Tourist places to visit in Darjeeling | NORTH EAST INDIA Part 1 | Tamil Travel vlog

Tourist places to visit in Darjeeling | NORTH EAST INDIA Part 1 | Tamil Travel vlog

Hello Guys, In this video we going to see is about Darjeeling Gonna see how to reach Darjeeling in Cheap or Faster First from Chennai to Kolkata Have to Take Train or Flight, actually i booked train Because of too much hot summer not able to travel we decide to take a flight from Chennai to Kolkata before 2 days Cost Rs5600 something if you book 1 month early it will be more cheaper You will reach Kolkata in three hours or The train Journey will cost like Rs680 Chennai to Kolkata Non Ac Sleeper Better i suggest AC 3 Tier class because of if too much hot on Non Ac, you are not able to sleep Chennai to Kolkata Train Journey will be like 28 Hours so plan according to that flight is 3 hours From kolkata you have to book train to New Jalpaiguri Station From Kolkata to New Jalpaiguri is 10 Hours Journey If you want to go Darjeeling its the nearest Railway Station NJP Also there is two Different Railway Station in Different Name Jalpaiguri and New Jalpaiguri So Check and book Correctly to New Jalpaiguri (NJP) From NJP you have to go Siliguri From there you get a share taxi to Siliguri If you come outside of NJP Station, you can get Share taxi easily its Rs20 its like a share auto there are lot of Taxi available on outside NJP Station They will drop you at Siliguri Bus Station if you reach siliguri bus station on Early Morning There is a bus available from Siliguri to Darjeeling untill 9am if you missed the last bus Come outside of the bus stand you can get share taxi They also mentioned the destination on the front of taxi Darjeeling so you go and ask them they will drop you from Siliguri to Darjeeling its 3 hours journey Share taxi will cost like Rs150 to Rs250 for us they charged Rs150 we sit on back seat in Tata Sumo They will charge Different For Front, Center Seaters Taxi is good, for Rs150 worth Some said bus travel is bad here but maybe we can try that while going back asking friend : will try that ?? Friend: Never. haha So better to take a share taxi Luggage is not matter how its big You can keep it on top Luggage barrier on Sumo They will drop you at Darjeeling Bus Station or will drop at Railway Station Toy train is available to go Darjeeling You can come from Siliguri to Darjeeling on Toy train but have to book earlier 2 or 3 months before While we checking its not available so drop yourself near to Mall Road or Bus station They dropped us early at Railway station, we don’t know about it while you coming there Drop at Bus stand or Mall Road Our Hotel is near to Mall Road like 1 km walk able distance Friend : how is it bro ?? its veg We dont like veg but we eating it So, we came from Siliguri to Darjeeling its like 3.5 hours Journey We came in share taxi they charge Rs150 for me Now, we gonna try Street foods on Darjeeling First is Chowmen, its famous food here its taste like noodles they added veg Carrot, onions they prepare need spicy or non spicy we added egg in it its Rupees 40 for Plain Chowmen Rs30 if you like veg you can or non veg We tried this first, lets go for the next now we gonna Eat MOMO’s its also one of the famous in Darjeeling This is Chicken Momo its taste like garlic also Chicken Hello guys, we done the breakfast on Darjeeling 2nd Day Now going to see a View Point From Mall Road its 1km away ok lets go and see how it it So finally we reached the place Due to monsoon season this place is too much cloudy If you come in summer or in December it will be very nice to see this place Like this picture if you come in correct season, must visit this place from Mall road you come by walking its like 10-15 Minutes Walking depends on your walk Now going to the important place Darjeeling is Paradise for the Tea Lets go see how they planted the Tea here From that view point its 25 Minutes Walk able Distance Road is going down Lets go and see Finally We came here after 30 minutes walking from Hill view From Tea Estate View is amazing For Photo shoot great place This place is not much crowded, if you can come here for photo shoot if you came by walk for 30 minutes This place will satisfy you Must come to this place There is no charges to visit this place i thought no charges in most of places in Darjeeling Lets see that in other places We came from that top We came from there in Shortcut Other route also there for cars From Main Road to here Google maps showed good walkable route in some place its wrong Better to ask locals by the way so you also come like that Hello guys, Welcome We finished touring Happy Valley Tea Estate if you come out of that place There is happy golden cafe, there you can try all types of tea Must try this place when you come here in that shop, they also speak somewords on tamil Like Thank you, etc.. We tried some good tea here The factory tea is seems expensive So better you can try in this shop They also explain for free There also place to seating go and check it out

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  1. Tour Package ( travel agency) மூலமாக செல்வது சிறந்ததா? Or Own na net la guidence prepare பண்ணி போரது சிறந்ததா? இரண்டிர்க்கும் உள்ள வேறுபாடு என்ன?

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