Tour of The WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP! (Symphony of the Seas)

Tour of The WORLD’S LARGEST CRUISE SHIP! (Symphony of the Seas)

Good morning adventurers. Good morning. So we’ve been on the Symphony of the Seas for a few days now And we still haven’t really gotten to see everything that the ship has to offer So we’ve come up to the top of the ship And we’re just kind of exploring all this pool area because today is an amazing day, the sun is out And it’s actually pretty warm out here for once So we’ve come up to get a little bit of sun and then we might actually get into the pools a little bit later. Fingers crossed if the sun stays out Yeah, so our goal today is we’re going to take – we’re gonna go around the ship and do a little ship tour We’re gonna take you guys along and show you everything that the Symphony of the Seas has to offer We are hoping to take you guys on a little behind-the-scenes tour in the ultimate family suite I think we’re gonna be able to get in but you guys this thing is bananas It’s two floors tall and they have some crazy amenities in there We saw it online and we were like “Can we please see it?” But we’re still going to show you everything else aboard this amazing ship We are starting our tour in the solarium, which is at the very front of the ship forward “The forward” In ship terms. It is up on the 15th floor – the 15th deck. I think there’s one more – 16th up there We started here mostly just because we’re really hungry and because we didn’t find this place until two days ago We had no idea it existed on the ship The ship is so large and so cavernous that you can find something new every day easily. Yeah, we’ve already been eating sorry You can see that they have everything here. They have a ton of breakfast options I also put together a delicious waffle with some ham over there. I really panic tonight Just threw a bunch of stuff on one plate as you can see and then I saw the waffle And I like I got to get that too, so it is a good hearty breakfast today This ship is absolutely enormous, it’s divided into seven different neighborhoods you’ve got Central Park, the Royal Promenade, the pool and sports zone, spa and fitness area the entertainment place, the youth zone, and the boardwalk which we’re about to go scope out right now So we’ve gotten our food at one of the restaurants on the boardwalk. This thing is a proper boardwalk like what you find find in like Santa Cruz Pier or something. They have arcade games. They have a hotdog stand There’s a shake place over there There’s a jungle gym. They have slides. There’s even a carousel right in the middle of it We’ve got our fresh juice I went with a carrot apple Yep, and I did something with beets in it definitely So this is the massive fitness center We’ve been coming here a few times Alison more than me They have pretty much any equipment you could dream of on this ship. It’s pretty fantastic They even have this whole yoga bar area They have a bunch of balls over there, some other weights, a bunch of yoga kutra mounts over here Yeah, they also have a jogging track That goes – it’s a whopping one and a half kilometers long. Yeah, check this out It’s like a wind tunnel. It is, but it keeps you nice and breezy while you’re jogging Yeah.. Just gonna do like.. 50 kilometers See ya It can be really intimidating trying to navigate a ship this large But they have these handy interactive maps on every floor So you can find everything that you want you can search for specific things you want you can actually just kind of peruse An actual map of all the decks So we’re gonna head it right now down to the Royal Promenade which is kind of like the main walking strip of the ship, we’re going to grab a drink This is the Royal Promenade. They have cafes, restaurants They usually have a live band in the evenings playing, they have the Bionic robot bar over there. They do. They have shops They have all sorts of goodies here. Yes a lot of people spend a lot of time in this area of the ship We are going to hit up one of the bars right now that I don’t think we’ve hit up yet. It’s called What is it called? Copper and Kettle. Alright so our beers just arrived this place is cool It has some of the most unique beers we’ve seen on the ship. They’ve got tons of options. They even do “beertini” and Cockt-ales Cockt – Ales So all of these have beer mixed in which I don’t know that I’ve ever had a beer cocktail So we’ll have to try those later We’ve just we’ve been drinking a lot of cocktails So we decided to stick to the beer and we heard that this place had some a good beer selection And it is true so How it works is when you get on board everyone gets a C pass which kind of just is your ID on board And your credit card too And your credit card so we have a deluxe drink package Which there are three different types of drink packages you can do just one with I think soda, then one with soda and specialty copies, and then ours is alcohol and everything else so we can have uhm..unlimited alcohol of 2 – I believe, it’s $13 Yeah I think so Or less is covered we get discounts on bottles of wine if we want to go out to a fancy dinner and do that plus we get all the sodas and coffees During our week on the ship So it is pretty sweet. It’s very awesome. So you just give them this they swipe it, and then you get sweet sweet nectar Nice job. Oh yeah. That was satisfying. So normally if you walked out of a restaurant With a glass of beer in your hand you probably get in a lot of trouble but you’re free to do that you can take any drink out of any place and take it anywhere you want take it down to your room take it out on the boardwalk take it wherever you want You can do the same thing with food Don’t feel like finishing it? You just walk out with it We wanted to give you guys an idea of just how long this ship actually is and we weren’t sure how to do that so We had this idea that we’re gonna start at the back of the ship and then or the aft