Travel and expenses on Salesforce

Travel and expenses on Salesforce

People, like me in sales, need to travel for business. You know that. What you probably don’t know is how much my travel contributes to the growth of my company. And this doesn’t even include
my expenses incurred outside of travel. Meanwhile, my company is trying to reduce travel costs‚ but no-one knows the return on them in the first place. How do we know if we’re all spending smart? I have a sales target.
I travel a lot to win new business but I have to spend a lot of time
trawling online just to find the perfect trip. All I care about is getting to my meeting on time. I need systems to work like I do,
fast and on the run. And then there’s me. I’m in Finance and I’m responsible for reducing spend but travel and expenses are one of my biggest,
and most unpredictable, overheads. I have to approve spend
without even knowing what the impact will be. I’m the CEO. All I want is growth. We all want to be smarter
with travel and expenses. We all want to be able to predict spend
as well as we predict the sales forecast. Now we can with SalesTrip. By using SalesTrip, I now assign travel budgets
according to what potential value the meeting has. There’s no need for long policy documents,
that my employees rarely read. I don’t have to trawl through different internal systems trying to decide whether the trip requested
will help generate revenue or not. I now know how travel affects
the profitability of the customers I win. And I don’t waste time booking travel because
I do it all in Salesforce where my key deals are. I also submit my expenses in Salesforce by the way. At last, I can finally see spend vs revenue across the company. I now feel empowered to spend money on travel
as if it’s my own. I can justify the company’s travel and expense spend to the board. SalesTrip Smarter Trip. Smarter Sales. Smarter Spend.

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