Hi guys? How are you? I’m here in Orlando and we decided to have a different experience this time We decided to rent a RV And we’ll go on a small trip and have a different experience to see how it’s to live inside one and maybe on the future, to go on a roadtrip So I’ll show you how it’s inside the RV What’s inside and how it works Some rules, anyway, I’ll explain during the video For those that are curious, or want to go on a roadtrip Maybe you’ll also want to live this experience. Let’s go. Let’s go on a tour before hiting the road I’ll show you everything There is our dog on the door Look… I haven’t seen this There is a netting here, in case you’d like to take a fresh breath so the mosquitos won’t get in the motorhome There are 2 doors Now let’s get inside it Someone already slept here So it’s a little bit messier than it should be But it’s ok I’ll turn on the lights and there is a power generator here, I’ll turn it on later once we get to where we’ll spend the night, on a camp So now we’ll show you everything before we bring our things inside So it won’t be a huge mess But I’ll show you later This motorhome is up to 5 people There are bigger, smaller, many different sizes many RV, motorhome and trailers categories I’ll start on the front part, it will be easier So on this side, it’s the driver seat There are 2 seats, like a regular truck The front part is normal, I don’t know if the driving part is normal too We’ll find it out on our way to our camp I’ll show you our driver, it’s someone that already drove big cars He’ll tell us what’s the difference But basically, this is a regular big car But on the top of where we are, there is a bed It’s a 2 people bed I know that there is a rule that says that you can’t be on bed when the rv it’s moving So when it’s moving, everyone needs to be seated and with the seat belts on just like a regular car, you can’t be lying on bed Cause if some acident happens, you’ll be throwed away It’s a regular rule Now get sitted and fasten your seat belts and let’s go! So this is a bed, and there is some mattress So it’ will really be a bed and it’s a couple, king size bed Super cool There is a window there I’ll go up there Look, it’s a big bed The only problem is If you suddenly wake up you’ll hit your head on the ceiling But it super spacious It’s not super confortable like a regular bed But it’s ok The windows are super cool and you can also close the curtains Goodbye, I’ll have some privacy There is also a curtain here, in case the driver wants some privacy as well There is a regular seat here With seat belts another window And there is this light everywhere It saves power, the power generator doesn’t need to be on to light up There is cabinets everywhere to optimize space and on this side, there is some cabinets and lamps as well and this table, for meals and stuff You can also be seatted here while the vehicle is moving and this table, I don’t know how, but it turns on a bed So there is a 2 people bed, this is an one person bed and there is another 2 people bed I don’t know how this turns into a bed, but we’ll be on camp later and my brother saw how to make it, so I’ll show you how it works later I don’t know how to explain it for now It makes no sense And on this side, there is the kitchen and the bed So there is another 2 people bed It has already been used There is a window there too Many cabinets to optimize space There is a curtain here too So it’s more private and separated from the kitchen and the “common area” This bed lacks privacy, but the other two are super ok cause you can close the curtains and this part is like a common area I’ll show you the kitchen There is a microwave Amazing! We are not going to starve A stove, it’s a gas stove It works normally So this is the stove and there are many cabinets here too and the safety locks really works, so it won’t open through the trip while the car is moving everything is empty The only point is that there is no cooking equipments here Like pans, plates, nothing! So you must buy it or you can also rent it It depends on where you are going to rent your rv You can rent all those equipments or you can buy it On our case, we are staying in a house We are going to take those things inside the house so we won’t need to buy those things just to have this experience On this side, it’s also locked This is a small fridge There is some water here It also has a safety lock so it won’t open and there is a freezer on top We are going to fill it now I’m showing you while it’s still empty so you can understand how it is There is another cabinet here, it’s still empty It’s a cabinet that you can put your clothes on it, some drawers But it’s still empty Let me take off those towels that they already left here This is part of the bathroom, so there is a sink There is water There is a water reservoir here inside the RV So it stands a while without needing to fill it But the right is, once you are on a camp, you can fill it There is water supply, some plugs to “charge” the rv on camp I’ll show you everything when we get there So you must fill water There is another cabinet here, there are cabinets everywhere to optimize space and there are some plugs here there are plugs in many places, there is one here so you can dry your hair and here is the shower and the toilet Look at this! Wait a sec, it’s super small Let me show you inside it so you can have an idea This is the shower There is a curtain to close it and shower It’s super tiny but it’s ok The toilet… Everything is super compact It’s a little bit suffocanting But we’ll experience it We’ll feel how it’s spending two nights on a rv But we’ll be on a camp I’ll show all the experience in another video, I’m vloging this trip This is a specific video talking about the rv But now we’ll catch our things and will go to our camp Once I get there I’ll show you what I didn’t show yet I’ll show the electricity part, how to turn on the power generator and those type of things I’ll also tell you the difference betwen a motorhome, a rv and a trailer Now let’s go outside, I’ll show you the outside part of it So this is our RV, we’ll spend our next days on it Let’s go guys! Let’s see how it works The parking brake is like a truck, it’s on