Travel-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP168

Travel-Friendly Products – Tried and Tested: EP168

Hello girlfriends and welcome to another episode
of Tried and Tested! Today we’re going to be trying out some products
that are made for travel. So I have with me 2 travel pillows that look a little bit different from the
ones that we are used to and we have a little corner setup to kind
of simulate being in a plane. Like this is the window. Wow, the scenery is so nice! So this is an eye mask/ pillow. Here we have I think some kind of beads so
it’s quite soft. Alright, let’s put this on. Ooooh, it’s quite nice because it feels very
snug. Quite comfortable actually. It’s kinda good because even if I lie like
this, my face doesn’t touch the table. Acutally you know what is quite nice? This part here goes in on my eyes, when I’m pressing on it it gives a nice pressure and it feels quite secure, you know what I mean? So I can kind of like… Wah very nice. This is quite cool! My eyes feel nice and well-rested. Okay let’s try this one. I don’t know how I feel about putting my entire
head into things, I don’t know, just feels a bit gross. Okay, here goes nothing. Is this supposed to… Can you imagine you’re sleeping and like, “Miss miss, do you want breakfast?” What? Just entertaining myself. It’s quite strange because you know this part
here and this part here like it kind of like there’s a pressure like
this so this part in turn feels incredibly exposed and
very weird. Like I feel like… I feel like I need to do that you know what I mean because I feel like there’s a lot of air here. Okay so alright, I’m going to take this off
now. Everything is so bright now. I tell you, I feel like I’ll never bring this
along because I think it’s huge, it’s so big! Like the bag I carry is usually packed full
of things so if I have to bring this as well I feel
like it will get in the way like get in the way. This one, I might consider because it’s quite
small and I can kind of use it like this if I wanted
to. In terms of cleanliness, okay so the tag says “Spot Clean Only”, to me I wouldn’t use it because there’s no
cleaning option and I can’t deal with that. I think the same for this because your entire
head is going in, your whole head you know and then when you’re travelling and maybe
your hair is like dirty or something, after awhile this thing is gonna get really
funky. So this one I’ll rate it a 10. Ability to clean this thing is a 1 so overall I
guess I would give this a 5.5 but it’s a great idea and it’s very easy to
use and I think it really helps. Same with this, I feel like… okay lah, but I have to say like I think it’s really
a bit huge. But the pressure on the head is very nice and the amount of support it gives is very
nice as well so I think I would give this like a 9. But I won’t use it because I feel like primarily
the fact that I can’t clean the inside I think that’s just a big no for me and a bit too conspicuous. I also don’t know if I would sleep with this
on the plane, would you? So this is a portable door lock and it’s very easy to carry, it’s very easy
to use, it doesn’t require any fancy installation and it gives you extra security. Like whether you’re staying in a hotel or
an airbnb. It helps you to lock the door from the inside so even if someone has the key, they cant
come in. When you go travelling right, you should really
always log this thing on top but some hotels don’t have it and if you’re staying in an airbnb, a lot
of them don’t have it either, right? So this is I feel that this is something that
is quite useful to have. This is how it looks. Put this in here put this here and now, look! Totally secure and no one on the outside can tell that you’ve
added extra security. And it’s so easy to remove! Tadah! Rating, 10/10. I think this is such a great idea, it’s good
to have added security. Here we have 2 products that are useful for
the bathroom or bathroom activities. Okay so basically this is a female urination
device. So then the other thing that we have is this
which is a portable bidet. This is to hold the water, this gets twisted
here, here you have the actual… where the water
comes out of and here you have the controls! Higher, and lower. Let’s fill this with water. Here we have the part where the battery goes
in. I’m really quite concerned that the battery
part is in direct contact with the water. What if I get electrocuted?! Somemore it’s water all the way through you
know, I would like basically be shooting electrocuted
water into my ass. I don’t want to die like that leh, I don’t want to die washing my ass. So turn it…. wow. But the good thing is I guess you can really
rotate according to the direction you want, you would kind of angle it. For this one, I think I would have to really
try it out properly like in a toilet or something, yeah in the
toilet not or something. Okay so… So I’ll take it home and try it and yeah, I’ll report back! Portable bidet! The range like how strong
and how weak it goes I feel like it’s quite limited acutually. You don’t get like a burst of water that you
might want from a bidet but considering the fact that it is portable,
not bad! Okay so I’m going to keep trying that and
