Tourism and Travel Management | UQx on edX

aspiration for many people, and tourism is a lifeblood of
economies, yet, tourism success is a shared responsibility. Managing travel and
tourism is highly complex, even in developed destinations,
like Queensland, Australia. TALEB RIFAI: Given Queensland’s wealth
of natural and cultural heritage, it is essential that tourism is managed
in a way that reflects the needs and interests of all stakeholders. SPEAKER 1: Effective management
drives tourism experiences. LEANNE CODDINGTON: What
Queensland has to offer as a destination is its diversity,
experiences within experiences. SPEAKER 1: Whether you’re a tourism
executive, a job seeker looking to jump start your career
in the tourism industry, or a tourist inquisitive about how your
experience is developed and managed, join our expert team from
the University of Queensland as we explore sustainable tourism,
digital technologies, infrastructure and planning, visitor experiences,
workforce development, and risk and crisis management in one of
the world’s leading destinations. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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