Travel Mistakes to NOT make in 2020 | (Don’t do this in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali)

Travel Mistakes to NOT make in 2020 | (Don’t do this in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali)

I was boxing, and I took my gloves off,
handed them to my trainer, and he goes, “Hmm, I think we need to give those gloves
a good wash; your hands are orange.” I was like, “Yeah, gross, definitely.” Mm-mm, lies. The gloves are fine. It’s me. I am orange. (Music) Hi and welcome back to the channel. My name is Megan, and here is
where we talk all things travel, mainly tips and hacks, but today I’m going to be going
through some lesser-known travel mistakes that I’ve made that, hopefully,
you won’t make. Number one: Not getting a SIM card
and a data plan for your phone. If you’re from Canada or the US, you know that data plans can be
ridiculously expensive, but this is not the case
for most of the rest of the world. If you go to Asia, you can get unlimited
4G coverage for around $20 a month. This is going to save you
time, stress, and money, because you’ll be able to access
things like Google Translate, Google Maps, you’ll be able to call a Grab,
check exchange rates, or have a quick look on TripAdvisor to know which restaurants
aren’t going to make you sick. You’ll also be able to stay
connected with messenger apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger
while you’re out and about, which is great for your own
personal safety. Another reason to get a SIM card
and have your phone connected to data if because you can use
the iPhone feature Find My iPhone. This is an iPhone feature, but you can get something similar
with an app for an Android phone. And what it does, is it allows you
to map out, from your iCloud account, where your phone is. This is fantastic if it is
ever lost or stolen. When my iPhone was stolen in Thailand, I immediately logged on to my computer,
on to my iCloud account, and I was able to see
on a map where my iPhone was. I literally watched the thief
transporting it all over the city, which led to a pretty epic
adventure with the Thai police. We eventually got the phone back. In addition to being able
to see where it was on this map, I was also able to,
from my iCloud account, lock the phone and restrict
any access to my information. Lesson number two: Not taking the time
to back up all of your photos on your phone and your other
devices before your trip. This is a hard lesson to learn,
and too often, as in my case, we learn it when it’s too late. Back up all the photos
and documents stored on any devices that you plan to take with you
on your trip before you leave. Trust me, when I say “don’t bring
more than you need,” this applies to information too. Don’t bring three years’ worth
of photos on your phone with you, especially if that information
is not backed up. Hook your phone up
to a cloud storage service, like Google Photos or iCloud, to automatically store
a copy to the cloud. Do the same for your computer
and your external drives. I did not back up my external
hard drive when I was in Bali, and the drive ended up failing on me. I had all of my video footage on it
and needed it back. I ended up paying $500
to have the information restored, and then an additional $200 to have it
transferred over to a new drive. I now use a service called iDrive. You can also use Google Drive,
but I like iDrive because it’s cheaper and gives two terabytes full of storage
for less than $100 a year. Mistake number three: Relying on the ATM
for all of your money needs. It is not smart to assume
that you will arrive in the country and then use your debit card
to access money from an ATM. Quite often ATMs are empty
or there’s no ATMs in your area or you’ve been locked out
of your bank account because you’re trying to access money
from a foreign country. I now travel with a prepaid
travel credit card Stack. It’s free to get and there are
no foreign transaction fees. It also comes with an app, so I’m notified whenever a purchase
is made with the card, and I can also freeze it
from the app at any time. Another suggestion is
to get foreign currency for the country that you’re traveling to
before you leave for your trip. Your bank may or may not
be able to do this. Also, some countries have
closed currencies, like Sri Lanka, which means it’s only when you arrive that you’re actually able
to get Sri Lankan rupees. In the case that you can’t get
foreign currency in advance, at least go to your bank
and get some US dollars. US dollars are accepted… pretty much everywhere in the world. So, if you have this at least
when you arrive at the airport, you can go to a foreign
currency exchange desk and exchange the US dollars
for the local currency. Mistake number four: Eating too much of the same
local food over and over again, especially if it’s something
that you’re not used to. I never really ate pumpkin
before I went to Thailand and Vietnam, but while I was there,
I fell in love with steamed pumpkin. It’s sold on the streets
in little wedges for about 20 cents. It’s absolutely delicious and it’s the perfect starchy-carb
substitute for white rice, which you’re absolutely sick of
one weekend into being in Asia, trust me. It’s nutrient-dense, it’s filling,
and it goes great with any meals, and also for dessert with a little bit
of cinnamon and sugar. So good! However, along
with all these nutrients in it, it contains one called caratonine… Not sure how to say it, but it’s essentially what gives it
the orange pigmentation. so for carrots, sweet potato, pumpkin… And the thing is that,
if you eat too much of it, and depending on how susceptible
you are and how pale you are, your skin can end up
picking up an orange tone. It’s harmless, but it’s
kind of embarrassing, and it’s absolutely what happened to me. I ended up having orange
kind of down my face here, and I still have it on my palms, even though I have not had
a single orange vegetable in months. (Music) My case may be embarrassing,
but it’s also harmless, which is not always the case. I had a friend that was spending
several months in the Philippines, where many of the dishes
are made with lots of vinegar. He was eating these dishes every day and ended up hospitalized
with severe stomach ulcers. Another friend of mine ended up
developing blood pressure issues due to the sodium content of the dishes
they were eating in Thailand. Definitely try the local food, but be careful if you’re eating
the same local food over and over and over again. I’ve made dozens and I will continue
to make dozens more travel mistakes, but my final one for this video,
is trying to do everything on the cheap. If you go and eat the local
cheapest food at 5 cents a meal, yes, you’re saving money,
but you’re going to feel terrible. If you book the cheapest hotel,
you’re not going to get any sleep. Disregard how many stars
a hotel or a restaurant is and instead read the client reviews. Even if the hotel is rated four stars,
but it has poor reviews, there is a reason for it. Maybe it’s outside of the city center and you’d have to be
paying for a Grab ride back and forth every time
you wanted to do something, maybe there’s bed bugs, maybe it’s on the busiest street
and you won’t get any sleep. I’m not saying you need to splurge, but your best bet is to find the highest
user-reviewed hotels and restaurants at the best price. You want to find a steady
balance in between there or, like I said, you will be paying for it
down the road in other ways. (Music) These are things that you
maybe wouldn’t think about that can seriously impact your trip and will be especially applicable
if you are planning to travel long term. Next week I’ll tackle
another common travel mistake, which is packing too much stuff. More specifically, why you
should never check a bag on an international flight,
even if it’s free. So I hope you’ll subscribe and join me
back here for that one next week. Thank you so much
for watching. All the best. Happy travels and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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  1. Bet you never would have guessed my Asian food guilty pleasure was pumpkin 😅 what’s your #1 favorite food from your travels?!