get back to you on this. I’m back with my final verdict! Overall I would give it like 6 because right
it is kind of compact but also not super compact. I had a search for some of the other portable bidets
out there and I think that this falls somewhere in the
middle. This is where the water goes in to come out
through here right. What I realised is that sometimes when you’re
almost out of water, it starts to sputter because the water cant… like depending on which direction you’re turning
in, the water doesn’t go exactly to where it fits
through, kind of loses steam at the end. So then the other thing right, I was saying that the strength of the water
coming through, I didn’t think that they had a varied amount
of strength but what I realised is also at the highest
strength, I actually feel that it’s not super strong. It’s enough to water there but not necessary
enough to give it a thorough wash which is what some people use it for so I found out that some people use portable
bidets because they want to cut down on the use of toilet
paper in general so if that is what you’re using it for, then I feel like this doesn’t quite have the strength necessary for it. The thing is… still has some water there. You see this sound? It also makes a bit of a noise. If you’re trying to be discreet about using
this in a public toilet, I don’t think that this is going to offer
you that but it will be discreet when you’re just filling
it up to bring it into the bathroom. So here we have GoGirl, and this is supposed to help women pee while
standing. First of all I’m quite impressed because it’s
very compact. Alright, so this is how it looks. Ooh interesting. Hello, ohh I can see you. It’s a very small hole for the pee to come
out of. This is suppose to give you like a good fit so you kind of like fit it there and pee. I can imagine certain situations where if
there’s no bathroom or if the bathroom is a little bit like… so this would be useful because you just unzip
and like tuck it in and pee. And this is made up of germ resistant medical
grade silicone. Same thing, I’m going to bring this home and
try it. Okay so far, quite impressed the fact that
I can pee standing. Thank you, whoever felt like women needed
that, you’re right. The thing about it is that I feel that the
volume that it holds, I’m not sure if it’s a lot, like you have a lot of pee right, you kinda
run the risk of overflowing because also the hole at the top is quite
small. I think in a way it’s good because it helps
you to control where your pee goes and all that but because it’s small, it kinda fills up pretty
quickly and it’s small, which is a good thing but also this is kinda where
it works against it. So that is what I’ve gathered so far from
using it but I’m going to keep trying and then come back on
that. Final verdicts on the FUD. I think the big big big plus point about this
is how portable it is. Like it just folds up to this tiny little
thing. The fact that it’s so soft really does work
against it because it’s hard to get a gauge when you’ve
got a proper seal right you know what I mean? It’s hard to get a gauge of that. So if like the material of your pants or whatever
you’re wearing down there is a little bit hard or it’s hard to keep it down underneath
this then you really run the risk of this happening, yeah because I had to really pull my pants
down and hold it in place and really hold this and kind of put my hand
as a block, ohh really hold it like that right to aim so yeah you do run the risk of that, the other option is to pull your pants down but again that kind of defeats the purpose of
being able to do this discreetly I guess but it still allows you to do it standing
up. I would give this a 5.5. Yeah because it kind of defeats the purpose
of standing and peeing if you kinda end up peeing all over yourself which
I think you run a very high risk of with this but I think it depends also on how good you’re
at adapting this to use. This is a 4-in-1 travel bottle dispenser. This is for your skincare, your soaps and
it fits 4 of them in 1 little container. So the idea is that this is supposed to be
space-saving and it prevents leaks. So we have our 4 bottles of face wash, hair
conditioners, shampoo, body lotion. Let’s see how it dispenses. Wonderful. Okay to simulate a bathroom environment, we have wet both this bottle as well as my
hands to see whether it will be slippery. It is not! It’s good, we’re good. Wow okay I will say though this thing is quite
big so if you small hands, this might be a little bit difficult to use because I feel like if you’re standing and
you’re pressing like this, the product does kind of just go all the way
down the side. The other thing that I was concerned about
was actually when I opened it right, you see there’s a lot of space for iciness
to grow. but this seems like its relatively easy to clean. The only part that I would be worried about is this area here in the turning part because it’s very tight to each other and I feel like there will be a lot of gunk
that will get stuck in between because when you dispense something here and
it gets caught here it’ll keep getting turned around and passed