and then we’re gonna make our way all the way to the fore to the to the forward end of the ship, and we’re just gonna do a time lapse just to give you guys an idea of just how long this hallway is Holy cow We’ve officially made it from one end of the ship to the other I know that maybe it seemed quick to you guys But that was like a whole five minute walk, and I was holding my camera the whole time. Oh that was hard Yeah, took us five minutes – five minutes exactly to walk in the end So we just went from the aft of the ship to the forward And y’all That’s not even actually the whole length of the ship, they could have gone from Tip to tip yeah, oh my gosh Oh man That’s a long way. That’s a workout Above the Royal Promenade is Central Park, which is pretty much exactly how it sounds. It’s like the Royal Promenade except it’s open-air They have hundreds of different plants out here, and the whole thing is a lot more chill more relaxed There’s plenty of spots to get a drink. You’ve got Jamie’s Italian restaurant over there which we’ll be heading up in just a short while They have, it’s really cool It’s like walking in a city park or something because you have little cafes all around you can sit in, you’d really feel like you walk out into a park Good news you guys We just got a message that we have a 30-minute window to take a look at the ultimate family suite So we are on floor 17, and we’re just looking for the suite right now It’s around here somewhere. Alright you guys, we found it – the ultimate family suite Okay, this thing is absolutely insane Look at this. It’s two floors of absolute colorful craziness It’s we read that it’s 1,350 square foot so when we lived in San Francisco our apartment was 350 square foot so this suite on this ship has a thousand more square foot than an apartment we lived in for five years Yep Not bad at all. Nope I’d take this. But it’s got two bedrooms one up there on the loft and one over there and it sleeps 8 people total Yeah, I feel like if a kid went to Ikea and picked out all of their favorite stuff This is what the suite would end up looking like it is so cool and everything’s like so fun and functional. Alright let’s go check out this bedroom So, it’s funny you go from like this epic colorful orange and red down there to this nice subdued blue I’m guessing that this is meant to be where the parents sleep yeah What do we have here? Trapdoor. Oh check this out. This is awesome. So there’s like a little tunnel leading to the kids’ room Oh man if I were a parent, I will make my children only use that little door So we’ve got bunk bed over here another one over here Giant luxurious couch yeah and they have another bed if they need it And then of course the slide Alright so (nice job) wearing rubber-soled shoes on the slide isn’t the best idea They have all these giant like uh stuffed, I think it’s supposed to be like a balloon. Oh, yeah, check it out Oh that’s crazy You just went to like lounge on it Oh, that’s nice look, and they have all these little pillows and stuff it seemed kind of like make your own lounge spot Beat up your husband Or that. Y’all we almost forgot, there’s a whole balcony, let’s go check it out We’ve got an Xbox, Playstation, I think there’s like a Nintendo Switch over here They’ve got everything and they have a giant Connect 4 oh, I just noticed that. That’s so sweet They have popcorns, they have sodas We could seriously spend the rest of the day in here just goofing around But I think if we don’t leave they’re gonna kick us out, so Time to leave beautiful amazing ultimate suite. Bye, love you! You guys there’s still so much more for us to explore on this ship for instance they have a candy shop A wine bar Robot bartenders a casino They have a rockwall Piano stairs A jazz club Putt-putt golf Basketball court A zip line We are back in our stateroom, I think we’re gonna end the video here because we’re tired We’re tired we ran all over the ship today We’ve seen – everything And we still haven’t shown you guys everything we tried, but there’s more stuff You know so if you really want to see it all you’re just gonna have to book a cruise on the Symphony of the Seas That’s the only way. But before we hit the hay we wanted to give you guys a quick look around just our stateroom Of course it pales in comparison to the family suite that we looked at earlier, but it’s been very cool We do have balcony out there, but it’s all dark right now So if you want to see that you’ll have to check out our other videos on we I think we show the balcony off in Most of our videos so you can scope that out, but we have our little workspace area here with the couch And then we’ve been chilling here watching the TV Check this out our guys than making us a different like towel puppet every day. It’s pretty cool. Yeah This is the most creative one yet. I guess it’s a monkey with sunglasses He always uses something as a prop a lot of the time it’s sunglasses and they’re so cute. We have a full bathroom in there. Let there be light! Yeah, this has been great both of us have actually been able to stay in here and use the mirror at the same time which is amazing It’s pretty big So our plan tomorrow is to just have a chill day on the ship It is our only day at sea So there’s no port yeah our final day So we are gonna take advantage of it We are gonna go and explore just a few more things if you can believe it There’s still things to see. We’re gonna do like a proper behind-the-scenes tour Oh, yeah So we’re gonna incorporate that in what we’re gonna get to see we don’t really know exactly what we’ll get to see but some of The underbelly of the ship, and how it actually works rather than just all the fun entertainment stuff and if this is your first time to our channel make sure you hit that subscribe button hit the like button if you enjoyed the video. Alright with that we’ll leave you. Goodnight adventurers. We’ll see you on the road.

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