Tourist Sauce (California), Episode 8: Stanford Golf Club

Piecing together Ricky outfit how to be like, what are you doing home easier just like to buy the Ricki outfit. This is how It’s not bad How many times does he get this up and down out of 10? I’m gonna go with one But you never Know. Oh my goodness. Great shot! Very tight, tight, tight piece of property. We’re making it work. Am I nervous about Icarido driving an RV? Yeah. No Laying Up was here Space is getting a little tight because ERG feeling how you doing it Bodies come back, you know a little bit buzzed betrayed you love it. Yeah, feel nice and tender juicy No, no, I supreme is gone finally, it’s all read the way I Think you actually got off pretty easily from you. Just let me Thomas. Yeah My golf background Wow at yeah, I guess the best frame is I’ve always been in the twilight of a mediocre career This is a wild wild detail but Stanford only has like three images of tiger that they don’t so if you see this image about six times You know that’s, the ratty old belt and the straw hat. Yeah, it’s a bum his short long Is it gonna take his Nike? No, it’s just, you know back in the day this sports information, you know, yeah Tiger was great, but like the our day and age of media and stuff like no one was around snapping pictures So yeah, you grew up in a little small town in Minnesota. I connected with coach Goodwin at Stanford and He gave me a chance to walk on and I showed up as the only freshman on the team joined, you know Casey Martin Notah Begay Brad laning all these all-americans and we won the national Championship that year and and I carried a lot of luggage and learned a lot So Wally good one in the white sweaters who we all played for us He flew down and watch a Notah Begay play a basketball game. You never saw him hit a golf shot so coach Fields Who’s you John Fields? is that Texas now as Kurt was coaching it, New Mexico and They basically he called Wally and said you got a look at this kid middle. The winter coach gets on the plane watches him He’s playing point guard goes for like 30 couple assists, you know floor burns mullet cut You know, the whole thing full piercings are in force You know and coach saw he needed the scenes it sat on the spot was made in the officer I was surrounded by great players So get enabled being able to watch Tiger operate on a daily basis for two years was pretty special I remember hosting him on his recruiting visit to Stanford and in a two-bedroom triple my roommates knew nothing about golf and The weekend before he was at UNLV and they put him up at the Mirage and he gave him FA dinners and who knows what Else he got into came to Stanford and he’s sleeping on my futon So I thought I was gonna go down in history as the guy that lost Tiger Woods to the to the masses in recruiting And I’ll never forget it because we watched Caddyshack And his reaction I think is the first kid have been the first time he’d watch Caddyshack, but I knew You know, he’d been traveling a lot and on the road with his dad. So Stanford was this I think really Idyllic, oh, you know opportunity for him to come spread His wings be his own person the same rate have this like world-class golf experience and be a part of a great team So missing story. This is kind of a random picture. Yeah, you found them to be that he’s yeah. Oh, that’s right. Yeah Yeah to be much as the court to good night. I actually bring with him that first time he went to Walk and Bart Houston have less of a bush and I remember him coming back at times big Delia he’s like printouts of the swing frame-by-frame and Bush had broken it all down and he definitely was on the mission from that point forward I never really had any intention to coach. I always thought I could do it as a player Spent seven or eight years beating the Minotaur’s traveling around the world. I realized pretty quickly that my curve wasn’t steep enough. And so Got this chance to jump back in as a head coach That’s prepared that very apropos you’ll get it still for diamonds right there guys These guys go play I might have to get pulled over the top of that bark over there How we doing guys Trying to get it up on that piece in that platform it looked really good before the It looks really good. And then we were trying to like dig uphill to put on the level ground up there. So we’re stuck We’re not it’s not stuck. This guy’s coming out to take a look Good I wanted to see it. Conditions are really tough. Oh Yeah, we felt really good about it, but we got it up here. And then I think we’re not stuck They want to make that very clear. It looks where I said it Okay, left tired down like that backs coming down Back is down clear No way who’s here Right now what you need to do then you ready now There’s just so much right now that people throughout these young players look thinks that it’s gonna make a difference for this show yeah. Yeah well, everyone wants to play the tour right and it’s like No this age They’re very impressionable and it teaches you to see I’m trying to make changes like that your lawyer double-ended so it’s like 400 yards and then There’s six green complexes Each green complex is fashioned after a famous architect that we might see in competition. We really put adages We’re trying to practice to play a non practice to practice It’s two different