Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 6: Pacific Grove, feat. Max Homa

Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 6: Pacific Grove, feat. Max Homa

Lead off match. The brother Schuster. Well, I’m playing for my mom. You know, I’m playing for our mom. Peg had her hip replaced. She’s really basically sitting by the phone waiting to hear if Her baby Neil was able to take down… I talked to her this morning, she wished me luck… his evil older brother How many times can you get this up and down out of 10? I’m gonna go with a 1 Oh my goodness, great shot! Very tight, tight, tight piece of property We’re making it work. Am I nervous about Icarido driving an RV? Yeah, I am No Laying Up was here Soly, and I are waiting for an uber while our competitors will be arriving in style today to the course Brother Schuster here in the courtesy car in route to a huge Leadoff match. The winner gets to have all four losers caddy for them at some point in the next six months Certain rounds we can’t have it. Right? No What if we’re at Cabot? It’s up to the winner like if he’s like, hey man, hopefully everyone’s benevolent enough that they I don’t know your’re a scumbag. Like you’re asking that question because you’re thinking about doing that. And then we have individual Personalized stakes for each match. Hello friends, and welcome to butt hurt cabin If, when Tron Carter loses. He will be dying his beard with frosted tips So I bought this down in Big Sur. It’s a temporary tattoo, hopefully not too temporary. It says juicy, and There’s actually two of them in here. So I want to put one on Neil’s forehead and one on one of his cheeks. The forehead, I’ll do the forehead, but then maybe that one has to go on the neck So you gotta remember Pacific Grove is like fifty seven hundred yards. It’s a little quirky I think that definitely favors Tron. Dude, Tron played so well today. It was ridiculous. He’s out of the room man He’s out of the room man. What do you really want to say? I f***ing feel like if I hit the fairway, I’m gonna win tomorrow. I’d be shocked if he hit more than two fairways I know you think he’s like too far in his head on this driver. It was so bad today He wasn’t even close to some of those fairways. I can report it was really bad at Sandpiper too. Like right now the top of my back swing, it feels like Like it’s going that way Like it’s almost like he’s trying to convince himself with all the bravado I just think the table is set for like Icarido’s last stand here It might be a pick six, you know, like it’s like God things like horrible and oh my God He’s going the other way complete momentum shift. It just feels like it’s from a f***ing movie or something You know what I’m saying? It’s match play too. So I know I can I know get in his head it’s interesting how the Older brother younger brother dynamic is gonna play. I’m three years three months older, probably should have been nicer to him when we were growing up But I’m gonna draw on that experience Here tomorrow. Sometimes Tron, if you should stay quiet like he’ll get Freak out on himself a little bit. Yeah, he really does he kind of he kind of lights himself on fire like in protest I wanted me to hit a couple good drives from the start, get overconfident with the driver You want him to fly too close to the son. Yeah No I’m trying to kind of build him up a little bit, so that he falls that much harder. Betting man Tron is the favorite, and I’m Taking Tron. If I had to bet my life, I’m taking Tron tomorrow. There you have it, Big Randy betting his life If I had to! This is like the play-in game. That is the bulletin board material we were looking for. Thank You Mr. Carter and goodnight You guys mentality good today? Like I feel like I’ve got nothing to lose. You’re gonna have a Bloody Mary? I’m the underdog. Aren’t you worried about drinking too early, and having to maintain. No, I’m trying to stay loose here man. Neil’s been adjusting his driver and three wood all morning. Gonna have to hit the driver all day because my 5-wood is the lethal For somebody that’s never been here, what’s it like? Oh gosh, it’s um It’s a lot of fun. It’s uh You know It’s harder than you would think cause it’s not a real long course You hear a ton about Pacific Grove because of the back nine, and with the front nine, it really is like two totally different courses I mean if it’s windy, it can be a big difference. Front nine Very straight out straight back very tight, tight, tight piece of property. Your greens are kind of small, and Yeah, you just can’t have to work your way around the course. Two opening par threes, which is kind of fun One short one long Any last words? I feel good man Feel good? Yeah, just play my game Play my game that’s all I can do. Got an 139 yard par 3 to start off with so it’s kind of a gentle handshake should be It’s in the cemetery Good luck out there partner. I wanna see big things out of you today. I want to win this match. I don’t want Neil to lose it. Oh boy Thanks It’s 312 for us Egan’s Alley Either play a 200-yard shot to the right off Right of the trees or a hit driver at the green over the trees. Well, this f***ing suits my eye Gonna have to bleep that later. Thanks a lot Might be so far left, it’s good Go in! We like that! Let’s go! From back here it looks like Neil just absolutely stiffed one All right strap on guys. Strapped in? Don’t strap on, strap in. I was pretty confident about it. I was actually playing some s**t talk if he made me putt it so he kind of avoided something I’m trying not to get you all fired up here. Yeah, I think that that would a That’s pretty smart Look at how cool this is. Got your premium balls Something for everyone, and an honesty box And if you’re dishonest Lot going on there. 