Tourism Pender Island British Columbia By Teen Leadership Program

Tourism Pender Island British Columbia By Teen Leadership Program

Welcome to Pender Islands where we have sunny beaches and warm summers! today we’re gonna be going across the island and giving you a grand tour Welcome to Roesland and the Pender Island Museum! Like the most of North Pender Roesland was once a farm operation In 1905 scottish immigrant Robert Roe bought land from Otter Bay to Shingle Bay including Roe lake Roesland is also parks headquarters and the museum opened July 2005 Cant wait till you come down! Shora! Welcome to Pender! This is the public library right behind me It was renovated quite recently and they have lots of new books being selected over there we have Nu-To-Yu a thrift shop you can get a good deals on anything from books to shirts also behind it is the Epicenter it’s the most recent addition to the area and it’s where people can hang out and play games ♪♪♪♪♪(Music)♪♪♪♪♪ Hello and welcome to Pender Island Kayak Adventures! here you can rent kayaks and have a beautiful tours around Pender also you can take lessons with one of the most wonderful people Emily and Jay! Here at Pender Island Kayak Adventures you can learn about seven different types of seastars and all different types of sealifes and it’s located at Port Browning on Pender Island at Port Browning there is a marina, there is a restaurant, swimming pool and then it looks like they have a disk golf park and a campground Hi! We are standing on the edge of Oaks Bluff there is a very steep cliff right behind me and we’re overlooking Moresby Island, Victoria and Saanich this is a very good place to watch orcas but this is a not good place if you are afraid of heights Hi! Welcome to Beaumont Park! where you can land your kayaks on the one of many beautiful beaches and have a nice picnic or camp with your friends
and family you can also walk to Mount Norman from here! Beaumont park is home to some coast salish middens which are protected sites where you can find
artifacts and stuff from the ancient burial villages that they
had here So be careful what you are picking up! but enjoy your time at the beautiful Beaumont Park! This is Brooks Point located on South Pender Island Brooks Point is over here and once owned by family called the Brooks then they gave it to the government and the community bought the land over here and Gowland Point over there then they had Gowlland Point and Brooks Point but not the land in between so the community raised $300,000 to buy the land in between so now they have the whole park. Let’s go see it! ♪♪(music)♪♪ This is Brooks Point. Over there where the lighthouses is Gowland Point The land in between is the land we saved with $300,000 Over there are San Juan Island and the US This is a great spot to watch orcas they come through here and it’s also a great spot to relax and watch the wildlife So please come and Enjoy!! ♪♪Closed Captioning by Kenta Kikuchi♪♪

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