Tourist Visa Denied! Will it Hurt My Spousal Visa Chances?

Tourist Visa Denied! Will it Hurt My Spousal Visa Chances?

Abigail asks, “I got declined for a tourist
visa. What are my chances of a spousal visa?” I would say that doesn’t affect your spousal
visa at all because a lot of people get denied for tourist visas, especially if they have
a spouse in the US. It’s a very common question and it’s very
understandable if somebody gets denied a tourist visa and they think, “Oh, no. Is there something in my background or something
they don’t like about me? Now I may not even get a spousal visa either.” But it’s actually two very different criteria
they’re looking at. For a tourist visa, they want you to convince
them that there is no way you’re going to stay in the United States in an overstay condition
and that you’re just going to visit, take some photographs, come back to your country
and be a tourist. They want to see significant ties to your
country. A great job; a business you own; or for example,
you’ve got three kids and they’re not coming with you. They want to see compelling reasons you’re
going to return to your country. When you go to get a spousal visa, it’s
exactly opposite. You’re stating right up front, “I’m
coming permanently to live in the United States.” Now, if they’ve told you they denied you
for the tourist visa due to some criminal background or a criminal watch list then you
may have an issue. But that’s usually not the case. It’s almost always they just think that
you are at risk for overstaying. A large portion of the undocumented immigrants
in the United States are overstays. They didn’t all come running across the
border like the media might have you to believe. A significant number of them came here legally
on something like a tourist visa, student visa, and then they never left.

4 thoughts on “Tourist Visa Denied! Will it Hurt My Spousal Visa Chances?

  1. Hii i'm haitian get denied from a student visa, now my fiancé file a k1 visa , what do you think about, ?

  2. what about getting denied, or didn't let go through the immigration at the U.S airport and then applied for K1 visa?

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