    Share below, and don’t forget to give this video a like if you enjoyed! 🤞🤞 See you next week! 😘

  2. Hey Megan another awesome video Cara tin hope this helps we just saw your editing tip In use there awesome. Anyone on here interested in editing in general or Editing with Apple check Out Megan's video on that using this link . I imagine your just here for the travel hacks which Megan is great at just sign posting the other video for those who might be interested.

  3. We definitely had an issue with backing up. Ours was when our waterproof case proved to not be waterproof!! We now backup twice daily when traveling.

  4. I don't know which plan is the best for a sim, getting it at a host country or getting it before I travel. If I only visit one country, I definitely consider buying it at a host country. But if I travel more than one countries, I need to consider international roaming which might cost extremely high. In this case, I consider buying a sim card compatible to many nations unless free or very cheap international roaming is available there . I know this kind of a sim card isn't usually as good as the one available in a host country, but I only need basic features like google map or just browsing. You don't need 4G connection unless watching videos online. You can enjoy fast internet connection when you get places where free wi-fi is available.

  5. Thank you for the advice. My fave food while traveling is Onigiri. From Japan but found in a lot of Asian countries.
    Holy Halloween at least you do not look like a bad spray tan disaster.
    I hope it fades fast!
    Good point about not eating to much of one thing. Have a great week.

  6. I love pumpkin! Thank you for the heads-up on that. It reminds me of the man who turned blue from taking too much colloidal silver. I think I’d prefer to turn orange. 😊

  7. My ex I have the same problem with turning orange. He took tanning pills. Which actually contains the same ingredient but in the wind up making him more tan than orange.

  8. Mistakes that Canadians make. Going to countries that are hostile to the USA. Unfortunately my point was made yesterday when a Ukrainian 737 met a very bad ending. I am very sorry for this . I suspect that aircraft was downed by the Iranian government.

  9. Nice tips as always (I'll have to look at Stack). I'd recommend you use an backup solution for your computer like (signup and get a referral link you can add in your description and get free months) for $5/month per computer. Unlike just copying files to a cloud service manually, it works in the background and will backup your photos/videos automatically and will keep multiple versions (the last 30 days).

  10. I never would have thought of backing up the stuff on my phone! good tip, sorry you lost your data though 🙁

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