Travel Mug Showdown: 1977 Ronco vs 2019 Contigo

Travel Mug Showdown: 1977 Ronco vs 2019 Contigo

This is the groovy new Ronco Auto Cup
brand-new in 1977. And this is a Contigo Autoseal travel mug purchased brand new in 2019. Which one is better? Mine is! Today we take a trip back to the 1970s
with the Ronco Auto Cup. And this is a factory sealed model never removed from
box. I’m gonna crack this thing open and compare it to a modern travel mug by
Contigo which they both have similar features. They both have a push button
handle. They’re supposed to be leak proof. Let’s crack these open and put them to
the test. Now if you’re gonna be unboxing a 1977
travel mug you definitely have to take your time with it. I almost don’t want to do
because it’s been shrink-wrapped for over 40 years. I’ve gotta do it though, right?
Got to do it. Oh it almost feels wrong opening this up. Aw man. We have 70s air coming through here. “A portable no-spill insulated cup. Keeps drinks hot or cold. Carrying strap
included.” They show it being used for skiing, in a boat, at the golf course. Over
here they got in the car, they got it in a bicycle. They got it in a truck. here we go Minimal packaging. Oh wow. Oh this is my…this is my strap. It’s a piece of plastic.
That’s not a very impressive strap now is it? It seems like it’s discolored overtime.
On the box it shows it as white. What is that like a salmon color almost?
And it also seems a little bit smaller in person than it looks on the box.
They got the instructions rubber band onto the unit itself. Now the
commercial shows the guy just laying his drink down, nothing spills out.
Press the button. You’ve got the spring right here. It’s spring-loaded. What do we got inside?
Not very much. It doesn’t hold that much. I thought was gonna hold more than that.
It does say it’s insulated though. I like how the instructions are typed in all
caps like they’re yelling at you. I tried sending in my warranty card for one of my other Ronco products I opened. It came back undeliverable so I guess I won’t send this warranty in but it did have a one-year limited warranty.
So we’ve got these instructions here. I think I’m gonna… I don’t know if I’m
going to use this strap or not. Should I use this strap? It says, “When drinking, raise the cup
to lips then press the trigger.” So they’re saying to put it to your lips and
then press. “When finished drinking, release the trigger and drink the last
drop before you set the cup down.” “Make sure that your tongue scoops up any leftover liquid caught in the roof of the cup.” “This will prevent any liquid
residue from damaging any fabrics.” It literally says that: use your tongue to
scoop. Biking, trucking, skiing, boating, fishing, golfing, and so on. It even says,
“and so on.” It says to wash it with hot water but do not put it in the automatic
dishwasher. Now let’s take a quick look as this Contigo here. This is a 20 ounce
model. Just got this off Amazon. By the way, I think this was sold originally for $4.99 and then up to $5.88. If you convert that to 2019 dollars, it’s actually over $20, so this would actually be cheaper. I think I paid $16 for this so technically in
2019 dollars, this is the cheaper of the two. Contigo has some instructions inside here.
This is stainless steel. This says it can actually be on the top rack of the
dishwasher. Once again you’ve got a spring-loaded trigger here. And the
technology is called Autoseal. “It knows when to close.” Now the instructions on this one say to prior to drinking and make sure the lid’s properly threaded.
It says always press the button when it’s in upright position away from your face
to release pressure. And then when it’s pressed, you drink, release the button to seal.
They’re really kind of similar in some ways. I can’t wait to wash these
and get started when I leave town tomorrow morning.
Do you think the 1977 Ronco will perform as well as the modern Contigo?
We’re going to find out. Alright I am in Baker, California and I’ve
got my two travel mugs with me. The 1977 and the modern Contigo. I put
coffee in these exactly four hours ago. It’s 4:00 p.m. I put it in there at noon.
