Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 1, Westlake Golf Course with George Gankas

Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 1, Westlake Golf Course with George Gankas

100 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (California): Episode 1, Westlake Golf Course with George Gankas

  1. As everyone was going to sleep in the RV I was waiting to to see big randy and Gankas spooning together with Gankas hands on randy asking for more hip turn……..those aren’t pillows bro

  2. Next time on Strapped: The sermon of George Gankas allows Strapped Boys to prevail over Trustfund Tron and Stingy Soly in Mega Bonus

  3. I’m excited large randle has been baptized but if he becomes a radical of the house of Gankas his swing is gonna start looking like Matthew Wolffs. Just a word of caution.

  4. Tough to see how much Randall let the teachings of Samuel Shenton effect his move. Pythagoras Gankas was desperately needed.

  5. It only took you 2 seasons of tourist sauce to decide that big Randy needed a golf lesson? wow my dudes either you're kinda slow or just super sadistic

  6. Gankas probably, “Randy needs a little more lactation out of his right nipple to get that club to shallow and promote more of a two way miss”

  7. Going forward, big randy should be referred to as “the mongolian empire” seeing as he just got ruled so hard by gankas khan

  8. George Gankas teaches Randy Shankas how to stay on plane. Bonus, the plane talk quickly spins into a Gankas flying helicopter move. Also, did you know Neil used to work for Google, the 50th time hearing that it really sinks in that he lost his gmail

  9. I sense great vulnerability. A man-child crying out for love. An innocent orphan in the post-modern world….His struggle is man's struggle. He lifts my spirit

  10. Somehow the RV situation makes this more suitable for Strapped than Big Randy and Neil's trip to the North East, although we must acknowledge there commitment to brown-nosing #InsufficientSanctions

  11. Wow Big Randy getting blessed by GG. he may not only need a custom fit from your sponsors to get the sticks long enough but maybe you guys should seek out a bed sponsor to fit the big fella. Hanging that far off the edge of the bed is not ideal.

  12. I love this show, but fellas…please go bigger for the season opener. You HAVE to include a round at a course. This is good content but feels like nothing much happened.

  13. I would pay Gankas my entire every penny I ever to earn to follow me around and correct my life choices

  14. No Laying Up is the rocket ship, of golf content you don’t ask what seat you just get on. Tourist sauce, podcast, readings from the book of Randy, worshiping St Rappeo, or going full Icarito none of it matters till Justin Thomas pulls drivers and gives you the nod.

  15. No Laying Up is the rocket ship, of golf content you don’t ask what seat you just get on. Tourist sauce, podcast, readings from the book of Randy, worshiping St Rappeo, or going full Icarito none of it matters till Justin Thomas pulls drivers and gives you the nod.

  16. Not seeing shards of green plastic chair spraying around the range felt a little scummy from Big Randy. The guy promotes carnage for the tour but doesn’t deliver when the opportunity is right in front of him! #StayOffPlane

  17. Between learning about Angel Yin’s policy of working on nothing at the range and George’s willingness to embrace the swing of his students, this might be the only time Randy cheats on his zero range ball commitment all year.

  18. Randy – the Wolff of the 405. Looking forward to seeing the dope NLU crew on the course and in the RV this season. #speed

  19. I thought that the priest where the only people to put hands on people and give them a "religions experience" said every alter boy

  20. He was night-putting…
    Just putting at night.
    With the 15-year-old daughter of the Dean…
    when 5 guys piled out of an RV ruining Mitch Cumstien’s plans a true Icarito moment

  21. 200 years from now, Randy's lesson will sited as one of GG's miracles needed for beatification in the Church of NLU.

  22. I know George liked Soly’s move, but the best move in this episode was clearly Big Randy juking an imaginary defender after throwing himself the football.

  23. Gankas the Disrupter is either the most Googley person in the world or even less Googley than stealing treats from the office caf in order to game the Strapped budget. Can't decide which but he's mesmerizing.

  24. It's times like these that I'm really thankful that modern technology hasn't created a truly immersive 4-D viewing experience in the home. You just know that RV is going to have quite a funk after this trip up the coast. Add in the fact that the Strapped Boys are bunking together in the back after a trip to In-And-Out Burger and whew boy the thought alone stings the nostrils.

  25. New to the show! Great Stuff!! Nice to see shots of Rustic Canyon too!! Best value in So. Cal… I look forward to watching more – thanks guys

  26. Randy and Neil remind of the two kids on Polar Express.  Neil the know-it-all and believer and Randy the doubting boy the Santa Claus (Gankas) is real.

  27. “it’s too short already”…. are we gonna have to change Big Randy’s name to “it’s a little cold outside Randy"

  28. I like to picture my gankas letting you stay in the parking lot so that he could stay on the rig with you guys that night and offer life tips (i.e. Tron use more ground force on the accelerator, soly- more hip turn when brushing your teeth leaves them even pearlier, neil- use these 12 alignment sticks to manicure the fumanchu, DJ- flip it at the bottom when turning those pancakes–sorry DJ for some reason I picture you as the cook, I apologize if that's not accurate and/or offensive)

  29. Films based in California have produced some all-time moments. Proof:

    Torben Ulrich critiques new Metallica songs (Some Kind of Monster)

    George Gankas has Randy swing around a patio chair (Tourist Sauce s3)

    Robin Williams hits Pierce Brosnan in the head with a lime (Mrs. Doubtfire)

  30. I see the new advertising campaign for Westlake golf course, George Gankas walks into screen, "It's a cool beater course! It might be shitty but "I" like it!"

  31. Neck pillow talk with Big Randy needs to be a weekly feature. Just Randy’s random musings before bed while sporting the np.

  32. Tourist Saunce 3.5, just send Big Randy to spend time with GG. Club fitting to full working out that shallow swing.

  33. Big Randy is my spirit animal

    Mostly because of his style of play when it comes to Rock-Paper-Scissors. Win regardless of the outcome

  34. Neil and Randy are my new number 1 golf duo! They have toppled Molliwood! I love their spiritual journey in Golf. 🙂

    As always a great production guys, nothing beats NLU on the airwaves or the screen.

    Thank from the UK

  35. Love this chaps. Had to double take the Cliff Burton reference. Genius. No browned out courses in the UK this year. Summer went Ctrl Alt Delete. Cheers and crack on

  36. If I tell my wife that Gankas will give me some godlike hip action maybe she will let me shell out the money for a lesson.

  37. I think I’ve spent too much time enjoying NLU content. No joke, the other night Big Randy was in my dream. He was riding a rocket around outer space laughing and cheering like the guy riding the bomb down in Dr Strangelove. Too bad Randy wasn’t wearing that winter hat as a helmet in my dream. Crack on…
    And I am actually from Dublin, OH just like Soly

  38. Gankas describes Westlake exactly how I describe NLU… they make cool beater videos in good areas, it’s got tron – not what most people think of for good content, but I like it – it’s cool. For me it’s freedom.

  39. I don't know what's more mind blowing. Hearing Gucci Gankas utter the words "I don't need to make you more shallow" or the fact that Trust Fund Tron was the alpha of the RV when push came to shove.

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