I’m Marko. I’m Alex. We’re the Vagabrothers, and in this video we’re telling you everything you need to know about travel insurance. Boring, but important. No..Yeah Boring. Dude, you’re just going to have everyone shut the video off. Hey! We’re talking about something boring! But important. Okay, anyways. We’re going to talk about what it is, when you need it, and how to get it. Ready? Good. Let’s go! Travel insurance is protection against anything bad that can happen while on the road, from losing your luggage to losing your life. Insurance is one of those things that you never need, until you do. So let’s start with what travel insurance covers. The basic categories are: Medical Insurance Emergency Evacuation; Accidental Death and Dismemberment; Travel Protection; and Baggage Protection. Plans typically combine coverage from all these categories So the way to save money is by knowing what you do and don’t need. Got that? Good Let’s dive into each category. First up: medical insurance. Now this is going to cover any bills you might have from going to a hospital abroad. But first, you need to think about where you’re going. In Europe or Canada, you might not need it because health care is mostly free, even for foreigners. But not so in the United States, where even a quick visit to a hospital or doctor could run you thousand of dollars out of pocket. Remember that travel insurance is not a substitute for the health care that you have back at home. It’s just protection against accidents overseas. You can’t use it to get your teeth cleaned, but it will cover you if you get hospitalized for malaria. That being said, if you are American ,or if you are already paying for health care back home, there are global health care plans. So, if you travel regularly, find a plan with global coverage. Next up, we have emergency evacuation and accidental death and dismemberment. Nobody likes to think about dying or serious injury, but when “shit hits the fan,” you want this sort of coverage. Emergency evacuation insurance pays for you to be airlifted to a local hospital, or flown all the way back home. Imagine that you’re back packing somewhere remote, like the Canadian Rockies. You fall off a cliff. Oh no. And you need a helicopter ride to go back to the hospital and save your life. Helicopter rides to the hospital are not cheap. Or you could get in a serious accident in a developing country where there’s not a great health care system. Emergency evacuation insurance will pay for you to fly home so you can get proper treatment in your own country. Without insurance, these situations can bankrupt you and your family. They’re are countless bars in Southeast Asia with collection jars for back packers who got in a motor cycle accident, are brain dead, but too broke to fly their comatose bodies back home. Don’t be that person. Still with us? Good. Now let’s talk about travel protection. Travel protection will reimburse you the cost of your trip if for some reason, you have to cancel at the last minute With travel protection, you get back the money from your flights, as well as any other reservations you made in advance. So do you need this? If you’re a traveler who likes to book everything in advance, then it probably makes sense to buy this. But, if you prefer to arrive to a destination and wing it, you probably don’t need it. Also ,keep in mind if you buy your airfare on your credit card, you could be insured through your credit card, so just double check before you make a purchase. The last type of insurance is baggage protection, which covers anything lost or damaged on your flight. Airlines are liable for any baggage lost or stolen up to a certain amount, and if you bought your ticket with your credit card, that should have some coverage as well. Just make sure you check the limits, and get insurance for anything over that. You can also insure your possessions against theft, loss, or damage, which is really smart if you carry around laptops and camera equipment. Again, you might already have coverage if you have renter’s insurance or homeowner’s insurance, so just check your policy to make sure.. Ladies and gentlemen. The time has come to choose a plan! Consult the oracle! Blasphemy! Read the runes! Pagans! Go to the Vagabrothers. They always have good ideas. That’s a sensible plan. Let’s do that! In all seriousness, which ever plan you choose, make sure that it includes the following: coverage in the countries that you’re visiting. Obvious, but crucial. Adequate protection for your valuables, 24 hour assistance. Medical coverage for injuries and illnesses, and protection from natural disasters, civil unrest. war, or anything else that might turn your holiday into a hell-aday. Finally, remember that most plans do not cover the following: extreme sports, skydiving, hang gliding, bungie jumping or snowboarding off peaks. Any accidents that happen when you were drunk or high. And finally, car accidents that involve a third party. Basically, if you do anything dumb or reckless, you’re out of luck. So be smart. If anything does happen, you’re going to have to file a claim to get reimbursed. No matter which company you chose, your insurer is going to do everything it can to not pay you. So remember to keep track of your receipts, tickets, hotel booking, or whatever electronics you bring with you. Filing a claim is a pain in the ass. It’s going to take a lot of time, and there’s a ton of paperwork, so make sure you’ve double checked everything before you send it in, or else you’re going to have to do it all over again. When it comes to picking a plan, World is a good place to start. It’s an industry leader in travel insurance. also allows you compare different plans from around the world. For more information, see the blogposts on this topic on our website: And you can also click the links down below to World Nomads and Insure Your If you use those links while booking, it will help support this channel at no extra costs to you guys. All right guys, if you enjoyed that video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs- up, share it with your travel buddies and subscribe by clicking that little button down there if you haven’t already. Also, if you have any tips of your own, or more questions for videos that you’d like us to make please put them in the comment box below. For more travel tips, you can also see this playlist right here. Got a bunch of videos covering different topics, so click that to check it out. Or if you want to see some of our recent adventures from the road, click over there. In the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


  1. this is good…I've always just found a travel insurance from friends…this will be good info to think through next time

  2. Holy crap, I'm early!
    P.S. Thanks for another amazing video! Yours is another channel that has inspired me to chase my dream of becoming a full time traveler.
    Seriously, thank you so much.
    –Mumbai, India.

