Hey guys, it’s Madi welcome back to my channel so today, I’m here with the beautiful summer Mickey Thank you wow what a good introduction? She’s very beautiful. We are so excited that we’re finally collabing together but what we’re doing today is I’m gonna be recreating one of my looks on summer and We actually did on her channel, she transformed me into her which is really cool So you should check that in the description below after you watch this video And yeah, so I’m basically just gonna be doing her makeup her hair She’s gonna wear one of my outfits, and then we’re gonna recreate a photo on my Instagram I’m basically just gonna become Madi. Yeah, but she’s like really beautiful, so it’s gonna be hard until oh my gosh. Yeah Thank you so much. Yeah. Let’s just get into Yeah already wearing a little bit of makeup So I’m gonna take you know I love taking off my makeup fun fact at the end of the day It’s like the best thing ever me too. Honestly The first thing I’m gonna do Is I’m gonna take the torch of the self cream have used I’ve used their like 23-karat gold Moisture Oh awesome it’s really good. Okay? I Love the little spoon. It’s so I know I’m really nervous add your makeup actually cuz you wanna hear you executed mine, so well. Thank you yes this makeup look She has on here is done by some visa monkey. Oh, yeah, this is very moisturizing this stuff. Yes. I feel the moisture I always put it down my neck me too dis apparently every if you don’t Now I’m taking the Mario I don’t never know how to say it the dead Mario Badescu. That’s what I’m desk you This is the rosewater facial spray. I’m just gonna spray now. I’m gonna try it far away Okay, I couldn’t talk the winners blowing in back me that was good science be obsessed with that I’d like everyone is honestly okay. Now. I’m taking the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation I’m using shades or and 5.75 I’m just gonna make I’ve always used to try that it’s so good cuz it’s such good things about it. It’s super Glowy, and it’s not like super full coverage, which is super nice. Yeah, I also I Have a brand new Beauty Blender for summer She’s so clean. There’s really not we were talking about this earlier really I clean our brushes or yeah Kind of whoops just clean your face real well tonight Okay, I’m not gonna use a lot. Just a little bit. Okay. Just get rid of these of what your beautiful skin, yeah Summer has beautiful skin and she likes to put herself. Thank you very much appreciate It is relaxing sometimes I’m told that sometimes I go too hard at the beauty, but I found It was really bouncing right now sorry I Know that’s what I was worried about when I was doing here me good Cuz it’s so easy to just like when you’re looking in a mirror and you’re doing all yourself. It’s way easier, but then what Extra picking the NARS radiant creamy concealer and I’ve also always wanted to try this really say we do use different products Yeah, you use the products that I want to use but I don’t you that’s me Shape tape I guess we’re just like more of like a Nestle. Yeah, exactly. We don’t really like a lot of coverage Sorry, I’m melting so hard. No. You’re not okay I found this bottom oh No, no roll. You know what bit I’m taking the laura mercier translucent powder Oh, yeah, I literally only take a little bit though. Do you use it? No, yeah, I used to use the loose powder, but how’s powders easier? I never baked like ever I tried it, but me too. Are you kind of failed yeah? I mean, it’s not like it makes a huge difference, and I don’t takes time not into it Yeah, I’m all about getting like the whole makeup application with like just doing it Yeah, I’m gonna take this. This is a really gross sample Chocolate Soleil bronzer, I mean you’re gonna take that with this little Mac brush I have a bunch of hoola bronzer samples actually really like yeah, that’s like the only bronzer. I used I mean did you have But when I do try other ones I always just come back to it. Yeah, yeah Yeah, if I had dolls I would definitely like make that there miko like little samples like I would get I was really into Dulles. We’re talking about yeah, that’s why I thought of it. It’s not like I’m just like the That’d be perfect for my dolls secretly summer asked if we could go the miracles yeah Okay, this is weird I use a cream blush And you would think it’s weird over by I didn’t put powder like right here ashley tisdale illuminate Ashley did Joy’s makeup yes It’s so good. You have to try it I didn’t even like collaboration with BH Cosmetics oh okay, yeah oh good Does it something smells good wait? Maybe the bride’s good. I cleaned it. Oh, what did you play with so? I’m just gonna add a little powder, but nothing crazy because you know It’s just trying to get rid of these I’m just trying to relax okay. Now. Do you see my favorite highlighter? Which is the Dior? This is in shade zero zero three nice That is really pretty So I’m just using that I love oh me, too I want to say I would bake my whole face in highlighter like I actually would yeah I kind of want to try that I’ve tried the highlighter challenge. I keep myself in my room just like for fun It actually looked amazing, but like it really enhances your pores and everything oh Yeah, I let her influence her Highlighter and bronzer like my favorite. Yeah. I love the highlight on the nose, too. I Have a question. Okay? What would be? Like young girls who want to start like YouTube and do like what you do mm-hmm I Would say the number one tip is? Just be yourself, and I know that’s like super cliche. You know everyone will say that it’s true, but honestly I feel like a lot of young girls who want to start YouTube channels is because They have an idol on YouTube that does it and they like really just want to be like them and so in their videos they’re probably gonna act like them, but like just do you be yourself because You know it’s you, and you don’t ever want to like change yourself to get followers or like to be a youtuber You know yeah, I totally agree I live by the same thing honestly Yeah, like if girls who like you know like look up to like us or something? I feel like as much as it is awesome that we’re like their idols. It’s also like this weren’t to be themselves Yeah for sure now We’re gonna move on to the eyebrows, and I’m super nervous about oh I’m excited about this you did my eyebrows really good. I did yeah. Thank you We have pretty much the same eyebrow color For the same person yeah, basically it’s like this this challenge isn’t even a challenge let me see I Mean it’s not that much different hey, we’re almost done Perfect like slime oh yeah, okay, put it on me. I like to Like super feathery brows but obviously they’re keeping me Yeah, you already have the great brows. Oh, thank you. Do you get them done like I just plucked them? With my fingers No my Tullio hard Yeah, would you got some like really strong meals use my bronzer to put it over the eyelid as a creature Sweet, so that’s what we’re gonna. Do I literally never do too much Sometimes, it’s fun to just like try different eye shadow looks, but I never end up like actually wearing them out So I’m just gonna take this color pop Semi-precious pellet that was an ensign Okay, and I’m just gonna take this shade just a little bit I’ve actually never uses calendar myself before I literally oh really mm-hmm No, I’m just gonna take that bronzer a little under that you can yeah, I know I always do this too Ow I’m gonna have you curl your lashes you need a mirror. I don’t think so I can do. Do you curl your lashes music yeah? Well your eyelashes See for long Southern I want to be Australian me too actually I I’m trying to pick up on it since Jack as Australian yeah Now I’m going in with this Giorgio Armani mascara I Think it’s the breeze the breeze is just breezing in my eye Jean oh Crap what do you do nothing? It’s a gateway you have my salary life’s a climb Life’s a climb Great, so you don’t care if I use like a little lip savonia. No like my stuff do whatever you want Oh my gosh super weird, okay. I really don’t care I Hate that word I hate it to all those viral dance moves are like really just a pain in my butt Hey, this is the one I do all the time out so cringy, but I still do it. Yeah, so this is the Maddie makeup She look how beautiful. I don’t know she’s gonna like it. I’m totally gonna like it I can feel it I already like it on my face They’re faking their reactions okay What Does it look bad Now I’m scared to do the other side now That we finished and there’s layers popping out of her braids she’s gonna do a reveal Thanks for watching Okay, but like yeah, you did a really good job. It’s just me who’s really just messing it up Thank you, and the makeup is really good. You’ve covered my zits nicely In the eyeshadow is really pretty. I really like it. I think you did a great job This is not bad at all like it’s really good. Good job. Thank you. Yeah, I don’t want your confidence Dropped a little but that’s okay so now Summer is going to dress into one of my outfits, and then we’re gonna recreate a photo for my Instagram So let’s do it. Let’s go Okay guys So this is the final look this summer is my adidas white sneakers on and then she has this really cute flowy dress from brandy melville and She looks so cute Okay, here’s mine in summers photos from when summer recreated my Instagram picture I know the background is obviously different and my editing skills right now are not good, but we made it work It really came together. I mean do I look like Maddie. I love it. How many yeah comment down below if you think That she looks like me okay guys. Thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video with summer Thank you so much for coming on my channel It was so much fun as it was I hope you guys like this little transformation turning into me don’t forget to subscribe to Somers channel it will be in the description down below and Also if you’re from my channel definitely subscribe Thank you I am amazing little downgrade from her channels make sure You subscribed to summers channel also the video that would join her channel will be in the description below So you should check that out after this yes, if you’re coming from her channel. Thank you so much for watching this video Thank you guys. Bye. Bye



