Tourist Spots of SOUTHERN LEYTE, Hinunangan// The Visayan Series, Episode 2

Tourist Spots of SOUTHERN LEYTE, Hinunangan// The Visayan Series, Episode 2

Hinunangan is one of the most busiest towns of Southern Leyte and with everything that it has to offer There is more to this town than just being the granary center of the province With Tacloban City as our starting point We headed 2 hours south to the jump off point to our first set of destinations San Pablo and San Pedro Island This is Barangay Canipaan The main entry and exit point of San Pablo and San Pedro Island Going to San Pablo will take you 10-15 minute of boat ride. Going to San Pedro Island will take 20-25 minutes. It depends on the size and capacity of the boat too. Bigger boats can go faster. Going to the island needs the approval of the coast guard. This is for the safety of the tourists. We hopped on a boat and for 20 minutes, we traveled to San Pablo island. The excitement was building up and for a good reason. We knew we were headed to utopia. After 20 minutes of traveling from the jump off point in Hinunangan, we have arrived in San Pablo Island and we received silot and buko juice if you guys wish to know if there’s place to stay for the night They have cottages that you can rent out for 500 pesos for the entire day and 800 pesos overnight Very basic, no electricity I’m gonna go for a dip and a jump as well cause that’s what I came here for And that’s it for the ramp diving and snorkeling There were fishes but not that much I’m hoping that there are more fishes in the sanctuary which we are gonna go to a little later and there were sea urchins as well so if you’re gonna go here make sure that you always wear your slippers or just stay afloat never step on the seabed cause you are gonna get pricked by the sea urchins Now we are gonna go to San Pedro which is 10 minutes away from this island and we are gonna see more of Southern Leyte This is San Pedro Island One of the twin islands of Hinunangan We are gonna explore it First one is the lagoon It’s gonna be a trek Around 15 minutes If you walk fast, maybe around 10 minutes Welcome to San Pedro Lagoon here in Southern Leyte I’m gonna go for a swim cause I can’t miss this I tried swimming on that lagoon it was perfect The water was cold on the surface and warm underneath I don’t see no sign of rock formation still It has been some time since my last trek It’s quite challenging Walking from one spot to another is vacation itself Being surrounded my trees and breathing in the purest air Go out here and check this place out Experience the allure that Southern Leyte is That concludes the first day of our Hinunangan adventure Just a recap We went to San Pablo Island, now San Pedro We went to the lagoon and the rock formations and now we are gonna go to our hotel That was an amazing sunrise We are gonna have breakfast We are gonna go to the Fish Sanctuary The pungkay Since yesterday was a blast, it was amazing We hope to even have a better day today This is the starting point going to Pungkay It’s gonna be a 20-minute walk It depends on your pacing Make sure to have your water and some snacks The trek was so worth it Just make sure to eat up be hydrated it’s a good trek When you’re up here, you’re gonna forget all the exhaustion It’s so fresh here Being able to conquer any summit is liberating Knowing that when you are at the top only the horizon can stop you and even that wont fend you off from trying This is the Calagitan Fish Sanctuary It used to be a port that got converted into a resort The fish sanctuary is right underneath it You can’t fish here you can feed them, swim with them We are here to shoot some clips and Imma show them to you Thanks to SINELENTE Don’t forget to subscribe to their youtube channel That’s it, I’m gonna jump now That concludes episode two of the visayan series here in Hinunangan Southern Leyte I hope you guys had fun and watch out for the next episode of this series

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  1. im an avid subscriber of this guy. i so love his vlogs. featuring the beautiful places of leyte with his superb editing skills. he also looks stunning which makes his vlogs a must watch. i heard he is from Tacloban,hope to see him one day. #taclobancutie

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