“Tourism Works” | Video Learning Initiative at Olds College

“Tourism Works” | Video Learning Initiative at Olds College

Olds College has a rich history, now 102 going
on 103 years, of being very responsive to industry. We in the last couple of years,
in concert with the Government of Alberta, the Alberta Hotel and Lodging Association,
we’ve embraced digital technologies. All within an integrated learning environment. And so
for us to embrace the needs of industry, this is what comes naturally for Olds College. Being able to reach the four corners of the
province. Nay. Western Canada, No. Perhaps then, even the nation and beyond. In terms
of 3-minute, 5-minute, 7-minute clips that would take our content in a digital format,
and put it right in front of the learner in a mobile environment. Our goal is to create a series of 3 to five
minute training videos that will be made available online to the AHLA members and their employees.
Olds College has one of the best Hospitality programs in the province, so when the AHLA
was interested in creating these training videos, it was a natural fit for us to take
on this kind of project. The biggest challenge we’ve had in our industry
has been the labour challenge. We’ve struggled to not only find people, but to keep them
in our industry. We really see this as an innovative approach that really fits with
the way people learn and consume Information, the fact that we’re going to be able to deliver
this to every corner of the province, and that it’s going to be fun and engaging for
the learners, that’s really exciting for us. “Tourism Works” is how we’ve decided to brand
this series. These videos will include interactive assessments, real industry interviews, different
types of learning activities that will put forth a level of engagement with the trainee
that we haven’t seen in traditional training videos. It is really important to us to have a very
strong style and aesthetic for these videos. We are really trying to do something new.
The aesthetic appeal to these videos is key in creating a very entertaining form of learning.
We will make sure that these videos are available in a familiar format. So when you log in to the website, there will
be a series of playlists that are divided by subject matter. Each playlist will have
a series of 5, 10, maybe 20 videos that relate to that subject. To be able to be easily accessible,
very searchable and user friendly. From App – “Hi, I’m Annalise, I’m Alex”
Alex and Annalise are the two hosts that we’ve been calling the digital tour guides. Their
role is to guide the trainee through the videos, through the assessments, and through the online
portal. They really will become the face of these training videos. Personally, it’s been a really exciting experience
to be a part of this project. These videos are really fun and they’re engaging, and most
of all they’re really pushing the boundaries of mobile learning. Olds College is extremely progressive when
it comes to educational technology. And so we are all very excited to be a part of this
project with the AHLA. It really is an opportunity to change the way that we learn. We’ve embraced digital technologies of course,
because that’s how we need to take our content to the people. The AHLA has been around for ninety-some years
and we’ve built a reputation we believe as an industry leader. So clearly this project
aligns with our mission, which is really to support our members, and strengthen Alberta’s
Tourism and Hospitality industry. Captions provided by Olds College

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