Townhouse tour | A small townhouse with a big view | House tour | Dream Home tour

Townhouse tour | A small townhouse with a big view | House tour | Dream Home tour

This is “Artists’ Village” – a series of designer
townhouses, on the edge of Berlin. The homes are located on the water, with bike
paths right at the doorstep. But this tranquil landscape has a dark side. For 113 years, it was home to a prison complex. It closed in 1990. Since then, a new generation has moved in. “Hi, I’m Marcus. Come inside and take a look around!” The townhouse is 240 square meters over five
stories. The Loft is the masterpiece. “The special feature of the house is the loft
on the third floor. The room is five and a half metres high. You have a great view of the water. We like coming up here to watch TV or simply
sitting down to enjoy the view.” The loft is also where the family likes to
entertain. A kitchen was built discreetly into the wall. Three-meter-high doors open to reveal a fully-stocked
mini-bar. Marcus and his wife, also an architect, were
involved in the layout of their home, from the start in 2006. “This is my second favorite part of the house. The roof is a great place to get away from
it all. We came up with the idea of opening it up
by including these windows that you can push open.” The townhouse is just a 15 minute drive from
downtown. Moving on now to the second floor: “This floor includes our bedroom and bathroom. When the doors are open they more or less
disappear into the wall and give an open plan effect.” Marcus and his wife made the conscious decision
to limit the use of color in their home, keeping it in line with the general gray, black and
white design. Splashes of color can be found in small details
like pictures on the wall. “This is the first floor. Our daughter has her room here. There is also a guest room. This floor has lots of small rooms so we designed
the hallway with cupboard doors so you get the feeling you are standing inside a cupboard. Then you open the doors
and you can see the rooms and the guest bathroom.” The doors throughout the entire house were
specially designed to maintain the feeling of openess. Here in the kitchen, on the ground floor,
the sliding door is also multifunctional, serving as a wall and chalkboard as well. “We wanted to create open spaces. When you enter you have the large hallway,
you then go through to the kitchen. But we wanted to be able to close off the
kitchen so we included this large sliding door so you can close it.” The kitchen opens onto a 75 square meter garden,
with a view of the old prison complex. “When we first moved here there were sandy
spaces and the old prison. Two years later the prison was converted into
apartments and now they are all occupied.” “That was our Berlin waterside home. Thanks for dropping by. Come back one day!”

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  1. The door which desappears in the wall is a great idea. The big window of the liiving room is spectacular. But the whole house looks aseptic. I'd used colours, not only white.

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