  3. I've heard some people say you can set the date of your travel insurance with a duration of e.g. 1 year, and therefore use the same insurance plan on multiple trips over the year. Would this be valid (if you travel to the same applicable countries as on the insurance)?

  4. This is sooooo important guys, I'm glad you covered it because no one cares "till it happens to you" so better be on the safe side than regret later. Abrazos! =)

  5. Hey guys! I got back from my study abroad in Europe this summer and I'm back in LA too but I've caught the travel bug. Can you make a video on how to deal with the bug/ wanderlust?

  6. Umm…I vote for a video consisting of JUST Alex & his accents….Spanish, Scottish, Gandolphian, Castilian, Irish….or just about any country y'all have been to. pluuueeze do this!!

  7. if you're a tourist in canada you still need to pay a lot of money if something wrong happens. an aunt of mine fell off a skiboard in vancouber two years ago and broke her knee tendons; she had to use a knee/leg support for a month until she came back to her country. The exact same thing happened to a cousin and luckily she had an insurance.

  8. You two deserve so many more subscribers! Your videos are so beneficial to us viewers, and filled with useful information!

  9. This was the opposite of boring for me! As someone who is just starting out traveling insurance was something I knew I needed but didn't really know where to start, so thank you! This was really helpful!

  10. You guys have the most entertaining and useful videos! Even if I didn't know you would rank at the top of all the travel blogs I have viewed. I usually get bored out of my gourd from the other ones. Yours are short and to the point! Bravo!

  11. I have a question what if your traveling to a lot of different countries? I'm taking a trip in the fall for 3 months and will be traveling all through Europe and Africa. A lot of these Travel insurance sites make you choice one country. Do I have to get individual policies for each country? Thanks for the great tips guys!

  12. Also FYI your link to the F-Stop Satori Backpack gave me a 401 page not found error. Just thought I'd let you guys know! Love the videos!

  13. Awesome video – super informative!
    I have a question… when you are going to be working in the country you're going to, do you have to have a cover specifically protecting you for "working holiday"? Or is this implied?
    (I am Australian traveling to Britain but have my British passport.. so I'm confused!)

  14. Wow. Dont know how I missed this. I've been following for a while, but not commenting. As I'm preparing to begin my own adventures, insurance had been on my mind. Thanks for sharing this. It will be valuable.

    Also, thanks for just being who you are. You crack me up.

  15. I am going to be a nit picky here from my experience with healthcare in Germany. Healthcare coverage is generally free for Germany citizens. There is basic healthcare, and then they can pay for better service. But I went to a hospital there and they sent a bill. It's not free for non Germans.

  16. well, thank you! on sunday, I am going to have my first flight abroad and moreover on my own to Morocco. this was very useful to me. also, someone already said it but you guys really have a potential as actors, I could even picture Alex on a tv show like GoT or Vikings aha. you both have some charisma that made a boring subject entertaining! just discovered you and already subscribing after my second video. greetings from France 🙂

  17. Healthcare isn't free in Canada unless you are a citizen. I have to purchase medical insurance to go there as an American. I looked at World Nomads but they offer a lot of stuff that doesn't apply to me since I'm driving to Canada. Need just medical/evac.

  18. You always needs Travel insurance – A couple of weeks before a trip, I broke my hip and had to forfeit my trip and I couldn't get a refund – All that money gone – after that I always get insurance.

  19. You guys are awesome. Thanks for the info. Most of it was obvious but helpful reminders for me! I am planning my first international trip and have been cross referencing my research. You guys are FANTASTIC, thank you again for your time and dedication to your channel. 🙂

  20. I can't stop watching your videos! They're extremely helpful and super entertaining! I just wonder why I didn't discover you earlier!!

  21. Very good points, guys. Also remember to ask (1) will your insurance company actually come to pick you up if you're in the field/mountainside, etc. Do they have operational capability for this? (2) will you need a doctor's referral to initiate the evac (very hard to find if there isn't a doctor nearby) and (3) what if there isn't a third-party doctor nearby? Will they still come to get you if your life is in danger? (4) Are there any altitude limits for this insurance? The answers for the companies mentioned here are (1) no (2) yes (3) no (4) yes.