265 downhill That’s gonna be a 5-wood for me It’s your box. So we’ll certainly get to see what you’re made of This is a prime Icarito Start here. Starting quick. Icarito watch. Yeah I don’t love it. I can bail right? Sit down, too much Settle, settle God, I knew you were gonna f***ing do that Put it in the bag. Tron’s the master of summoning fake confidence Three-putt hiccup there. I don’t know How much exactly how much public golf there is in the area? But you’re not gonna get a better price deal for that scenery, and like it’s fun golf It has some it definitely has some quirk, has some character. There was a little you know in the best possible way It was a little scruffy. Well fairway Front 9 is completely inland on one side of a road, look over to the other side of the road and It’s a completely different golf course. You’re out in the dunes with weather it becomes different, the grass was different over there There we go. The people’s pebble starts now I don’t think we can go from two more polar opposites of the golf world than Playing Monterey Peninsula on a Friday afternoon, and playing Pacific Grove on Saturday It’s so different to go from a place that is ultra, ultra, ultra, ultra private to just daily fee here’s, you know, you can buy your your beer and your tee time for $55 or whatever. I think Monterey obviously is objectively the better course, but I Think I would choose to hang out and be amongst the people. Yeah at Pacific Grove Two up? Gonna like this Too much juice Icarido! He’s gonna love it. Good shot Tron! Kind of overcast, lots of blues, grays this is what you come to the Pacific for Go Be good, it’s really good Tronald! Have no idea where that went Gotta think Tronald is closing it to 1 here I gotta feed on this into the wind pulse, because he has trouble controlling this spin Conditions are getting tougher TC is starting to peacock a little bit We’re here off the 14th green Caught up with the competitors. We’re in a bit of a weather hold Tron, Neil I appreciate the time. Tron talk to me about the the state of the match Battled back. I knew I had to take advantage of that last Into the wind hole. Because Neil has no chance of controlling trajectory or spin rates. I do think it’s a little bit scummy that That the rules officials have have stopped us. So this is just killing my momentum, and I think it’s it’s kind of a It’s kind of a peace offering to my competitor it’s bulls***. Sure. Neil new match, four holes Tell me about your mindset Thanks for being here. Thank you. Yeah, well, no leaking a little bit oil Two unforced errors, you know, middle of the fairway, miss clubbed myself a couple of times. Four holes left, if you Told me was all square this morning, I woulda said let’s f***ing go baby! Tron, four holes what do you think? I’m taking a one shot at a time. We’re back into the wind. I think we all know how that goes Guys, can’t thank you enough for taking a little bit of time. I know that’s not the most ideal conditions So thank you. Family doing well Chuck? Family’s doing very well. Thank you. I’ll pass along your regards. Please do Live from the 14th green here at Pacific Grove back to you guys Icarido can smell his blood Look at it Gallery is starting to build out here. Hey, buddy Prudential will be out here. No, but my foundation is letting me come out and spectate my hero Oh my god The door is open I’d say Tron’s in the catbird seat here on 17. He’s got about 10 feet Neil’s over in the s**t I was gonna say if Neil could somehow get this up and down, TC misses his putt that could be it Oh s**t I’ve never seen that Safely out there. The table is set for like Icarito’s last stand here There’s like a switch that he can turn. He gets just down enough on himself For where he kind of kind of, you know starts pressing too hard Had 3 in my hand. I put it back and reached for driver It just feels like it’s like it’s right from a movie or something. You know what I’m saying? Right from a movie or something, you know, I’m saying? I don’t know if it came down, did you see you come down? Across the street. Oh did it? Sick. Back that way up there You got to protect the field Oh It’s hot . It’s seriously at you Guys this is gonna surprise you. Neal is long on another green That’s okay Chip, and a putt there It’s a good lie Some flowers blossoming, so it’s a good view. How many times does he get this up, and down out of ten? Yeah I’m gonna go with the one, and it might be right now. A little debate on the ruling back there. Uh, yeah, it’s all good We just had to decide on the line from the tee Hey guys Sorry Go! That was too much Oh Yeah, I just feel like I Shouldn’t of hit driver in eighteen, simple All came down to one decision? Yeah, I think so the rest of this stuff I just don’t have a feel for my game right now, but that was a controllable, and I Made the wrong decision What a way to win it How does it feel oh It feels good. It was a battle all day Yeah, I think Neil, and when we go to Ireland Neil’s gonna be f***ing people up So would you say you lost it, or Tron won it? If I’m being honest, I’d say that I lost it But that’s kind of Tron’s game. He’s kind of slow and steady, especially down the stretch off the tee What do you think of your chances against big Randy tomorrow at Pasatiempo? That’s my favorite course in the world. So, I Feel comfortable there. Are you a little worried about the face tattoo No, I think I can pull it off. I Kind of change my look up a good bit anyway Here we find yesterday’s loser still coping with defeat It wasn’t my time Wasn’t my time, and I’ll be back. Call me big brownstone Because I got a high ceiling Right, tall and skinny. And a low floor. I would like your intention to be I will resist the urge to Hit driver 5th seed, first out? Man, it’s been a tough trip You know Tron, and I have a long long history college roommates But what an honor to be able to compete at a course like Pasatiempo, which I know is your favorite Is itholding up? I think y’all rattled because you know how serious the stakes can be Like, I wouldn’t have been able to sleep tonight If you would have taken that drop. You ever see a Cavalier drop on tour? I definitely have seen a three by one of the same guys So, you see it, but you got to be like TC over there, and just kind of stand up What do you do just tell the rules official? No, you’re just frustrated but you’re like hey, man, that’s not great right there But it’s tough because you want more people waiting for you when you win, you know by the greens.

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