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The Tower of London A thousand-year-old castle that has already been a Royal Palace, a fortress, and a prison Hello everyone, I’m in the City of London, which is a separate city inside London If you’re seeing this video now it’s because the other one was already too long and I decided creating a separate one just for the Tower of London, which is a main attraction here [Gordon] Two Where do we start? [Gordon] At the beginning And where’s the beginning? [Gordon] Not at the end When we say ‘Tower of London’, everybody imagines this huge fortress, right? That we see from London… But the original Tower of London is just this building right here It stays right inside, protected by the fortress,
and this is it This is what was originally built And as funny as it might sound, it was built to celebrate that the Normans conquered Britain, in 1066 Meaning, the French conquered Britain Here inside the main building, the White Palace, you see the armory This is real This is the armor of Henry, Prince of Wales from 1607 And it is fully decorated with scenes from the life of Alexander the Great This armor is from 1540 and belonged to King Henry VIII It is gigantic actually, really big… And something interesting down there… It’s kind of funny This is so impressive Things we normally see as replicas elsewhere Arms and armor were made, tested and stored here until the 1800’s There’s a chapel inside the White Tower too This is St John’s chapel And it’s kept basically bare and unadorned How it would have been in the Norman period,
in the very early days of the castle Each sword and their owners Various Kings… George VI, V,… Edward 7th, William IV and so on This will give you a good idea of what the Tower of London really is The building we are right now is this one in the middle It’s the White Tower While the Tower of London itself today, it’s all this here Including all these walls An original executioner’s block of the 18th century And the axe possibly dates back to the Tudor times The Tower of London was a famous prison and many people think thousands of people were executed here But actually not really. Only 22 in total It was like an honor to be executed here It was only for royalty or if you were friends with royalty The rest of the people, outside This because during the Middle Ages, an execution was something to be done in public square for everyone to see And then they would display your head The Tower of London has played a significant role in English history It was besieged several times and controlling it was essential to control the entire country So, defense here was strong. Do you see the two walls around the castle? Here we’re in between the two rings of defenses One inside another During the Medieval Era, this became England’s largest and strongest castle built this way As traditional as the Tower itself are the beefeaters – these guards in uniform They have been here for centuries And were originally part of the Monarch’s personal bodyguard, traveling with him Henry VIII decreed that some of them would stay to guard the tower permanently And here they are Unlike many people think, they’re not just random people, dressed in a nice costume No! They’re retired members of the armed services and live here with their families, inside the tower Today their role is primarily to guide the visitors [Yeoman Warder] Its also been called The Traitors’ Gate This is the Traitors’ Gate Many prisoners, when they were accused of treason, they entered the castle through these gates Including Elizabeth I She later became a queen, but she came here and she was pardoned It’s also been called the ‘Watergate’ Americans… When you come here, you have to make sure you go to a tour with one of these Yeomen, it is so fun! You see the exact times as soon as you get in It’s written right there when is the next one It’s right at the entrance That’s the meeting point and first stop And it’s totally free, it’s included with the ticket Now, this is what everyone comes here to see One of the buildings here houses the Crown Jewels and there is where you see the Crowns, Swords, utensils for coronations in general Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures inside So let me tell you what’s there These jewels belong to the monarch And they should be saved from one to the next So, for example, Queen Elizabeth II can’t get rid of all of that because they should be saved for her successor Only once this didn’t happen. It was in the 17th century, because of the Civil War People destroyed the jewels Then when the monarchy was reestablished they created all of them again And talking about tradition I gotta tell you about the ravens There’s a legend here that if the ravens leave the tower, both the tower and the kingdom will fall Seven ravens live here and one Yeoman Warder permanently takes care of them He’s a Ravenmaster, seriously! But actually the ravens don’t leave because they can’t They have one flight feather trimmed exactly to stop them from flying away When you come here it’s important to choose a good day Because most of it is outdoors Except when you go inside the buildings for one exhibition or the other you’ll depend on the weather Where to now? Let’s go to the dungeon Look at how they used this! Oh, my god! Our guide also mentioned that here they have a ceremony that has been going on for 738 years, that is crazy! It’s like an end of the day ceremony, closing ceremony for the day. They never missed a day, not even during the wars It’s the longest surviving ceremony on earth I’d love to see it. It’s at 10:00 p.m.
But I don’t think it’s open to the public Here you can also go visit the Tower Bridge Everyone can cross the bridge deck, but the twin towers and high-level walkways require an entry fee There’s an exhibition there It was so cool! The Tower of London is probably my favorite attraction in London because there’s so much history, so much to see here But I think we should have arrived a little earlier We got here around 2:30 in the afternoon And it closes at 5:30 So in the end it was a little rushed Three hours were not enough for me I wanted to stay here read things in detail, but it was still very worth it. It was also the most expensive attraction we went in the entire trip.
But it was very worth it Tomorrow is our last day in England, our last day in the U.K. And what does that mean?
That there’s another vlog coming up So subscribe to the channel not to miss it! A thousand-year-old castle that once was a Royal Palace… a fortress, and a prison I’m glad I checked the audio of this one…
Just in time to film it again

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