Tour of My $15 Million Dollar Penthouse – Dan Lok Headquarters

Tour of My $15 Million Dollar Penthouse – Dan Lok Headquarters

100 thoughts on “Tour of My $15 Million Dollar Penthouse – Dan Lok Headquarters

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  2. Another inspiring video Dan, many thanks!
    So you renting or did you buy? Cos buying of course you know wouldn’t give you cashflow.

  3. Dan lok ur a legend 1st video I have watched just to let u know I am currently in Guanghzou China making business moves I know in my heart and mind I will achieve I was made for this

  4. wow—i am going to be as successful as you in my future. i can feel it ; i look up to you and your videos so insanely much, and i can’t thank you enough. i’m excited to finally change my parents’ and my life around. no more working so much with so little results.

  5. this man talking " My Office etc etc " and I trying to understand him becouse i dont speak english … God Bless Dan Lok

  6. And from all angles I can see that
    Dan pena was your mentor
    😂😂 he really motivates me when he insults and his lifestyle

  7. I don't know why he would buy penthouse instead of a actual house ….land is more valuable than living in an apartment if I had such money mansion a real house would be way to go

    Having your own home as headquarters not an office I personally feel odd. I admire his success and his great personality but look at Li Ka Shin his richest person in HK (that's also where Dan Lok from) his way more wealthy and successful than Dan and his got proper office, same as Jack Ma also have proper office (he only operated from his home when he started out once he became successful his got an office not operate from his home) I curious to know why Dan Lok choose his own home as headquarters not having own office outside his own home

  8. Love how this guy always , ALWAYS says "I remember when" nd never forget where he came from. Ima be there one day brother ill see you .

  9. His penthouse and the fact that he is rich doesn't motivate me…I'm not a materialistic person xD I could care less about having a penthouse or nice things….money doesn't motivate me to become a better person…what motivates me is having someone special in my life…people who mean a lot to me motivate me to do do better…love motivates me…being able to be there for the special people in my life and being able to help them is what motivates me…I'm a very simple person…I consider myself as a minimalist

  10. I love the poker cards – super cool – you know people do divination with poker cards – it’s a very interesting tool for lateral thinking and strategy.

  11. I love the fact that you have never forgotten where you came from and how much you struggled financially as a new immigrant to start your life and Carreer in canada.
    Your story is inspirational.

  12. I hope everyone at some point in life will get to have their dream house and everything they want! Good luck to you all, I believe in you!

  13. If you put this up on Facebook and use a title that has to do with not being able to pay rent of 1500 to owning a 15 million property in whatever amount of years…trust me it will BLOOOW UP!

  14. Today i see this for the first time. I apreciate the way you evoluate. All respect for you and your work. Hope one day i can stay in a penthouse as yours..maybe yours 💪🏼

  15. Nice to watch the boats come and go. Thank you always for your videos. I'm starting to grow .. and enjoy watching you.

  16. I am 16 and I'v been truly appreciating and admiring your magnificent videos from over the year's ,thanks for making an awesome videos through which we could inhance our goals

  17. "I WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE CLOSER THAN YOU THINK". Oh thank you man, God is using you to give us hope. Love and gratitude from South Africa. I listen to you every fucken day.

  18. ‘A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men’ (Thomas Carlyle)

    Hi Dan, you’re truly a humble, remarkable guy. I do admire your attitude, charisma. Each and every day I’m trying to implement your fantastic sales-clues!! 💯🙏💪🏻…🤔 maybe some day I would have a distinct privilege to talk to you!!

  19. The word I never say or hate to hear is when people specially professionals say in their speech is the f**k word. To me this word brings their level of personality very low. Other than that these professionals have really great things to talk about, very informative, inspiring

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