Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 10, Nairn Golf Club

Tourist Sauce (Scotland Golf): Episode 10, Nairn Golf Club

(background conversation) “Talk to me about Nairn” Nairnia. It’s a grower. Nairn is definitely a grower. It’s simple. I don’t know if that sounds like I’m saying it’s a bad thing but it’s just very straightforward. So Sharpie, Sharpie’s like
a long-lost friend that you need you never knew you had–really genuine
hospitality, cares deeply about golf in Scotland and more specifically his
club and his club’s relationship with the other clubs.
“I think Nairn’s popularity has always been because it was one of the elite courses
in the north of Scotland so I don’t think Nairn has ever struggled, Tron,
with being one of these courses that has struggled to get visitors the reputation
of the course speaks for itself but really the catalyst for the course
driving forwards was the ’99 Walker Cup– I mean that just transcended everything.” There’s nothing that crazy about it there’s nothing that I would
say like, “you have to go to Nairn!” but like you should go to Nairn- it’s an
incredible incredible experience. I’m starting to get some blisters going. “Really? Not good.” Tron has opened up a huge lead he’s on 226 I’m 198 DJ 188 Randy 162. “What’s your drink of choice?” Uh, I’m doing a Tenants with a tad of lime cordial on the top. “That’s been a mainstay of the trip.” It’s a paradigm shifter. The first seven holes play along the ocean and the rest come back inland and it’s just I don’t know I love
the way these bunkers sit just there raised up a little bit out of the
fairway and it just sticks out to be like your whole exercise is how do i
navigate through these bunkers and with it being as firm as it was I don’t
remember hitting a driver until we started going into the wind I mean
everything was just irons navigating around these bunkers. “Nairn playing just a bit firm.” I wanted to join the 8-club group so here we are and I’d like to I think the first step you know to really join is: I am a
disgrace. “You stink.” I stink. My game is a disgrace it’s disgusting
and I just want to get better now. “Well let’s help you out. Welcome.” Thank you
“Has he got the right number?” “Skirts another one.” “Ah, Randy’s pitching out sideways here on the first hole at Nairn.” “Just a tremendous out.” Gotta take your medicine sometimes. One of things Nairn does really well is there’s these little mounds in front
that are more visually deceptive than anything they’re not really in play but
they make the green look a lot more foreboding than it really is. #2 has
those crazy mounds. “Alright, I just got cucked by this wall. I tried to tell you man. Can I get a club on this? “For sure” I think it might be physically impossible, boys. That’s gonna be a no for me, dawg. “I was wondering if you were just gonna ground your club..” “Hey, Tron, are we in the nest?” I heard that. “Shoutout to Soly for that joke” You f****** stink! “What’s the deal?” Just waiting for this to fall. “Give it a little hit” “Hey, great 3!!” Best hole on the course in my opinion is #4 That’s just such a wild cool
serpentine green that there’s cool mounding you’re going back towards the
ocean it’s it’s wild And then they just jam this 5th tee behind
the 4th green you tee off directly over the fourth green that’s just like
that’s classic Scottish quirk I mean you just wou–you would never lay out a golf
course like that today but it’s it’s really cool how they do it. “Fore!” It’s on the beach. “You gonna play it?” Yeah, it’s red stakes “Get it! Randy, help em out” Alright, we got about 155 “It’s actually not that hard of a shot” Ball’s sitting up a little bit we just have to catch it cleanly Agh, a little fat but that’ll get back in the fairway “How’d you enjoy your visit to the beach?” Wish I could go out there and take a swim, I bet that water is refreshing Cheers! Ah, I am lost! “In a bit of a hole” “Siiick” Take two Could’ve used a bit of a 60 there to be honest “Deej, how’s the day going?” The day as a whole? “Nah, how’s the round going?” The round is not good, like catastrophically bad It’s like I hit an iceberg come out of lunch and now the boat’s just been slowly
sinking and I’m trying to patch all these holes if it’s just incredibly
stressful. So there’s so great half-holes at Nairn Seven is this, I mean, it doesn’t matter if it’s a par 4 or par 5– it’s a hard par 4 or really easy par 5 all the way
down the coast towards the very far end of the property “Randy, this time from the correct side of the wall” “Well played, there” “What are your favorite holes, or what’s your favorite hole?” Well speaking as a bang average 15-handicapper I quite like you’re not gonna believe this but
I quite like #8. And #8 depending upon the wind it can be you have a full 9-iron or 8-iron
in or you can be driving the green and but there’s this it’s a raised green and
there’s all these little swells around it and everything it’s it’s a pretty
remarkable hole. “well played” “Top’s off the defense” Need it. That’s it. We just broke through the hole and we’re about to just start running downhill bucking his head. I mean the halfway house is just a barn