  22. Not bad but you would do your subscriber a BIG favor if you addressed the issue of pre-existing medical conditions and how it relates to the timely purchase of travel insurance

  23. It would be great if you guys could list the countries with free healthcare, Love all of your videos keep up the great work

  24. So if I was canceled on by a girl for an event that we had planned and I did purchase travel insurance.. is that liable means for getting a refund on not wanting to go anymore?

  25. I just booked a plan with World Nomads. Glad to see it's actually a good one. Lol Also, great ending lol

  26. so for the emergency medical part, do they pay the hospital or do we have to pay first then get reimbursed??

  27. Every time that I travel I use travel insurance usually ALLIANZ,and the most important the Air Ambulance,I take a plan that cover for 250 000 dls.Soon I going to Spain I live in Miami,USA;and I paid for 11 days 103 dls,of course there are other plans more cheap is out to you.

  28. why get insurance and pay them money if you will have to fight them to reimburse you when you actually do make a claim? ?

  29. Get the best travel insurance while traveling whether domestic or international. At Visvas, we leave nothing to chance when you travel. Our state-of-the-art online tools advise you and let you choose the best travel insurance options customized for you.
    Visit :

  30. Unless your Canadian, sure our system will treat you but then your getting a large bill. Not as much as American hospitals but it will still be extremely high!! Again Canadian health insurance is not free unless your Canadian!!

  31. world nomads quote 3 times the price of others, insure my trip, did not even get a quote, 60 but no problem with others I have had quotes off in UK, example, nomads £164 here £30-£70 for a year, nomads was a 3 week quote, my opinion they are useless!

  32. Allianz Global Assistance has my eternal recommendation!
    My Australian Visa didn't get approved in time for my flight, submitted a paragraph, the PDF of the ticket, and the converted amount in USD. A week later I had a check.

  33. Made sure to use your link to World Nomads as a token of appreciation for all the videos you guys make! I start travelling Southeast Asia mid-May and couldn't be more stoked! I was pretty nervous at first, but your videos helped a lot. Keep doing what you guys do!

  34. Hi guys I bought a flight total protection plan on Aig Travel Guard when I bought my flight on Expedia, any opinions about this travel insurance? ?? haven't found any positive opinions

  35. Love traveling? If yes, you’ve probably made quite a few travel plans by now, and visited places around the globe. But, when dreaming up the best travel plans, has the the thought to include travel insurance as part of your to-dos ever crossed your mind? Probably not, and this is where your best laid plans can go awry:

  36. You made a mistake: Health Care is not free for foreigner in Canada. Even for residents, if they being out of country for more than 6 months, they don't have free coverage for the first three months when they return to Canada. Also, non-residents like international student can't use free medical health care and they have to buy private insurance.

  37. I found this site to be really helpful: They have some great tips on plans to purchase and the best plans for any citizenship or even for people doing extreme sports

  38. Hey guys you're wrong about the travel protection. Its not "for some reason". There are very specific instances that are covered which are mostly medical reasons etc. You're not covered if you "can't make it or have to work or don't want to go".

  39. You didn't go over the fine print of Trip Protection. They'll only cover special circumstances and not cover changing your mind.

  40. Does travel insurance cover a missed connection if two separate tickets were purchased. E.g.. The first flight is delayed making me miss the 2nd flight. I have to purchase a new ticket for the 2nd flight which costs $7000 because it is a last min purchase. Will insurance cover the $7000?

  41. A very good video with a creative approach and many details included. And that’s a really nice note that ”Insurance is one of those things that you never need until you do".

  42. Heading to Thailand next month and was confused about how to book for multiple locations like Bali afterwards. Also not sure of my return date because #YOLO… currently watching for info!

  43. I've been doing a lot of research on this for about a week, and I've come to the conclusion that 99.9% of these reviews are misleading people. At first glance, it seems very nice on how these plans cover so much, BUT they failed to disclose ONE VERY IMPORTANT point. That is, you have to pay first then get reimbursed. They also failed to tell you what a pain in the ass it will be if you don't have all of the documentation required to submit for reimbursement. They also don't disclose that the devil is in the details. I've decided to choose GeoBlue because they work directly with medical providers so that you don't have to may out of pocket during those emergencies.

  44. Actually, health care is not free for anyone who isn’t a resident of Canada, even non-resident Canadians. You must live there for several months before you are qualified for universal healthcare.

  45. Travel insurance is an absolute must but why keep buying the same thing when you aren't even sure it works? At The Aimviva Travel Club we are regular travelers ourselves and built a package including lounge access, roaming data and smart bag tags as well as a comprehensive travel insurance package – that we specced ourselves and we use for our extended family. The best bit about it is – its usually cheaper and certainly no more expensive than other annual plans.

  46. Pre Med Conditions?# The Couple Enprison In Mex Hosp For A 14,000 Bill For 3dys Stay Wirh Should Have Cost No more Then 5Gs?# Why American Should Stay Out Of Places Where Being From USA Is Cost You Dlb?

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