the foot The parking break is on the foot In case you already drove a truck or a pickup truck you already know how it is Then you must… Look at it’s noise Did you hear it? I released the parking break Now let’s go! I’ll fasten the seat belt and hit the road We arrived at our camp It’s a Disney camp Since we are arriving here in a motorhome, we won’t need to get out of the car to check in Well, we got to the place that we are going to camp and now we’ll show you how the electrical part works and the water tank as well! You need to open those things On the motorhome sideways, there are those “boxes” There is a plug adapter I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s pluged We must unplug it The guy told us that this is a regular plug in America It’s easy to find This is our support No one comes to explain you what to do, you do everything by yourself There are many plugs here OMG The light will be on It turned on It’s on, that means that it’s on So that means that now we don’t need to use the power generator anymore, right? Right There is a hose here… and this is where you can put your lugagges on the trailer It’s not a trailer… It’s a motorhome… And here… At the end of this model There is a water conection and there is a fine net, in case there is something it will filter it Since I’ll turn it on there first, What am I going to do? I’ll turn on the water I’ll drain a little bit, in case there is something inpure on the hose it will clean it then I’ll turn it off, conect here and turn it on In case there is something dirty on the hose, it will be clean on the first jet Give me the edge of the hose Le Let’s see if the distance is ok Let’s see It needs to! Otherwise we’ll have to maneuver the motorhome No, I think it will get there Yes it does Super ok Conect the hose to the tap That’s it The water is working, now we’ll turn it off Then we’ll conect the other part here at the water conector Turn on the water and that’s it! Look, another cool thing I bought this charcoal There are somethings in the baggage compartment Like a table you build it by your own and some chairs I saw that there is a tyre here So there are no chairs I thought there were some There is no chair She showed the table, I thought there were chairs as well But there aren’t You must bring your own chair But there is a table with chairs at the camp that we are staying But if there weren’t we’ve should buy some chairs Anyways, you must buy everything that you are going to need To turn on the power generator, right now we don’t need to use it anymore cause we are already connected to a power source Yes, it’s not necessary anymore But when it’s not connected, you need to turn on the power generator There is a button to connect it It’s like a regular car button it makes a motor noise It’s always good to keep all the lights off when the generator is on The less energy being spent, the better You just need to press this button We can’t turn it on now cause it’s plug is already connected to the power supply But you just need to push this button This one is to heat water So you can take a warm shower Since we are already plugged, we’ll turn on the air conditioner Let’s turn it on so it will be fresher Everthing will depend on the camp that you are staying This is a Disney camp, so the support is great like everything that Disney does We are “away” from the other neighbors There is a cabin there It’s called confort station… What is in there? Ice… A laundry Ice, laundry, maybe some insect repellent? I don’t know if it’s there or on the front desk This a laundry, let’s go in You must use your magic band Look! Washing your clothes is necessary… It’s a super complete laundry! Disney has Such a good structure! There is a drinks machine so can buy sodas and water And here…This is… Soap for washing clothes You can buy a small package, just for one use People probably forget to bring it So, there is a washing and drying machine, a drinks machine and there is an ice machine outside Look, there is a bathroom here You must use your magic band to get in It has some showers, toilets seats I’m not filming inside so I won’t bother anyone There is the ice machine But I think it will be great to shower here Better than inside the trailer But this will depend on the camp that you’ll stay This is a trash bin This is a restricted area This is a phone, probably to call the reception and things like that Well, we are on a Disney camp If you’d like to watch our experience here there is another video, I vloged everything I’ll leave the link on the description box This is a video to explain everything about the motorhome Cause when you rent an rv, a motorhome or a trailer, you can sleep on a camp (free or paid) that’s up to you to choose if you’ll stay on a free or a paid camp You must plan your trip, some camps you need to book it with a 6 month advance cause camps get super crowded during summer here in America Another cool tip: you can spend a free night at a Wallmart parking lot It’s free You are not going to have a place to power energy and water supply But it’s a place to sleep in case you are on a long trip it’s a good option if you need to sleep on the way In a camp you can use their power supply, you don’t need to use the power generator There is a place to discharge water and sewage There is a water supply so the structure helps you There are another few things that you need to know, but the company that you rent your RV will explain you They explain everything, how to turn it on the power generator, how to turn it off, so you won’t be 100% lost and there are many camps We stayed at a Disney one, theirs structure is amazing There are many camps here in USA with a great structure So you just need to google it and organize your trip that everything will be super ok Whats up guys, did you like this experience that we had? It was great! So watch our camping vlog I’ll leave the links on the description box This was a video to tell you about the RV and a RV tour Kisses, don’t forget to subscribe on my chanel and like this video See you on the next video! Bye!


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    Adorei essa opção de hospedagem😘
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