at the furthest point of the property and like everything inside they
basically just put the snacks and stuff out on a table like it’s not like a bar
or anything in there it’s a picnic table with all these ancient artifacts like
all this machinery from a farm that sits in this barn and that’s where they have
the halfway house it’s the best halfway house in Scotland.I have no evidence to
back that up but let’s just go with that. “Tron, you’re looking kind of a little whipey if you don’t mind my saying.” I think I think I got Tiger’s uh like Sean Foley like just just hold on for dear life with the driver swing right now like where he tries to just go like that and get it unstuck and he can’t get it unstuck. “It’s gone” I’m stuck! “Might be cloooose” I think that’s probably in.” Probably. “What are you going to do if it’s in?” Ummmm Buy drinks? Yeah I’ll do that. “Oh, that’s lame” “At least one of those is probably in, right?” “Do we think?” One would think so “What was the rule if you make an ace?” You gotta move here? “You have to move here.” “Okay well we’ll see…we see one left of
the hole looks like Tron has been DQ’d he will be returning to Jacksonville.” I see three balls. “Oh, that’s a disgrace!” “Look, these kids can play” Every now and then “Is it a coincidence we edit it as well and that’s why we’re showing you this? Maybe.” “You guys gonna fight each other?” He’s got rabbit ears Of course! “Good bird for the kid” “Big 2. Big 2 there” “Down slope!” “Look, that’s perfect” Nice effort “For the jumbo bird…” “Do it….do it!” “Jeeezus” “The eraser” So my round in Nairn this go around
I didn’t know what to do exactly with it I had an idea that Soly was playing
well he was grinding a little bit too hard for for for my tastes
you could tell he was pressing a little bit I think. I don’t know it was my Icarito moment I flew way too close to the Sun I’m horrified to go low
terrified absolutely petrified and the crash back down to earth was unlike any
bumpy ride I’ve ever had I mean I just nose dived straight into the earth hit
the big ball at full speed– still accelerating as I hit the ground on the
18th green “Good finish” Thanks It’s official I’m afraid to go low“Let’s go drink some beers” Yes please. Holy s***, yes please When you put that much effort and
energy into it and don’t let it just come to you you know you try to go to it
that never never turns out well. “We’re gonna try to catch up
with Soly– he’s kind of politely declined most other media requests. Not today, please, thank you “Hey, uh, talk to me about that finish” Well I was 4 under standing on the 13th
tee, I eagled the 15th hole, and I shot two over par, 73. “What at this point I mean is
there any hope of going low in the future you think?” No no I’m afraid I’m terrified of
going low I had a five foot putt to go to 5-under I missed it
Just feeble I have no stones, no heart I mean… “You know nothing will
change if you shoot low?” No everything will change perhaps everything will
change. “Alright thanks you’re always gracious with than your time.” Yeah thanks, thanks Piesy. At Nairn I think the club itself and
the membership is better than the actual golf course. It does it make it draws you
in it makes you want to be a member like I started asking questions about
international membership which a lot of people have looked into and have pulled
the trigger and done it– we know one. The process of becoming a member well I
emailed them and I was like hey I want to join I’m some random American guy and
just hope that they had some international membership process and I
they sent me back a form and said join I mean here you go send a credit card
information you know fill this out and it was fairly seamless I mean I think I
paid 450 pounds for the yearly membership they send me a bag tag I
proudly rock it on my bag I think people probably think it’s a little uh a little
annoying that I have a international bag bag tag on my my bag it just it was a
place that I wanted to go back and play and I wanted to take people back I want
to find out when the club championship is that’s my 2019 resolution is to get
over there hopefully and be able to play in that because that would be pretty sweet to be a part of. “What’s your best round out here at Nairn?” 66 “Club champion” “Current? Yeah” Alright, this is kummel “What is this?” Kummel It’s basically infused with caraway seeds…There’s another man who’ll tell you about it we got a golf society which is, eh, born out of this stuff called the ‘Kummelians’ so you guys maybe need to try this it’s like an after golf liqueur “Hey, cheers!” “Cheers!!” Oh, it’s delightful! It’s like how you would wish… it’s how you wish mouthwash would taste.This is Strongbow Dark Fruit Bartender glossed Tron’s cider little kids alcohol Yeah, you feel welcomed by the members–it’s not as if like people will come into the spike bar or front dining room or anything like that and feel alienated because they’re a member everyone will always come up
and talk to them where you from and they’ll always engage quite positively so the same
