Trailer – Travel Tips by Laurie

Trailer – Travel Tips by Laurie

hey there thanks for visiting my travel
tips by Laurie YouTube channel my name is Laurie I want to say welcome I have lots
of travel tip videos I have some travel hacks videos I love fashion so I like to
talk about trouble outfit ideas I have one new one about travel outfits for
this fall I have been married to an airline pilot for 17 and a half years
and we’ve traveled the globe to help you not have a worry in the world I’ve made
lots of mistakes and I’ve picked up lots of travel hacks that will help you if
you are a first-time traveler or if you are commuting to work on an airplane
every week I think my travel tips will help you I used to be called Laurie pop
ideas that pop but now I’ve chosen to go straight with travel tips okay I taught
elementary school for about eight years so YouTube lets me teach people by
helping them see things in a new way or a more efficient way like packing
packing cubes rolling clothes all kinds of travel tips to help your experience
be better I’ve gone on some cruises I’ve gone to some destinations I’m going to
at the Pioneer Woman town of Pawhuska Oklahoma so look for that video coming
up I enjoy solving problems for you and lightening your load let’s say anyway
leave me a comment below and say hey and thank you for listening

51 thoughts on “Trailer – Travel Tips by Laurie

  1. Hi, Laurie! Going to Mexico (hopefully) on November. I’ll be checking your videos as soon as I have more details. I’ll let you know. Thanks! 🌺

  2. That's great,looking forward to your Pawhuska visit video fun fun fun.πŸ›©πŸ›ŽπŸ›‹πŸ½πŸ₯§πŸ₯˜πŸŒΆπŸŒžπŸŒœπŸŒŸ

  3. LOVE this channel!!! I do travel mostly to North America but I have been to Europe!! You're videos are FAB !!! #TravelTipsByLaurie

  4. Hey Laurie, I wrote TSA regarding packing a large bottle of sunscreen and taking and packing it into my carry-on bag only. They stated since it's a "medicine" and if it's pulled out and put in the tray bin for them to scan, it will pass for my carry-on. Have you ever heard or experienced this before? I'm afraid to try because it will be over the liquids size requirement.

  5. Thank you so much for all your videos!! Been watching as many of them as I can to prepare for an upcoming New England tour. You've been very helpful!!

  6. I started watching your channel last year when we were going to Bali . We are going again next month so refreshing your advice
    Thankyou for sharing your wisdom πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

  7. Love your velvet shit! That will be a fun trip to Oklahoma, the Pioneer Woman's land (well hubby's) is an interesting story for sure! Hope they have some cool antique shops up yonder!

  8. Love you videos I'm going to be flying in Jan. It has been MANY years since I've flown. I wanted to put one of those colorful straps on my luggage so it would make it easier to locate at the baggage area. Is this a bad idea will it cause any problems with the security screening that checked baggage goes through

  9. Hi Laurie! I just discovered your channel on Monday while searching for packing tips and now I'm addicted lol!πŸ˜€ Your videos are absolutely fantastic! Going to Buffalo/Niagara Falls/Ontario next month, so I'll be watching your videos every day to help me prepare! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘

  10. Hi Laura I’m glad stumbled across your channel. You give AWESOME recommendations😊I’m going on my first International flight ✈️ next year.

  11. I absolutely love your videos on traveling! Haven’t flown since the age of 4 and everything gets taken care of when your that age. Fast forward to 20 plus years and my husband and I are going on an hour flight for a weekend getaway. Me being the anxiety prone worry wort have taken comfort and have learned a ton from watching your videos!!!


  12. Hi
    From Pakistan πŸ‡΅πŸ‡°
    Your travel videos help and make easy travel for us thank you for sharing your experience with us and how / what you learn from your mistakes!!!!
    Plz remember me in your prayers and need positive vibes for getting my PR for Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ and I live with my hubby it’s so hard to live far
    Thank you XoXo

  13. Hi, I love your videos, I don’t fly very often once a year to Spain so I know your tips will come in handy next time we go.

  14. Hey love Thnks for all ur tips. My husband and i will travel to Costa Rica for our 15th wedding anniversary in October. I looked at one of your videos from Costa Rica a while back do you have anything more recent that you can share with me we are going to try and just travel with a carry-on so I am going to do that just try to take the mix and match pieces, As well as the travel cubes so can you tell me anything else for once we get in Costa Rica look forward to hearing from you be blessed – Kim

  15. Hi Laurie! I love and appreciate your videos! I knew you must have had a teaching background as you are so good at it. You have always reminded me of that one mom who has all the answers and helps all of the other moms to figure things out. THANK YOU! I am traveling the first time to London in March 2020 and given your vast travel experience hope you will consider a few suggestions for future videos – what is it like to travel internationally – the plane ride, things to know getting through customs and returning home. What types of things should first timers think about, especially if traveling alone? I appreciate your what to take on a long haul flight video but just wondered more about the experience. Best wishes as you welcome your new puppy in the coming weeks. Thanks for all of your great tips.

  16. Hello I just found you because I am 22 and flying for the first time this month I was so scared that I had to do research and your video was the first one to pop up. Thank you so much

  17. Any videos or ideas on how to relieve the flying jitters? I have a 13 year old daughter that refuses to get on an airplane. It gives her a lot of anxiety and because of that we haven’t been able to travel with her unless we go by car.

  18. Laurie, love your videos so far! I'm a frequent traveler and your advice that you give is always spot on! You should do a video on 2-wheel vs. 4-wheel carry-ons! I prefer 2 wheel myself since I can pack more in that 22x14x9 space.

  19. Hi! we just stumbled over your incredible channel and really like your videos. πŸ‘ We are traveling a lot, maybe you'd also want to take a look at our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo too 🌴 So lets inspire one another. Enjoy your amazing day, and continue the great work! 😊

  20. Good afternoon. I'm Natalia. I love your videos. I almost see them all! Question, do you have any video that talks about tips for sanck inside the plane. My husband and I are going to travel to Hawaii for the first time. All the tips you have given us are great. We will buy many things that you have recommended. But we don't know what we can take to eat inside the plane, you know by the rules, and since you have experience in this, you could give us some suggestions or make a video please. We will look forward to it. Thank you for all the good information and the details that you include.

  21. Hi! me and my dad may fly to Florida this year, but to get there you have to change planes and it takes about 9 hours to get there. since I haven't flown before, I'm a little scared. like sitting on two different planes and one takes about 8 hours scares me. I don't know why, do you have any tips? πŸ™‚ We live in sweden by the way. // 12 year old

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