Tourism as a trade NCERT Geography class 10

Tourism as a trade NCERT Geography class 10

this is a continuation topic of class 10 chapter 7 lifelines of national economy in this video we are going to read about the topic tourism in india India has grown substantially over the last three decades and the reason is simple it is due to India’s geographical beauty and the social and cultural diversity that attracts many tourists around the globe the amount of foreign tourists coming to India has almost increased five times in the last forty years as a result the foreign exchange earnings has also risen up equally now foreign tourists visit India for the following reasons they are the first one is pilgrimage to ism initially the roots of tourism in India could be traced to pilgrimage places of pilgrimage are usually the most visited places by foreign tourists India is the most popular destination in pilgrimage to ism because it is the land of many religion like six muslim christian hinduism buddhism and jainism the second one is ecotourism now this kind of tourism usually involves visiting national parks wildlife sanctuaries tribal communities flora fauna and other undisturbed natural areas its main purpose is to educate travellers respect culture and sparked the idea of preserving nature ecotourism is also known as sustainable tourism the third one is adventure tourism India is a tropical country tropical climates are big craving for people residing in countries that are in temperate zone I’m talking about countries in North America Europe and East Asia for them India is the perfect destination for beach vacations and other adventurous activities the fourth one is cultural heritage tourism now this tourism totally focuses towards the country or regions culture in terms of lifestyle architecture art and crafts and other elements that shape our lives India’s rich heritage can be seen in various temples palaces monuments and fourths that are found everywhere in the country the fifth one is medical tourism the primary reason that attracts medical value travel to India is cost-effectiveness and treatment from reputed facilities at much lower cost foreign patients travel to India to seek medical treatments at about one tenth of the cost of similar procedures in the developed countries it is basically reduced costs the availability of late medical technologies and international quality standards that is attracting many foreign patients to India and the sixth one is business tourism foreign business travelers visit India to attend business meetings and international conferences this to ism aims to what bringing different business groups for collaborating and innovating new ideas usually a business meeting or conference involves accommodation means transportation and entertainment hence the business tourism industry once these revenue through these services you must have seen many international convention centers in cities like Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad etc they host meeting conferences exhibition stocks everything that focuses towards investment tourism exposure etc now here are some statistics that show the arrival number of foreign tourists in india from 1997 to 2016 and here is the foreign exchange earnings from tourism in india from 1997 to 2016 now these are the top 10 countries from where the tourists arrive in India the date is from 2015 survey now these are the top 10 particular states and union territories of India where the forest go again the data is from 2015 survey now here’s the map that shows all the World Heritage Sites in India you can pause the video and have a look at it all these maps are available links are in the description apart from all these statistics there are some hard facts and realities that pose a serious challenge to India’s tourism industry I’m talking about issues related to security and crime against women tourists this is presently a major challenge for indium tourism industry not all parts of india are unsafe the government through ministry of tourism has launched many initiatives such as setting up off to his facilitation and security organization then setting off guidelines to encourage tourism activities to be undertaken with respect to basic rights like dignity safety and freedom from exploitation then ministry of tourism has posted an advisory note for all tourists on its website that is double W dot Incredible India dot orc so these are some measures taken by the Ministry of Tourism towards safety and security of women tourists if you want to see more of such contents make sure you’re subscribed by doing so you will get the alerts and relics when you come thanks for watching now see you in the next one

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