inverness Scotland (Great Britain) travel video guide; Inverness UK tourism attractions

Tour Inverness Scotland (Great Britain) travel video guide; Inverness UK tourism attractions

Oh hi, behind me is Dunnottar
Castle and It’s ruined, it’s on the cliff, it’s very majestic Through it’s history, it’s
seen an eight month siege By Oliver Cromwell, William Wallace and Charles II As well, Mel Gibson was here to film Hamlet But I’ll show you more inside. Oh hi, you caught me in Inverness on the banks Of the River Ness. It feeds
into Loch Ness where I’m going to be going on a tour. But I’ll show you more when I get there. Let’s see if I see the monster. What’s up everyone, I’m on Loch Ness And I haven’t seen the monster yet. See you Oh hi, I’m on the shores of Loch Ness looking
for the monster But I haven’t been able to see anything.
I saw what Looked like a creature from the deep, but
then it was only a stick Yeah, you can sense my disappointment. But I’ll keep you posted. See you. I’m at Urquhart Castle on the shores of
Loch Ness It was built in the 14th century and Destroyed in the early 17th. See you back in Inverness Oh hi, I’m back in Inverness, but it’s a Sunday
and there’s not a lot to do The word of the day has been closed, see you tomorrow We’ll open tomorrow, hope you come
back, so yeah There’s not a lot to do here, so see ya. As history shows us, after the battle here at Culloden The defeated Jacobites fled toward Inverness Some on horseback, and
some with their own two feet With the government forces hot on their heels. Now, two days afterwards, two to three thousand Jacobites Rallied again for their prince at Ruthbin,
but their prince himself Bonnie Prince Charlie had a message, to flee, to scatter To run away, to protect themselves. The Jacobite
uprising was over. What’s up everyone. I got on the bus after Culloden And I’m going towards
Cawdor Castle. It’s way In the middle of nowhere and I’ve been walking For a long time. I’m not sure if I’m
walking in the right direction So I’ll see you when I get there. A short cut to mushrooms, no,
I’m just kidding, still walking Oh hi, it sure was a long walk,
but welcome to Cawdor Castle Behind me is the castle where Shakespeare
based Macbeth. I’ll show you more of the outside Because photography Is not allowed on the inside. See you

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  1. Thank you for this lovely video. With pleasure I have re-wiew the places where my wife and me, just got married, we saw in 1979. We moved by trains and normal scottish buses and slept in B&B. Very very good ospitality with Scottish people. I well remember all, Fort Augustus Abbey, Loch Ness, Urquarth castle, the Highlands, Culloden Moor and Cawdor castle where we gone almost lost in the forest. We have 3 sons and all of them , lonely, not together, have visited the beautiful Scotland. I am from Italy and my family name  (Macchi) sound like McKey in italian Language. Ciao!!

  2. Thanks for the video of Inverness with surroundings! Planning to go there in late August and I appreciated the tips of what to explore.

  3. Hello! Thanks for sharing! can you tell me how long it takes to see all these locations? I would go to Inverness, to culloden Moor and lockness, maybe have a walk throuht the woods . 2days are enought?

  4. Binge watched all of Outlander series and fell in love w the scenery. I'm so glad you posted this and gave us more of this BEAUTIFUL land! Thanks ?‍♀️?‍♀️

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