Tourists almost die in Vegas Heatwave then Flash Freeze!

Tourists almost die in Vegas Heatwave then Flash Freeze!

[Music] All of you on stage! You’re gonna realize
on the count of three that the temperature in this space. Slowly
beginning to rise on the cannon. Three temperature beginning to rise, pop, those
eyes overcome on back temperature beginning. Oh my, you might want to do
something about i.t Wave your hand in front of your face. Cut yourself off
temperatures continuing to creep up. It’s really beginning to get hot. Temperature
is getting hotter and hotter and hotter. Temperatures rising now is 103, 106
degrees. Temperatures rising. He’s continuing to creep up. Temperatures
rising 106 degrees!Holy shitballs! Oh, temperature is rising. It’s you a man, is
hot. It is hot 106 degrees continuing to creep up. Temperature is rising! It’s
getting hotter and hotter and hotter 115 degrees. Help the person out next to you!
Help them! Cool down! Somehow, I don’t know what that means.
Hello! The person next to you, sorry blow on! Blow on the person next to you!
So, I blow on, blow person next to you 110 degrees. All these shit balls 110 degrees
really making it again a hot. It’s getting hotter and hotter and hotter.
Careful, you don’t want to throw anything. Oh! Man is hot. It is a really hot oh my
goodness! A pure pants on so keep your pants on. Keep your pants on sir! I know
it’s hot. I know it’s hot. It’s fine. They begin to cool off. I 109, 103
temperature’s going down 100 degrees, 96 degrees, 92, 88, 84-79, 73,71, 68, 64, 59, 55, 52,
48, 44, 41, degrees 39, 35 wind is beginning to pick up temperatures. Beginning to
jump. It’s getting colder. It’s now below freezing. It’s 11 degrees, 6 degrees, two
degrees, minus three, minus eight, minus 10 minus 15, minus 22 degrees temperatures.
It’s getting colder and colder and colder – 35, -14, 19 degrees, 15 degrees, 11
degrees, 6 degrees, 10 degrees, minus 3 minus 8, minus 10, minus 15, minus 22
temperatures dropping. It’s getting colder and colder -30, -35, – Ford in
the windchill vector minus 50 temperatures. Really beginning to drop.
-50. Oh my goodness! Is a life-or-death situation. Do what you need to, to stay
warm. 32 degrees. It’s at the freezing point. 27 degrees, 24 degrees, 19 degrees,
15 degrees, 11 degrees, 6 degrees, 2 degrees, minus 3, minus 8, minus 10, minus
15, minus 22, temperatures dropping. It’s getting colder. -30, -35, -40, windchill
factor -50. Do what you need to, to stay warm cuddle up with each other. If you
have to all the way on the count of 3 everything completely back to normal.
1, 2, and 3. Why do we back? Throw my eyes over. Want to make the back film? I come
on back sir! Put your shirt on properly! Good man! Yeah! Accent certainly Ma’am on
your own space. Their eyes are wide awake the back to them come on back guys up
water wait – come on back Azam sir! sir! Eyes open their sir. Yep! Yes sir! Eyes
Steve but you. Yeah, put your shirt back on. Yeah, but you should put your shirt back
on Steve. whose feet smell like? That I don’t know.
Those are your shoes, or your shoes probably yours. All right! Okay! Go ahead!
Put your socks back on try and do a show here! Steve at least your belongings! You
got enough items for a yard sale here! It’s a crazy guy! [Music]

11 thoughts on “Tourists almost die in Vegas Heatwave then Flash Freeze!

  1. Lol I’ve been watching u for about 2 years now Nd this is the first clickbait I’ve ever see u do… IM SO PROUD

  2. Imagine any foreigners who thought you were talking in Celsius. You had them at 239 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Marc ,your shows are always entertaining,good laughs,good time,and great price to!Went last august(fire alarm went off,lol)If ever again in vegas,will definitley come to your show again!

  4. Gotta be honest, getting hypnotized by/meeting you is on my bucket list. But no money to travel so I highly doubt that'll happen 🙁

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