  2. I acts like Maddie without trying like Maddie's a Savage Maddie's awesome Maddie is a crazy girl I mean the same but born different places is what I mean but literally

  3. When Maddie said the viral dance moves are really just a pain in her butt.. I couldn’t agree more! Coming from another dancer. I hate them. ??

  4. if you watch this video and then summers newest video with mads you can see how much the dynamic in their relationship has changed and it’s the cutest thing ever

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  6. You can tell how much Maddie looks up to Summer and it’s the cutest and purest thing I’ve ever seen

  7. ok, not my favorite vid. i don’t wanna be a hater but i gotta be honest. they were SOOOO awkward. like the awkward hug, the awkward silence, you could tell that maddie didn’t want to mess up and she felt lower than summer. and the way summer talked to her you could tell that they weren’t that close and summer was more of the pretty more accomplished girl out of the 2 of them and felt that maddie was SOOOO insecure and that she probably felt so judged with the whole hair mess up, and summer clearly thought of maddie as someone lower than her. i love summer and maddie SOOOO MUCH!❤️ please please don’t get mad. just how i felt and others prob did too. just kinda awkward and clearly maddie was trying to be like summer and it was just weird.

  8. I feel like Summer just acted like Maddie was less than her. Like you dumb bitch Maddie has been in movies, tv shows, music videos, and more. So it’s really fucking ridiculous that she would act like that.??

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