Tourist in laluri | Garhwal | Uttarakhand | American

I have been walking for Miles. I was lost. I was tired and I was hungry But little did I know my whole life is about to change Hello, hello Pranaam.!! Pranaam Where? Where? Laluri.!! Yes. Yes.! Laluri Khal How? There is no bus I will drop you You’re going that way.! No? No its okay, i will drop you Okay I didn’t know this man, But he seems friendly and at this point, I was desperate Sit…Sit Pahaadi house? Pahaadi house Up.! Up? Okay Thank you I was still in shock by the generosity of a total stranger, but this was just the beginning? Pranaam…Pahaadi house? Rest and have some tea Okay Please come and sit Get him a glass of tea please How are you? Fine..Fine? Here, Tea
Thank you Hmm this chai is really good. I hope I can get some more later Its very hard to talk with them because of English Which country are you from brother?
Country? country? America Thank you for the Tea Bye, bye. Bye And so my journey continued Hi.!! Hi.!! Pranaam Pranaam come, have some tea Tea..Tea Okay Silky go, get some tea What name? Steve Steve? Thank you Welcome Another Chai? What more more can i ask for? How is tea? Good
Good? Thank you Wow, I can definitely get used to this Okay, thank you Welcome After the Chai, I was ready to continue my journey upwards to the Pahaadi house Bye.!! Bye.!! The sun was strong, and I was starting to get tired again. No chai can save me now Just when I thought I couldn’t go any further another total stranger came to my rescue Han? Who is that guy coming Bheji (brother) Bheji Pranaam Pranaam Brother, where are you going? huh, English only they say it.??
Yes..Where? Where? Pahaadi House Ohh..Pahaadi Society??? up stairs, very high You look tired. i will drop you there I will take your bag from here No, its okay. I have got it Its very far
give it to me Oh really?
Okay Thank you Thank you Lets go Lets go How far? Just little Brother, how did you like it here? oh..very beautiful many trees beautiful.! Right.! beautiful.!!
Lets go beautiful place Hey brother, we have reached Bheji..Bheji Pranaam Hi Jordan
Hi Steve Nice to meet you How was the trip, up? Amazing everyone’s so nice and helpful a man carried my bag, everyone offers chai the views are outstanding I can’t wait to stay here for a long time but, first I think I need a nap let me show you around
let me show you, your room Thank you, please No brother, you are our guest Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay brother see you Bye

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