Tourists Heap Praises On A Maltese Dog Tour Guide Working At A Tea Field | Kritter Klub

Welcome to a green tea field where your tour guide will be.. Why don’t you follow meh~ 😉 Busily getting her feet moving Tourist: Look at the doggo guiding the way Tourist: Wow~the doggo tells us to follow A crowd has gathered behind her :3 5 years of experience under her belt,
is profesh doggo guide, Sooneung☆ Tourist: We were told that if we just follow the dog, we can sightsee around the green tea field so we’re following her Sooneung’s special exclusive package tour ^_^ Everyone up to speed? Super! Let’s keep going then bb Sooneung: Now, this green tea field Sooneung: is South Korea’s #1 Boseong Green Tea Field which cultivates the most tea in the nation! Sooneung: It’s a famous tourist attraction as it’s a beautiful place~ *Brake* Hold up, I feel like I’m missing some hoomans The entire group is trailing far behind (lol) Sooneung: Y’all hurry up, if you wanna see everything! Tourist: She seems to have done this many times before as she matches our pace just right haha Ofc, don’t expect any less from meh ^_^ “Oh, the road splits” / “Oh which way do we go?” A split road poses NO issues for this doggo guide Sooneung: I got this, leggo to left Tourist: Ah it’s that way~ The right path led to another wrong path (X) Tourist: The fact that a dog is guiding us is really impressive and Tourist: She doesn’t seem like an animal Ofc, a quintessential part of a trip for many people is *Snap Snap* Tourists are busy with dem cameras lol Sooneung is also a good sport about posing for photo sesh for the tourists☆ And the next course is Green tea leaf tasting time! Rite here~ Sooneung: Lemme show you a demo ^.~ Tourist: It’s bitter even for us to eat but the dog eats them..haha (Have you ever heard the sound of a dog eating grass tho) The tour package is really the full set 😮 The final highlight of Sooneung’s tour is.. Making green tea! Are my customers having a good time? Tourist: Sooneung, aren’t you coming in? I’m okay~ Tourist: Since she’s a pet dog, she could come in but she doesn’t.. Tourist: and when I see that she waits until we come outside, she really seems to be smart I take my work seriously y’know o.o ☆Cuz I’m a true professional☆ Tourist: Oh you didn’t go? Still waiting? haha How is she so good? Was she trained perhaps? Sooneung’s owner: What training Sooneung’s owner: I’m so busy and tired just from farming, harvesting and making tea So in other words Sooneung was just a natural 😉 And the last group of guests “Sooneung, bye bye~” Thanks for coming♡ Only after she oversees the guests leaving as well Sooneung feels her job is complete ^_^ Sooneung’s owner: She seems to think that it’s her job So she ensures to complete it perfectly from the beginning when the guests arrive till the end when sees them off Whenever you need a reliable and trustworthy doggo tour guide at the tea field Just give me a shout-out, and I’ll welcome you to my Sooneung tour♡

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