sports almost the way people practice and the way people play So we’re just trying to think of ways to take what we do here Tron and I are gonna go play a match right now from the golf course, let’s go and watch of course What’s the one thing we can’t do out there? What’s welcome course they I win. Yeah, um, you can’t short side yourself And I think the guy that drives in the fairway today will probably win. Yeah, we don’t like that Yeah, it’s pretty don’t like that idea Chambers Doctors Scientists, engineers I majored in golf, and minored. Congratulations Oh, yeah, I got my degree. So my mom with my mom’s watching this Dakota is Jim computer science Mavericks little brother on the cannibal science and engineering the igniters a history major Matboard is my assistant retired captain Special forces commander in the US Marine Corps Chris Myers is MS&E as well, which is a popular major technical major though Isaiah’s doing science technology and society and Brandon is doing product design a lot of real stuff there You know I think that’s the thing that our guys pride themselves in is they take real stuff, and they get to get their degree and They’re proud of that Huge semifinal match. TC ran through the strapped boys. Yeah, I know I think we got she was literally Wet white he won one hole. He played one hole with the end out of 36. I don’t know I mean, I’ve gotta trust the process we’ve been playing really well the whole week think DJ outwardly like embraces the process Yeah like getting in the yardage book and Like he was playing phenomenal golf just like getting over it hit and going up to the green to film us Yeah arranged session candidly between you and I wasn’t very good Actually a good thing which I think is a good sign. Yeah federal fast pace These are flight DJ had two days just kind of lollygagging around the girls game. Do you think that helped or hurt? I think it hurt Yeah, I think it’s false sense of security. I think he was surprised by how good he was playing. Yeah I think he’s a little rattled by it now I think there’s one question that needs to be asked. Who would you prefer to see tomorrow? Oh God I don’t think there’s a right answer to that because I don’t want to see a hot TC running at 3 though Beating everyone like he’s got nothing really else to lose in that case. He’ll really start to sniff it Yeah, but I also don’t want to see DJ who apparently now has speed. I don’t know if he’s mentioned that yet I should let you guys know that I do have speed now. I have speed which I think I’ve mentioned If you ask me I have speed I think I’ve mentioned this I want everybody full disclaimer I do have speed now Yeah, I’m really actually like of all the specs this is probably the one who I’ve been most nervous about we’ve seen how reckless TC is with his own Twitter account. I cannot imagine what he’s gonna do behind the mask before someone else Relish the opportunity to on my Twitter account You know something out there I had don’t know the last time I played a round of golf where I’m legitimately worried about mistakes, but who knows not a good mentality, but it’s very inspiring I’m predicting a TC victory two and one really. Yeah, I Think DJ might have too much on his mind So you’re going to see victory as well? I think my strategy is gonna be you know whoever wins gets the 18th green or whatever be like we’ve shown the camera and be like What are you really doing with this move right here? Like why are you dipping? This shoulder so badly just get them thinking about that for about 24 hours And that should be I should write these and clear after that. What can you tell us about the golf course classical course? Probably doesn’t have an enough a claim. This is with respect. It’s a little bit of a tired Jessie I mean, it’s it was a George Thomas design Opened in the in the early 30s Thomas was commissioned by the by the President of the time to come to the design and actually George Thomas never saw it it, fell ill and passed away Billy Bell’s construction manager finished the project it It’s one of the you know The architecture circle is one of the few kind of semi unfettered Thomas designs left out there Its own run and maintained by the University which is a unique situation Distance, you know the guys as far as they hit it now, it has outgrown the course a little bit But I think we’ve just gone through that. We’ve just finished a new bunker renovation bull welding actually Tigers architect and that he works with has finished up with renovation for us on The bunkering and it’s really changed how our guys approach the course It’s much more difficult If you’re a longer player I think it takes it back to where Thomas really had in mind for some of the featuring in terms of Carry yardage is off the tee and different things like that How fast are things moving currently? Okay what and now just for fun solid with this tap an eagle to start Very cool that will be the firepower that tomorrow’s winner gets to face right there Aggressive strip TC taking dead a Wonderful shot what are you boys gonna get into today? Well, we gotta get a super gonna tell us that we list We gotta run a couple errands and it’s not by the super similar get outfitted I’m still rocking my My where’s my you’re wearing off up top though, which is exciting man I had no longer work for big