Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 3: Ojai Valley Inn

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 3: Ojai Valley Inn

100 thoughts on “Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 3: Ojai Valley Inn

  1. Neil being flustered with a rushed start and then going double, triple, double is the most relatable thing I've ever seen.

  2. Icarito with a little premature e-TRAJ-ulation wetting the bed to end the episode, want another pepsi?! lol

  3. Appears Icarito got "stack and jilted" on the first tee at Ojai Valley. Swing left him at the Tilt 3X altar.

  4. Empty sacks of tits on YouTube get 4 million subs. You boys pump out great content and have a tepid 27k. Maybe its time for Neil to consider getting tits. For the squad, Neil!

  5. I don’t know where Neil fits in less, working at google, or wearing Kyrie 3’s on the golf course with that facial hair

  6. Heartwarming as hell to see Neil pay homage to the former Army camp past of the course by missing left, left, left right left on the first hole. Thanks Hitler!

  7. where to begin on this episode… neil was ejecting with pristine velocity, can't teach that. tron looked like sam rockwell from the sitter, but bald (the traj is real though). shouts to the big guy for repping the swingin' landsharks, warms my strapped soul. I had an out-of-body experience watching dj struggle there close to the creek, been there bud, hate to see it. and soly just being scummy throwing darts at people on par 3s, what a guy. also love the post-dunkaroo from the fringe celebration, need more of that. okay, that's enough for this week. cheers. crack on

  8. All I could picture was the Hangover 'Alan at the blackjack table' GIF when the Ojai guy was telling Neil he could not bully the course. Class stuff boys.

  9. I’m hoping the final episode of this season includes a fashion highlights package. Between tron’s jacket, that lion tee and randy’s hater blockers we have a runway show

  10. Icarito loves the small baseball bat flip! Doesn't he know that if he just holds the pose, we will all think its good!

  11. Hey guys! This the Outdoorsy App crew. Love the video, but we noticed a ding on the mirror of your RV. Could you have Big Randy call our insurance department ASAP. Thanks!

  12. Hands up if you're watching this for the sixth time, desperately hoping to think of something funny to say.


  13. “I was on the shitter…and I fired up some Gankas.”

    Same thing happens to me after spicy food and too many wine coolers, Randy. No shame brother, no shame.

  14. Neil pumping shit in a lion t shirt and flip flops while Solly practices his swing on the top of the RV – Weirdly Neil is winning in my mind

  15. Emma Watson: Big fan of regular shower schedules. Also, not starring in Jungle Book 2 or 3, or Oopsville.

  16. 18:47: It just hit me. Big Randy looks like the dude from The Offspring video clip for "Pretty Fly For A White Guy." You do you Randle.

  17. Tron looks like the poor gangster that can't afford true fubu but is trying so hard to be hard core, with the knock off stuff.

  18. Nothing better then leaving a career at google to follow one's dreams of RV waste removal executioner. Only thing harsher may have been that double, tripple, double start to the round.

  19. Watching Neil's face trying to follow the dudes history of the course was like watching my kids face as I'm trying to explain to them that the microwave is in fact NOT a magic box. This round might have been a little too early for Icarrito…

  20. I admire his courage but TC looked like the illegitimate love-child of Bagtag Barry and Label Mary.

  21. Very intuitive of Soly using the roof of the RV in place of force plates working on his Maria transition.

  22. Rename the episode Neil bashing. Course breakdown, pumping crap, wetting the bed. Let’s see you do a real come back. You are the one who should watch the Gankas mentality video. Try it!

  23. I was fully on board with TC being the skinny, white Rick Ross…until these two very un-rick-ross phrases "the kikuyu is so sticky" and "you know what else it has…spunk."

  24. Any person ever: Hey Icarito what’s your handicap?

    Icarito: Rising, rising, higher and higher, until I get close to the Mega Bonus and it comes crashing down again.

    Ya see, the Icarito theorem applies to all parts of golf.

  25. Neil missed out on a prime opportunity yell "shitter was full" when he was executing the pump N' dump.

  26. 2:51 Neil's expression as he's told to lay up is spitting image of Tiger at the Honda Classic "….have a good day"

  27. TC looks like he's about to sling some bootlegged David Leadbetter instructional videos in the caddyshack post round.

  28. The way Sean looks first thing; had Randy been dreaming about having George’s hands all over him from the lesson perhaps? And then in the cosy double bed been running his hands through Sean’s hair all night?

  29. Joe joe the circus boy and ride the roller coaster were you raised by carnies?? Lol are you clowns here for amusement?

  30. Would be pretty cool to win unless it’s the stroke lab used in this video. Stroke lab I think that one might of been made in the meth lab. I’m not sure if it made a putt haha. Is he trying to give it away 🙂

  31. "We're up early today" was said with so much regret. The bags around soly's eyes had more undulations than the course.

  32. Neil and I may disagree on what Navy Blue is but we definitely agree on the best XM Station is – Diplo’s Revolution is the BOMB Great video boys, really enjoying the series.

  33. Neil is awarded Filthiest Teacher Award for using the pump and dump to teach us all about physics AND ancient Rome.

  34. Wet stains on Neil’s side of the bed – “Water”? Come on, we’re better than that. He’s clearly been working on unlocking that extra speed in his shaft but suffered an early release.

  35. Life Lesson #18: when a guy in the small back bedroom of an RV wants to show you how he wet his bed, don't go

  36. The Merch guy goes double/triple/double ! and we are encouraged to buy the gear and clubs he uses? But yes please I want em, I need em!

  37. Mark: You have to lay up on the layup holes. You can’t overpower this golf course.

    Neil’s facial expression:

  38. Not enough love given to Spencer Dejong’s if you go off the fairway it gets a little rough on you quip.

  39. “Very tight, tight piece of property….Feeling a little confident. I’m going to get a little closer to the hole.” – DJ Pie giving the play by play on his first time.

  40. scummy to pump in ball striking sounds. No way you can tell me Tron, Soly and Randy all have the same sounding strike…not a coverage take though.

  41. comparing cleaning out the shit from the RV to the Roman aqueduct system is a very Googly thing to say, Merch Czar

  42. between the 8:45 mark and 9:02 … Niel realizes that breakfast isn't sitting well, at 19:18 he knows just what he did and it catches up to him. Icarito moment

  43. @soly I want a 3 page paper on why you didn't twirl your club after your tee shot on the downhill par 3 (10:41).

  44. Match the moniker to the man:
    Madame Tussauds (left a trail of wax down 1, 2 and 3…)
    Smallie Bigs (the miniature photo negative of The Notorious B.I.G.)
    DJ Heimlich (got 18 stuck in his throat)
    Short for a Slender Man (like his shots into par three)
    Enter Sandman (sand-filled body bags for all my friends)

  45. Tron, that 100% was the worst chip you’ve ever hit BUT you looked like a white middle class Rick Ross doing. Amen

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