around. But that is really my only issue with this thing, like everything else I feel that it is freaking
solid. I would give this a 9/10. Okay so can I say something, my nails are
a little bit like… because I’m giving them a break from gelish
so they look a bit like… but please ignore I just want to give them
some space to breathe yeah. This is a strap that is supposed to help you secure another piece on top of your luggage. Okay so this is actually pretty secure. Interesting. I’m not trying to give this a hard time but just want to see whether if I were to
move it around, whether it would stay. It feels like it’s quite secure actually. Obviously don’t treat you luggage like that
but that held on pretty well. Alright now I’m going to try it on a smaller
bag. You see ah, with this thing you’re supposed
to do this to loosen but even on this, like I’m not pressing it and it’s just going all the way up so there
is absolutely no grip at all. Okay so ideally, this should tighten and yeah this is not doing anything. But in theory, if this thing here worked,
I think it would be great. Idea great 10. Execution I don’t know, this thing is broken so it doesn’t really work so I guess I would
have to give it like a 4 because I mean I can still find ways to tighten
it if I wanted to so it can still possibly work but it’s just a bit more fussy and also this
is a total extra added bonus thing if it just looks a little nicer I think it
would be really good. This is an anti-theft belt. So inside there’s a compartment where you
can hide your money. It’s quite flat so I think maybe only small things
like maybe rings or whatever so let’s put this through. So this is a unisex belt so it is a little
bit big, it’s not meant to be fashionable or anything. I guess it’s really quite good to have money
on you that people cannot see just in case something happens. Like because you could lose your bag, you
could lose your stuff if your stuff is in your packets or like you
get robbed or what. I mean generally people don’t take your belt
lah. I just kinda wish it looks a little bit better.
In terms of the hiding thing, I feel pretty good. It really is quite discreet and you can’t
see it, which fulfils its’ purpose. I feel like the design of the buckle doesn’t
seem to be too great in terms of functioning as a belt
belt. If you actually needed your belt to hold up
your pants, this does not seem very good because this is not going to keep your pants
up, I feel lah. I don’t know, because this thing it kind of
holds it there but it doesn’t feel like the most secure. But I like how flat this is. And even after you put money inside, can you
see the money? Tadah! Overall I think I would give this a 7.5. So something that is quite useful when travelling
are makeup remover wipes. And one of my favourite ones are these from
Cloversoft. So this are their organic makeup remover wipes, the wipe itself is water-based, its paraben
free, there’s no artificial fragrance and the texture
is like really smooth, it feels really very much like cloth. The best thing about this is how it’s so non-sticky. It just feels so comfortable, doesn’t feel
like there’s makeup remover on this at all. It smells very fresh, it’s a very light fresh
scent, almost smells like the way this looks. So in general I’ve actually tried to cut down on the use
of wipes, like all types of wipes because it just generates
quite a lot of waste but sometimes if I really need it, like I really need it for the convenience
or whatever then I will use it and I really like this because they’re also
more sustainable because they’re actually biodegradable. So unbleached bamboo wipes are actually more
sustainable because it has a smaller carbon footprint
than cutting down trees. These are also unbleached so there is no bleaching
process that releases harmful chemicals into the air. Aside from all the sustainable things, just as a makeup removable wipe I really love
this wipe it’s very good! For me this is a 10/10. Says that it removes waterproof makeup, but it doesn’t really get all of it but it
still gets quite a lot of it. Maybe like a 9.5 out of 10. Okay we’ve come to the end of the episode. If you want to find out more about the products, where to get them from, you can go to our
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they come out onto YouTube. Alright, till next time, muacks, go be beautiful!

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  1. Who invented these pillows has nothing in there mind so they invent stupidity. Shitty thing ,so embarrassing.πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

  2. Your reviews are thorough yet concise, and I really appreciate the follow up check-ins you did since impressions of a product often change after using it a few more times.
    So many interesting travel items I never knew existed πŸ˜†
    Keep these amazing reviews coming Shu πŸ’•

  3. I tried that portable door lock for more security in my apartment. It does not fit traditional American doors, so just beware anyone who reads this in the states and thought that looked cool. It's made to fit industrial style doors, but not residential.

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