Travel Gifts – 10 Gift Ideas For Travelers

Travel Gifts – 10 Gift Ideas For Travelers

38 thoughts on “Travel Gifts – 10 Gift Ideas For Travelers

  1. This is actually so awesome! For a budget gift, I gave a traveler friend of mine one of those scratch off world maps. So when he went to a new destination, he could scratch off that place on the map 😛

  2. I love to travel with a portable battery pack for my phone… It's a life saver and my headphones although they aren't really expensive they work well.. I love music

  3. The one kind of camera nit mentioned that is gat for traveling is pocketable megazoom. While they almost always lack the super high quality photos and video of a larger sensor camera like the S120 or G7X, the large focal range is great for composing various shots with one camera. Even with a 1-inch sensor there isn't much room to crop, but the long lens allows you to get shots that just wouldn't otherwise be possible.

  4. Hey, you should definitely think of using a hotel room kettle instead of buying an iron or steamer, when the water boils the steam from the kettle can steam your clothes ?

  5. Hi. You mentioned that you had a trip to Sourh Africa. How was the trip? Good or bad? I live in South Africa so it is always fun to hear what other people think when they pay us a visit. Regards.

  6. I got the QC25s, had them for 3 days then returned them. I completely HATED them! This is coming from someone thats owned Bose in-ear headphones for the last 3-4 years and five other Bose products over the last 10. There was just something about the noise canceling that I didn't like at all. I really liked them in the store, but once I got them home and wore them for a couple hours I couldn't stand them! Maybe if I traveled on a plane a couple times a week, then I could see a use for them. Otherwise, I don't have one.

  7. I love this channel. Traveling to Italy this summer and I have such a hard time picking out a camera just to record my family and maybe in the water. Also I would like a camcorder type of camera! THX 🙂

  8. my travel gift ideas for travelers is a superzoom lens for your dslr becouse than you only need 1 lens for almost eferything

  9. I'm going to Scandinavia in a month with a friend! I'm pretty prepared but I think I'll pick up my friend some of these as a gift, thanks!!

  10. Powerbank, beats wireless studio, gopro, full accessories plus selfie pole, tripod, macbook, and hopefully soon a Drone…!

  11. You pretty much covered everything on my Christmas list haha. Some cheap gift ideas could be some compression socks or eye mask with ear plugs.

  12. Some of the things I swear by as I travel are a microfibre towel (super fast drying and easy to compact), a collapsable wind breaker/rain jacket, DJI Osmo mobile as a gimbal to stabilize my footage on my phone, DJI Mavic Pro for the drone shots, portable charger, and often times soccer/football jerseys for the countries that I'm visiting

  13. Hey Sean! Great gift ideas! The mini iron is such a convenient way to keep clothes looking great while on the go! We've just added this video to our playlist of Top Birthday/Holiday Gift Guides for Travelers!
    Check it out:

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