Travel 2020 – Top Travel Destinations in North America for 2020

Travel 2020 – Top Travel Destinations in North America for 2020

“Get off the road…” [passing driver] Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip. On this
episode I feature some of the top picks here in North America for 2020
brought to you by Allianz Travel. Now, some of these destinations are
lesser-known but remarkable nonetheless so come along with me let me show you
around. With dynamic nature, dramatic shoreline, awesome adventures, impressive architecture, meaningful symbols, inspiring landscape, unique cultures and
colorful cuisine, North America is an exciting continent to explore. Accessible only by ferry Grand Manan is one of my favorite places in New Brunswick. This tranquil getaway is located within the Bay of Fundy in Northeast Canada. Grand Manan offers some dramatic views, cool coastal hikes, kayaking, whale watching and some sensational lighthouse sunsets. On the opposite side of the continent
are the San Juan Islands, which are snugly ensconced between northwestern
Washington and Vancouver Island. Just four of the hundred and seventy-two
islands can be reached by ferry, the rest are only accessible by private boat.
Activities include zip-lining wine-tasting whale watching, sculpture
gardens, sailing and stupendous sunsets. History and southern hospitality are the
hallmarks of Vicksburg. Its most iconic attraction is the National Military Park
where you can learn about the Civil War and Vicksburg’s pivotal role in the
outcome. The Mississippi River, Blues Music and Antebellum homes are other
futures that make this southern city so desirable. Moab can rival any place in North
America for its copious natural beauty. There are so many outdoor activities
that you’ll want to come back again and again to try something new.
Regarding beauty, there are two distinctly different, both equally
inspiring national parks. Canyonlands and Arches, both will leave you
speechless. Traverse City Michigan embodies
everything a road tripper could want. There are curvy roads that induce a
desire to see around the next bend, roadside farm stands spilling over with
fresh produce, cobalt blue water set against a backdrop
of hardwood trees set ablaze by the changing season, to dramatic psychedelic
sunsets. Los Cabos is located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula where the desert
meets the sea in spectacular fashion. Whether you want to relax at a luxurious
resort, or play and tell your heart’s content, Los Cabos is the destination for
you. Page/Lake Powell is located in northern
Arizona and is home to some spectacular scenery, most notably Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend. The lake itself is a stunning body of water which has more coastline than the entire west coast. Nearby is Amangiri Resort, one of the
most exclusive in the world. Day trips include the splendid Monument
Valley which has one of the most recognizable roads in the US, and the
Vermillion Cliffs. Located in the Sierra Nevada mountains, South Lake Tahoe straddles two state lines, Nevada to the east, and California to the west. No matter what time of year you visit this is one sensational place to explore. With
a gondola ride in the middle of town you, can be skiing one minute and on the lake
the next. With a burgeoning craft beer scene, an endless array of activities,
South Lake Tahoe might just become your home away from home. Huntsville, Alabama may not be the first
destination that comes to mind when thinking of a vacation, but the
unexpected discoveries are part of the appeal. Huntsville is a city known for
its connection to NASA and the US Space and Rocket Center, but you’ll also find a
rich art scene, lots of festivals and live music, a wonderful Botanical Garden,
antebellum homes, peaceful parks and some great barbecue. Camala and Colima are two
neighboring villages in the southwestern part of Mexico where you can have a
truly authentic Mexican experience. The region is known for its active volcano
and the best outfitter for volcano hiking and other activities is Admire
Mexico tours. Jupiter the owner, also runs a fantastic Inn in town called Casa
Alvereta. The Camala Colima region is also known for its superb coffee as well
as sculpture gardens and lively festivals. These quaint communities are
rich in tradition and worth a look when exploring the southern part of North
America. Well that’s it from some of the top destinations in North America for
2020. I’d like to thank Allianz Travel for making this video possible. So until
next time, we’ll see on the road…

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  1. Congrats to our friends Jupiter and Mara (last segment of video), we can highly recommend the tours and a stay at their excellent BnB!!

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