Tourism Mexico City | Palacio de Bellas Artes | Museo Nacional de Arte (how many museums?)

Tourism Mexico City | Palacio de Bellas Artes | Museo Nacional de Arte (how many museums?)

[Music] oh you like that does that help looking at the lock yeah okay okay so where are we going today goodbye now to to to art museums not just two but we’re going to to art museums yes it’s called a dad joke I know that he has there yeah so we are traveling down the elevator from the 14th floor in our condo that’s right across this free dish from Alameda Park and we’re gonna go get a coffee there’s a cool little cafe that overlooks the very beautiful Art Museum and it’s at Sears no because Sears is hop in here Mexico City it is not hopping in the US but it’s hopping here [Applause] what is this so they have this whole road just blocked off on Sundays for all the bike riding it’s really nice isn’t it be man [Music] yeah people got the dogs out with the bikes cruising along nice relaxed huh [Music] that’s cool Sears Sears so the Sears is closed on Sunday okay well alright well right up there right up there right up there is the cafe so you can chill out there and drink your coffee eat your meal and then you can look out on this beautiful side of the Art Museum but today that’s not happening because apparently they’re closed oh look at that we’re standing right here and they just opened that is so funny so what time is it 11:00 so they open at 11:00 all right well good luck okay good well yeah this is all going according to plan I knew this is going to happen and that’s why I planned for us to be here right at 11:00 anyway let’s go ahead and go in [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] run Cirrus is pretty good the boys had a you know important panini and me and Amy just had coffees and it was 15 bucks $2 tip pretty good for the view that’s an awesome bike that’s what that’s what you call a lowrider bike [Music] it’s a really nice oh look at man it’s got so much detail on that thing it’s cool chain links huh I was too worried about going through the metal detector with this camera with my bag full of batteries and external battery you know yeah I don’t think it is because it definitely did not be awesome because it doesn’t have a light yeah well this is a beautiful building inside here [Music] oh that’s why they have the big sign outside that says Mexico 68 with all the Olympic rings because they have an installment showing the different little things from the Mexico Olympics that’s cool now that makes sense did you see that sign out there with the Mexico 68 Olympic rings totally makes sense okay oh and there’s a small version of the sign right there that’s cool or commemorative coin Wow that’s beautiful [Music] [Music] okay okay so you got Oh gift shop on this side and then you got the Olympics installation on that side directly across here you have the audit the theater the auditorium and then where’s the rest of the exhibits and art stuff up up up okay okay so we had to get tickets just to go up there but the tickets are free but those costs money if it’s not Sunday how much did they cost if it’s on Sunday okay two bucks apiece no our would we such trash come on trash can over there I meet ray here yeah I know and what’s funny is I have a water bottle connected to my back so I guess you won’t say anything about that huh okay yeah at throwaways water what’s funny is I have a water bottle connected to my bag here full of water wow that’s a big painting be man yeah this humungous paintings alright over the course of a good amount of time that’s pretty awesome I don’t know what works he’s like a super farmer or something farmer like a super farmer supera farmer revolutionary chemists [Music] thank you boy there’s a party there’s a farm well see his overalls and his work gloves yeah well farmers are pretty mechanical most the time so who do you think this guy is what do think his job is he’s got a microscope right there he’s obviously got overalls on so he’s kind of a worker engineer scientist guy yeah so he’s like got a some kind of engine and look at where the microscope thing is there’s all kinds of like yeah microbes and germs and things and I guess is that like a telescope looking at the Stars anyway I think this is the coolest painting I’ve seen so far go look at some other stuff this is cool these are cool paintings well that was cool see after our last trip out as is covered in the last video the boys weren’t too keen on going to more museums but this Palace of Fine Arts has plenty of things they could associate with it wasn’t just pictures with descriptions in Spanish there were Olympics memorabilia a huge super-creative murals where they can look at it and give their own opinions on after the Palace of Fine Arts we headed just a couple blocks away to the National Art Museum everyone really liked that as well they had these large installments showcasing a wide variety of creations by single artists basically both places had plenty of art that didn’t need a bunch of description and that’s nice because it would have been in Spanish [Music] okay grow your hair out you don’t like my hair I’m not partial to the short hair though go I’ll grow my hair on one condition that you agree with me it’s getting thicker why would they have to do with anything well it’s just that’s that’s my that’s my request so you’re gonna grow it up yeah

43 thoughts on “Tourism Mexico City | Palacio de Bellas Artes | Museo Nacional de Arte (how many museums?)

