Tour of Destruction

Tour of Destruction

We thought we would
just have a walk about and see the damage that we’ve caused. Jelly there? It’s, like, there’s paint of
several different colors. I thought this Jell-O
would’ve washed away by now, but it doesn’t rain much. That’s the green one. The red one is still sort of
dripped down the front. Whoa! – Oh!
– Oh, my God! And it smells awful. I mean, look. Gravity has taken it
down this natural,
sort of like river, so we’ve had
this stinky jelly river for about a week
and a half. Slightly multi-colored,
full of balloons and balls. We’ll pick all that up. Paint balls we’ve been
lobbing at the crew. We’ve never shown
behind the set. Why don’t we take a walk
around here and see the damage? Nearly got it. Is that someone’s food? There’s an old burrito. Who left the burrito? It tells a real story
of what’s happened. Like, get… Hit him there. Uh, this is… Let’s have a look
at what we’ve got. Oof, taking some rounds here. It’s a very lethal set. So we’ve got water balloons.Oh!We’ve got bouncy balls.Whoa!We’ve got a bowling ball. We’ve got jelly. Uh, paint. Oh, get a shot
of under here. Look at this.
Ping pong balls. – Look at that.
– That’s where they were. It’s also been
incredibly windy. My lungs are, well,
a quarter sand, probably. Do you get sand boogies, like when the dust gets
in your nose? Disgusting. This is where we blew up
a load of det cord. –Whoa.
Whoa, look at the shock waves.
Look, that bucket that’s just
been left in there has even got an
industrial water sign on it. It just looks like someone’s
left some industrial waste
in our set. If I stumbled upon this,
I’d be like, “What is this for? What happened here? What’s the purpose of this?” And over here
we’ve got some– some of our vehicles
that we used. These are our vehicles. This is an absolute fleet,
isn’t it? So what we’ve
got, we’ve got– This is dropped
from a crane, then crushed and catapult video. ( together )
( laughter )( gasps )Yeah, we really bullied
this one. Head-on crash, head-on crash. –What?
– ( together )Oh!This is from fruit stand. Oh! Oh, they still got
some fruit in there, look. Oh, there’s wasps in it
and everything– bees. And then over there we’ve got
our busted moving trucks. –Ooh!
Good night.Oh!We went out of business
immediately. This accordion piece
is just blowing in the wind. Got these little location signs
planted around the area. Brilliant, yeah. It’s plastic, probably made
in about five minutes. – Yeah, we’re still excited.
– Oh, a big moment. We’ve never had one before. I want to make one
just for myself. – Just put on your front door?
– “Dan’s.”( theme music playing )– Belly flop.
– Bear trap. – 4K kittens.
– Paint pendulum. 4K kittens. – You know you missed it.
– I wasn’t there. Check it out.
Dan wasn’t there. If you love episodes
without Dan in them, check out 4K kittens. I bet it’s
the most viewed video. Oh, I hope so. Oh, I’d be so annoyed.

54 thoughts on “Tour of Destruction

  1. Super disappointed that you guys don't clean up after the experiments right away. Birds and other creatures roam these fields and could easily be chewing on these rubber balls or leftover balloons while you guys are off-set. Blow stuff up and have fun, but at least clean up after yourselfs.

  2. I see a plane body in backgroudn O_O i wonder what's that got to do with super slow show…
    I mean the ARROW of SSS is pointing at the plane o.o so are they gonna make videos with that? or perhaps it's from a movie set that's being shot there near the super slow show filming set?

  3. Soo much trash it's actually kind of sad to see. I hope you guys clean that up at the end of this series.

  4. My guess is that the plane fuselage was emptied out and used for their viewing room. Although idk if that's true, I haven't seen all of these videos so I'm not sure if they have been shown walking into the viewing room.

  5. This is actually really disappointing. I like the show, but Gave and Dan need to be more responsible. As an American from a near-desert area who has spent a fair amount of time in our desert, I don't appreciate them coming and trashing our deserts. :/

  6. I see tons of stuff for eBay!
    Sell it – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! – sell it! –

  7. sup,i saw all ur vid about slowmo that's awesome,ur camera so incredible.that's really satisfied…btw can you capture magician changing money with slow motion?

    best regards

  8. yea smashed up car, little bouncy balls everywhere, a bowling ball, rotting fruit and a secret rotting burrito, and then there was a plane, in the background, just sitting there, yet there were no comments about it whatsoever

  9. The finance accountant for this show must've needed early retirement so bad after all this was wrapped up

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