100 thoughts on “Travel Like An Architect (My Habits)

  1. Hey, it's good to be back…travel kit details here: https://thirtybyforty.com/blog/travel-habits-of-an-architect

  2. Eric, your channel is excellent- a perfect combination of poetry, artistry and utility. Every time i stop by to check your stuff out, I am nudged in the right direction. Keep it up and thanks for taking the time to produce this channel with such quality.

  3. I have learnt a lot from 30×40 Design Workshop that I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable that I haven't returned the favour. You mean a lot to some of us from 'third world' countries.

  4. Hi, I seen all of your videos and wondered if you would be able to more videos on CAD or how to make design documents. so far I am amazed on finding you on youtube and happy how much i learned over the last 2-3 years of watching you!!!

  5. what a nice video to motivate me. when im outside, i like to see some of the details. but frankly, i forgot to document it. i just forgot how the detail it was. thanks man for the video. 🙂

  6. How you bring yourself fully into architecture is just so amazing. I'm in my final (sixth) year of architectural study and I feel like the humdrum of uni work to just 'produce, produce, produce' overrides my life experience of spaces. This is video inspires me to be more present in my here and now (as well as in my travel adventures). Thank you for this!

  7. I was almost embarrassed to tell anyone that I sketch when on holiday. Then you go and make me feel normal again. Bravo!

  8. Hi Eric. I really enjoy your video's and find them to be very information rich and well produced. I was just wondering if you ever design any buildings with more organic and curved forms? I guess most of the vernacular where you live is the shed/ barn/ farm house style (sorry not too sure what it's called as I'm from the UK). On another topic, one thing I am really interested in is what 3D printing will make possible in the near future. Some of the case studies I've looked at are so exciting. My uni project at the moment I am trying to see what 3D lithophane walls would look like on a building. The idea is that the outer walls are like a film strip that is 3D printed and when the light passes through it the images appear. I know this looks good on a small 3D printer but I'm not sure how well it would scale up to a large wall size.

  9. I'm not an architect, a designer, a drawer, or have any equipment or materials. But I find your videos therapeutic and interesting! I'm fascinated to the point I think your convincing me to become one out of sheer curiosity. Bravo, keep up the great work

  10. I am trying to begin my architectural portfolio, which programs do you recommend? For Beginners, Which program do you believe will be best to begin designing and developing a portfolio?

  11. Heyy I really need your opinion! Im not good at drawing, I never had the raw talent. Should I discard architecture as an option??

  12. It is great to see someone who is a passionate practicing architect. I grew tired of the client meetings and emails. I hope you are self practicing and not working in corporation.

  13. Every video teaches me something new. thank you for all your effort feels like i am watching a short films

  14. Good thing your videos can be subtitled in spanish because my English is not very advanced.

    thanks for the contribution you make with your channel and greetings from Peru.

  15. GJ! Thank you. I work in architectural design. Business consignment, cloud sawing etc.

  16. I agree sketching should be for ideation and often kept personal. As much as I enjoy looking at other peoples sketches I do think that social media puts pressure on making sketchbooks finished artworks and that wasn't their intention. I keep my sketchbooks completely private and only publicly display my finished pieces. It gives me a place in my creativity that is free from judgement and I do think that keeping my work private int hat way has advanced my creative risk taking.

  17. Thanks for a good perspective and open mindedness of all things. I'm not an architect, but respects a lot for new designs and concepts…also old ones. It's a good feeling to be advised from your point of view. . .better than my professors at school. Keep inspiring others..and a pleasurable big THANKS to you.

  18. Hey! I really love your videos, they are so inspiring ! I also travel a lot and love to take photos, but I never take my reflex camera when i travel cause I'm a bit lazy to carry it :/ What do you think about smart phone cameras? Which smart phone would you prefer for taking photos? Thank you!! 🙂

  19. I must say the way you make the most boring or weird things we see day to day an art form and you do that with lots of different things and it makes you videos brilliant and inspiring that draw people like me into the world of architecture

  20. I'm almost finished with my architecture and urbanism studies, I'm from Portugal, I'm doing my graduation project, it's been a very stressful period in my academic life and you gave me the motivation I needed. Thank you for the videos, I really like your channel, I haven't seen all of them yet but they are making me learn a lot, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  21. I have a question. I’m studying architecture in a different country (Ecuador) once I graduate can I practice being an architect anywhere or only when I graduated?

  22. Hey, just loved your work and sharing experiences with us. Untill 4.59 is was all deeply into your storytelling and at 5.01 I realised that there is an awesome piece of soft background music is playing that too I guess throughout the entire video and I didn't even realised it. Coz that was soo soothing and well weaved together.

  23. As a born and bred Puerto Rican, I immediately recognized Old San Juan when the first photo popped up. Really liked how you captured it.

  24. I started loving my degree after watching your videos.
    Thank you so much for showing us the positive side of architecture ❤

  25. hello! i have written you by DM's, but i haven't get an answer, so i writte my doubts here. I'm in high school, and my dream is study arquitecture, but i'm not good at technical draw, at firts it's difficult for me to find the solution for build triangles, but in the end i find the way to do it. By the way, im very confused about what i would do when i finish high school. To sum up, I hope that you can help me, because yo have experience in the arquitectural's world.
    pd. sorry for my bad grammar, my mother language is the spanish

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