  1. ??? We would love to see you grow your hair out!!!!!! Im sorry, but my 11yo daughter, Jorani, (insisted) said Rogaine will help lol… she doesn’t know what she’s talking about! She is still wicked innocent.. ? ???

  2. Hi Jones, can u tell me what kind of traditional food in Mexico City? now i am crazying about the food especially the savoury

  3. The guy said you could put the water bottle in the backpack but you don't understand spanish so you got mad for nothing.

  4. I'm 45 years old.and that younger kid reminded me of my could tell he was really injoying the trip. he wasn't on his cell fhone like most kids now at days. thank you for showing that beautiful side of mexico.and not what the US media says.or Trump.

  5. Your kids seem to be very well mannered and educated. Nice to see them interested and enjoying the mural at Bellas Artes.

  6. Short history note here, that huge painting in the Palacio de Bellas Artes, is called, Hombre Controlador del Universo or Man Controller of the Universe. It's orignal name was Hombre en el Cruce de Caminos or Man at the Crossroads, the original painting (by Diego Rivera) was to be inaugurated in the Rockefeller Center in NYC, but since it had communist background (you can clearly see Vladimir Lenin to the left side of the man in the middle) it was rejected by the Rockefellers, of course Diego saved the original sketches an repainted it here at the Palace of fine arts. Hope this information gives a but more in depth look into Mexican relatively recent history.

  7. Me encantan las familias que visitan museos, mi padre nos llevaba desde muy pequeños y siempre fue divertido hoy amo los museos-

  8. it's called the man at the crossroads and it was meant to be at one of the Rockefeller buildings but he didn't agree with Diego Rivera so he order to be destroyed and the painter recreate it at the museum in Mexico it's done by Diego Rivera!!!

  9. " Welcome To MÉXICO ?? Everyone, Enjoy our beautiful country , Delicious Food , Beautiful places ,Etc ……………………..??????????????!!!

  10. Nice video. The Rivera painting Is called "Man controlling the universe". Represents science as a tool for progrese. Also the contrast between capitalism at His right and comunism at His left. One Is selfish, the other, solidary. He was a member of the party. That's the reason Rockefeller ordered it down in Manhattan.

  11. Hi Jones Fam, The Beautiful "Palacio de Bellas Artes" that you visit begin to build in 1904 till 1934 when was completed ( 30 years to build cause the Mexican Revolution) the marble was brought from Carrara Italy, It's a also the Opera- Fine Arts Hall, the Mural paintings are from Diego Ribera, and Rufino Tamayo artists, the one big mural mentioned ( Man faced) it's called "Men in it's center of Universe" that also was painted at Rockefeller center in NYC in 1931. But was removed by John Rockefeller because Communist faces… That Ribera painted. He was a Communist .He was "Frida Kahlo" husband.

  12. Hi Jones! I'm just guessing, Where are you from? It was great for me seeing you guys enjoy México, Ive watched almost all the videos you have uploaded and It makes me feel very proud to be mexican… And beeing part of this culture of tacos lol… I mean of the entire culture of food and history de have. Thank you guys for choosing this beautiful country

  13. wow! pretty amazing what you are doing! You're actually teaching your children what it means to live in a very diverse world! My respect for you and your wife! BTW, I've been in you hometown St. Louis MO. I visited the Pink Sisters Monastery…

  14. Is real! Is a country very complex and mega diverse art culture history gastronomy nature and one of the most popular in the world ? top of singular varieties into the world of ideas and politics
    Amlo es buen hombre??????????????????

  15. So cool to see you guys traveling around mexico city, u should visit another states of mexico to know all the diferent cultures, food, traditions and all kind of stuff.

    Really really nice videos,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. A country without a history is tottally poor even if is a rich country your value is from your history your ancestry too many things envolved ……nice that the people visit the museums and all galleries…..?????????

  17. Hey! check out one of the most beautiful libraries in the world…. "biblioteca vasconcelos" and how about the museum Carlos Slim built? Museo de Soumaya! checkout out the photos on google…. both on cdmx

  18. mexico city is one of the cities with most museums in the world…. so much art of all kinds….also music, theater, concerts

  19. Hello, apologies if you have answered this question before. We have a six week Mexico trip planned for late 2020, my partner and I are going. I have told him about you and your travels. ? he asked how much is your daily expense budget and so that is my question. Not accomodation but just getting around, admission tickets, food, eating out etc. a rough guide will be just fine. Many thanks again for your wonderful vlogs. Cheers from Australia.

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