algorithm Google do you think more of me or less than me because of that I think more of you I had serious concerns about what you’re doing what you’re part of there’s the Rosewood the Four Seasons Hotel the epicenter of disruption, Maplesville What’s up, let’s go. Let’s Go down into the guard the house that brevin Knight Beware this fun. I think that’s they look for you, but first of all, It’s just great There’s not more orange in here I thought those this whole thing feel like they’re getting give me a lot of crap about the shirt, but talk to store man There’s just no orange So I think I think I think you should drop the IE so I’m gonna say it the Ricky one. Okay, cool Now wish it was a little more flat billed proud of you but Yo Rick all square here on the sixth I think both these guys are afraid to take the lead I kind of just Throw a little jabs and duck at each other. It’s a little baby jabs Wow Birdie it’s like the Center of the maze big guy. That house is like 20 mil at least dude I think Stevie Jobs lives down this street or used to RFP. There’s a big moment Should that money meeting his house right there? It’s got an apple tree in the front how cheap Great shot a battle for the ages here Stanford, yeah, it started to a nine-hole match all square at the turn I think I said two green so far. So if you would have told me that and set them all square I think I we’re very happily taken out against editor like you see Okay Guys all jacked up on adrenaline How we feel about the rich moment all of it Being here in the epicenter of tech disruption, how does that make you feel? I was just saying I feel like Kind of like a hypocritical Luddite because I use and enjoy a lot of Technology, but at the same time it’s like I don’t really like Most of it. I don’t see the utility in a lot of it Some a lot of it seems like technology disruption just for the sake of like disruption It’s like it really making anything better. Are we just more miserable and You know Can you explain what’s going on with this hole I think it’s too old Videoing the only explanation I can think of do you want to hit drivers that get you too close to the next set of trees? One could get it up and down That protect one I Was gonna be a bit nervous about tomorrow the nerves are subsiding very quickly He’s in for a six somehow this is to win the hole Go guys We’re gonna get to you Yeah Look like the concert I feel like we can the inference just a lovely lovely place future tower here and then you can see a Salesforce tower Very phallic looking building my old stomping ground. So happy to be back. Don’t know much about Palo Alto though I wasn’t disruptive enough to get down here Think about this Always the same river never the same water As well I’ve tried my damnedest to give this thing away that somehow I not yet closed. Come on make it interesting Oh great Really good swing Oh nice shot no good Tommy. Oh nice shot, Krishna For to play two down, yeah, you’re not exactly breathing down his throat here on this back nine. Thank You Sophie for comment here. Yeah mistake. What do you wanna say? Thanks, next topic Folks if I’m being candid he needs this one to drop Three to play nor me All right, he doesn’t start a fight with somebody on Twitter Hold on man Oh God scarred he saw you are running through this bracket and I didn’t drive it very well putting it a little bit better irons were soso but Um, no, my best gosh just everything I’ve been doing. So well all week just didn’t show up today at all Irons were going left. I haven’t hit the ball left in about eight years. Would you say the DJ crowned your a**? Um, No, I didn’t crowd me I think it was combo like I you know, I feel like I want it here in the last few DJ didn’t play his best. You know, I think you’d be the first to admit that so, uh, you know, Kind of save some energy today. It’s good to get one done before the poll say no. Thanks for your time Well, let’s go sign your card. Make it official, huh? Thanks. I’ll happy for Terron Hopefully he’s a listen to this so maybe he takes it a little bit easy I play a Twitter account All right, what do you want to say, this is Friday the Masters tryouts taking like two months this Pays off, okay real talk, Jason Day Has one comes in to them Okay. It’s a factitious disorder In which a person? Repeatedly and deliberately acts as if he or she has a physical Or mental illness when she when he or she is not really sick. I want the Lisa Vanderpump sure, and there’s a this type of Munchausen Okay, how about has Jason Day? Been diagnosed we’ve got workshop ice a little bit man. You get the process would invite any professional opinions. Yeah. Yeah invite would invite any Professional opinions – hashtag join the conversation said All right, that’s paid I think that was a horrible Words this blog keeper big I actually have that you’re being an asshole Gentlemen mostly just this one gentleman here. Welcome to the championship match Thank you so much for being here first on the tee from Neptune Beach, Florida. The number one seed Chris ‘Soly’ Solloman In California The three putts are – three two putts are plus three Shorts are – to make Circosta. Whoa, I plug in this game portion That did get there. That’s a comfy three Short done Speed Rady positive Oh light panic

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