Travel Guide: Top 10 Instagram Photo Spots in San Francisco, California!

Travel Guide: Top 10 Instagram Photo Spots in San Francisco, California!

Hey, it’s your girl Ally, for those of you
guys who don’t know me. I grew up in San Francisco and I love the city!
There are so many different neighborhoods that is photogenic and
perfect for Instagram and this video is dedicated to all of you who are looking
for great Instagram of all spots here in the city my cart is getting a little
toasty so let’s go outside hey guys what’s up so currently I’m in the Sunset
District when you come to San Francisco you might be looking for a really
beautiful Victorian houses that are colorful but honestly you can go
anywhere in the city you don’t have to go to the Painted Ladies to find
something as beautiful you can find colorful houses everywhere this is your Cisco such a beautiful spot
I love that there’s so many different Victorian houses like the one behind me when you come to San Francisco there’s
no shortage of colorful walls colorful houses and fine looking colorful garage
doors so I found this really pretty pink one and I’m probably gonna take a few
Instagram photos here the most popular landmark in San
Francisco is the Golden Gate Bridge Baker Beach has the best view of this
iconic bridge and is perfect for photos here a Golden Gate Park at the
Conservatory of Flowers and look at the beautiful flowers behind me ah it’s so
pretty so this is one of my favorite spots in San Francisco to grab a picnic
blanket bring your lunch and just like hang out and enjoy the Sun so let’s go
explore the area because there’s tons of beautiful dahlias and flowers around
that I know you guys are going to love it’s honestly the perfect time of year
if you’re here around like August or September the flowers are still very
bright and vibrant so be sure to come check out the conservatory of flowers
during the fall season if you love all things matcha you must
visit Stoneville matcha in the mission Amber’s an is another cute flower shop
that’s perfect for photos because of its bright colors and beautiful decor yay
and we made it to the 16th Avenue tiled steps so right behind me there’s this
mural of beautiful stairs and this is a very popular spot in the Outer Sunset
area for people to take pictures this fox had potentially has a lot of
tourists so be sure to pick your section of the stairs and you’ll have a great
time spot you can see such a nice view of the city and even more regular Muni
passes by it so it’s very easily accessible by transportation next up we’re going to commence Street
which is kind of like a second Chinatown if you’re kind of intimidated by the
hustle and bustle of Chinatown and you want a similar experience I highly
recommend Clemente Street there’s tons of great and affordable produce dim sum
and yummy delicious restaurants comment is one of my favorite spots to
pick up Asian desert so I love dinky crepes this one is super light and fresh
and I got it with Metta and light she ice cream and I also picked up this red
bean ice cream Marina is one of my favorite neighborhoods to just get lost
walk around shop and to grab a bite to eat our very first date currently inside the
Exploratorium and Scotch over there are you Scott are you looking through
the the Exploratorium is a fun spot for kids and adults this is where I actually
met Scott for my first date there’s over 650 interactive exhibits so
you can easily spend all day inside we are currently on 18th and Castro ready
to take a porter on this primo sidewalk and it’s quite busy as you can see from
all the people walking behind me but I feel confident that we could take a
great photo here the Sun is coming out it’s a beautiful day ah different types and different species
of pumpkin San Francisco is only seven by seven
miles wide and although it’s not that big there’s a ton of traffic it takes
forever to get across the city about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the
traffic turn to take over or public transportation where you see fit now
that you’ve reached the end of this video I challenge you to go out in San
Francisco and to take some really awesome pictures be sure to tag the
hashtag fashion my alley so I can go like your photos and leave you nice
comments if you’re interested in following me on instagram i user name is
fashion bye Ali I love sharing like my favorite places to visit in San
Francisco on my stories and also my feed I love you guys all so so much and I
will see you in my next video

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