Tourists Compete for Luxury Hotel Suite

Tourists Compete for Luxury Hotel Suite

80 thoughts on “Tourists Compete for Luxury Hotel Suite

  1. …but there's nothing wrong with the climate.. keep driving that SUV, soccer mom!

    * walks away grumbling *

  2. السيد المحترم جيمي كيميل اسمحلي ان أقول من وجهة نظري طبعا ، ان ما يميز المجتمع المتحضر هو امثالك من المبدعين الشجعان .
    ارجوا ان يكون لدينا في الاراضي المقدسه في الاْردن أعلامين متميزين ينقلون الأصوات التي لا تغرد تحت مظلة الملك ايضا .
    يسعدني جدا ان أقول لك كما يقول الشاعر :
    وكم من رجل يعد بألف رجل ** و كم من رجل يمر بلا عداد .
    أرجو ان ترعاك السماء دائما و ان تكون الحقيقه بيتك و السعاده بابك و غبطة البهجة و النجاح طريقك الابدي .
    من هنا و من العاصمة الأردنيه عمااااااان تحيه خاصه جدا لجهودك و فريق عملك المتميز على هذا البرنامج الرائع جدا جدا .
    يسرنا جدا الاطلاع على ثقافة مجتمعك المتميزة التي تختلف جدا عن ثقافة مجتمعي .
    كل الاحترام و التقدير و النجاح أيها المبدعون العظماء .

  3. Too bad at the end they had revealed they are secretly dating so it wouldn't matter either way who won! 😊

  4. Did anyone else feel like Jimmy and that other dude were being kinda rude. Especially at the end when the guy pushed Nicholas away

  5. $30 a night, wow, come to Russia, you'll like luxuriously in the very center of the city for $25 a night.

  6. The world's in the middle of a heatwave is it?
    Is that the flat world where Australia doesn't exist?
    It's FREEZING down here! Coldest winter in years!

  7. sal is so rude. like i genuinely believe hes mean. imagine if jimmy never had a show… sal would be working at a pig farm

  8. Thinking Vivian was Latina for sure, I was waiting to hear what Latin American country she was from. When she said Germany I was mind blown! Holy moly

  9. Speaking of heat, Siberian forests are on fire!!! 3M hectares are now burning and the Russian government is doing nothing :(((

  10. Is that hotel real? The interior shots look like it was last decorated in the 70s. If I walked in there I'd be going to reception to ask for a tent.

  11. I couldn't stop laughing at the guy in back making sure he separated the guy in the hawaiian shirt from the girl in the tube top😁

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