Tourist places in Kerala – Cherai, Kochi – Enjoy the flying fishes

Tourist places in Kerala – Cherai, Kochi – Enjoy the flying fishes

Hello friends, my name is mahesh, welcome to my channel, Travel Kerala with GPS – part 2 In this episode, i’ll be talking about Vypeen’s Flying fishes About Vypeen area, in part 1, i have mentioned about another places to watch like Cherai beach, kuzhupilly beach & lighthouse If you want to see those locations, please click on the link above, surely you will love it In part 1, what i said, i am repeating it when you travel, travel like a kid Come on let’s go Friends presenting you, fish farm, where fishes fly or jump, come and experience it. And my childhood, moving towards fish farm looking here and there 🙂 friends, we have entered into fish farm if you go straight ahead, you’ll find fish jumping spot sorry for the special effect 🙁 cleaning the special effect 🙂 superman of fishes a team of dogs were hunting fishes In this 20 minutes, i coudnt find more fishes, hope you’ll be lucky if you have time, you can do fishing this dude, had caught this fishes in 2 hours this is kerala’s one of the expensive fishes, name is Karimeen these are small, you can find bigger sizes also Mangroove plantations here you can find lot of Selfy locations this beach is just opposite to the entrance of Malipuram fish farm Behold of the cute scizzors around here friends i hope you like the video if yes, please, click on, like and subcribe and also on bell icon, for future notifications thank you

6 thoughts on “Tourist places in Kerala – Cherai, Kochi – Enjoy the flying fishes

  1. Enjoy life. Be a kid again.Travel to the unknown, see the world beyond your phones and laptops .Great work Mahesh bhai.

  2. Amazing…Never knew about this flying fish while I was in Kochi…Missed this treat…..Good Work Mahesh in GOD'S OWN COUNTRY.

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