time we’re quite social club and that’s something we take a lot of pride in. So I
first experienced Nairn the summer prior I was on kind of a solo road trip
I’m playing by myself at Nairn through and maybe through nine holes I come up on
them already existing five-some and I thought oh that’ll be nice they’ll like
let me play through they didn’t but they invited me to join them so we played a
sixsome and it ended up being one of the guys that did food and beverage and a
bunch of the older members and it was just like this welcoming feeling of like
hey there’s like a visitor behind us let’s bring him in and like let’s let
him play with us and see what that’s like and talk to him and then we went
inside had a couple beers and then they ended up showing me like you have to see
this archive room. The archive room is wild
I didn’t even know what an archive room was and now it’s like my dream to have a
room like this in my house someday. Our historians and archivists have been
members for–they’ve covered now generations so what they’re rightly trying to do at
the moment is making sure that they’ve got so much like historical artifacts
and information they can pass to the next generation and
I think there’s there’s an overriding sense of pride from them as members when they were younger that they want to pass it through to the next generation.
Nairn is not one of the most famous clubs in the world but the way they’ve
treated their history it’s as if it was and I think that’s so cool and that it
makes me appreciate the place even though I’m not a member it makes it just
draws me to its history I want to know what matches happened in 1912 they have
the documentation of like matches in the early nineteen hundreds, original rules,
and all this crazy crazy history. A favorite or is there a piece in here that’s
most special to you? Eh, I think I am quite proud of the Walker Cup artifacts more than anything, I think I was like at the time when I first became
a member here was in ’92, ’93 I was bit too young to understand what the whole
concept was but it kind of holds you know something dear to me I would say
it’s like something that always I can look upon with a bit
a sense of pride as being a member I think Nairn is actually quite a hotbed of
golf we’re quite fortunately we’ve got two championship courses in town and I
think a lot of these people are just trying to maybe just like preserve Nairn
as a golfing destination by making sure that when people come over here it’s
ticking the boxes on where people want to play golf. I want to record a podcast in that room someday that’s my life goal. Even
just in this little book you’ve got here from 1912 you can look through the
current holders of each tournament back to 1890 and then a list of all members. My
grandpa’s father who currently still at that time was a resident of the same
house that my my grandpa still lives in now so that’s that’s a favorite piece
of mine for sure. They want people to come play golf you know it’s a part of the community it’s a part of of the staple of the city I mean you know
everybody’s got a membership there they all go out there and play they walk it’s
not really that much about what your handicap is it’s playing in matches you
know I just think that the United States membership at a golf course is a little
bit of a badge of honor and it’s you know kind of what people hope to have
you know I want to be a member here I want to I’m a member at this place and
they wear their hats and they wear their shirts and over there it’s almost
assumed you know you live in the community of Nairn and you’re a member of
Nairn you know Scotland it’s probably my favorite place on earth so you know it
just kind of keeps me it makes me feel like I’m still kind of a part of living
over there if you will even though it was only a few months I lived there. It’s more about the game than it is about being some exclusive social club it’s it’s there’s the common thread there is golf. I mean just just hanging
at a place like Nairn just makes you feel warm and fuzzy and this isn’t
because of like access that we get or anything like that I felt this when I
was just a stranger that showed up there a year ago and they just like open arms
said come have a beer with me we just met but let’s hang out and that’s the
stuff you dream of when being going to a place where you’re not a member of to
feel that welcome is so different than really anything I’ve ever felt anywhere
stateside. “No Laying Up fans have heard of Brora probably a big reason–
what would you say that is?” Sheep grazing the ground, electric fences around the
greens, I’d like to think the fact I made a hole-in-one here last year. “Allegedly” Going into the final day–the Dash to Dornoch is
almost wrapped–Tron is in the lead at 244 “I can’t believe it”
I’m on 242, DJ 206, Randy 182. Oh, siiick Some sort of incentive plan or some sort of multiplier program “How about, maybe an early retirement package?” I think, I think last place should get relegated and then has to miss the next trip I’m gettin replaced by Neil Neil’s getting promoted I’m back on the bench

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