Here’s a flashback to how that went and what the temperature was. So what I’m gonna do is open these up
and take a little sip and see what the temperature is and I’m gonna see
how spill-proof they really are. First up, Ronco. Oh I heard a little bit
of pressure being released. Now let’s see how well it does after four hours. It’s not cold. It’s not warm, either. It’s kind of lukewarm. Let’s try this one next. That’s hot coffee! There’s a significant difference
between the two of these. Huge! But don’t take my word for it. Let’s get a couple thermometers and
check it out. Let’s see how spill proof they are first though. Oh nothing. The modern Contigo setting a
high bar here. Hot coffee and no spilling. Pretty nice actually for about $16-$17. Now with Ronco I wasn’t too impressed
with the the temperature but let’s see the spill proof quality here. Oh Ronco!
Ronco is coming through with the spill-proof cup. Alright so maybe it doesn’t
keep it as insulated but it does keep it from spilling. Let’s check the
temperature of these now. Ronco… 93 degrees. It’s not much cooler than that
outside. A different thermometer to make sure I’m not affecting it. Oh look at this.
Look at the Contigo. 130. That’s in four hours. As far as being spill proof goes,
it’s a tie but as far as temperature goes Contigo destroys the Ronco.
Contigo wins hands down as far as keeping it warm goes. But as far as
drinking goes let’s see here. The trigger on the Ronco it’s not that difficult to
squeeze. It’s pretty easy. Mmm, lukewarm coffee. The only thing about the Ronco is you get …you tend to get coffee in there, see that? And the
instructions say to use your tongue to get it out. I don’t think people
want to do that. No instruction should be telling you to use your tongue to clean out
a cup. I don’t… Sorry Ronco, you’re great for a lot of
things but not that. Contigo does not have that problem. Press the button.
I heard pressure being released again. Press the a button before put into your
mouth, by the way. Because the pressure could blow hot coffee into your mouth.
You don’t want that. You know not long ago I actually tested out a Ronco
chopper from the 50s against some modern choppers and found it was about as
good as the old ones and probably since it’s so old I gave it the edge. I’m not
so sure about this one this time. This just seems far superior. I mean yes the fact that this one holds more liquid. I don’t know if you can buy a 12-ounce
auto cup anymore. It holds less, you get liquid in in the lip area here, and it doesn’t keep it as warm as this one did. So I have another test on my back. We’ll do that one and then see what happens. That’s a totally invalid test man.
Who’s gonna wait for hours to drink a cup of coffee? I know I wouldn’t. Next up, let’s try some cold water with these.
Now it’s not an exact comparison because this one has more liquid but
it’s a general idea of how the old 70s Ronco Auto Cup will compare to something
modern. Let’s try it out. Alright I filled them up with ice. Contigo… It’s around 40 degrees different Different thermometer. Auto Cup, 40 degrees. What I
did was I filled them all the way up with ice as far as they would go and
topped it off with water. Now they have different volumes so the results
shouldn’t be exactly the same but if they’re significantly different then
we’ll know there’s something up and I have a feeling that based on my hot
coffee test this one will probably be a lot colder than this one. It’s 10:41 a.m.
I’ve got a lot to do I’ll come back tomorrow morning and see how they’re holding up. Let’s see how they look. There’s actually still ice in there.
It’s kind of formed one big block in the bottom if you can see that. And it’s… that’s probably in the ice. It’s pretty cold. Pretty impressive. Now for the 1970s. Come on disco era. Oh. It’s basically room temperature.
Well maybe… yeah it’s room temperature. Ronco… and the Contigo there’s still a
bunch of ice in the bottom there. It formed one big block. Hitting the ice there.
Very impressive. Impressive. Not so impressive. I think the 70’s lost this one again. Hey that’s not a fair test man. You guys are using 2019 ice cubes in a 1977 cup. Get some 1977 ice cubes and make this a
scientific test. Besides my tests I’ve shown here, I’ve actually been using this for a couple of weeks now. I actually took it on a road trip all up
to Fresno to perform on stage up there. I actually had on the stage with me at
our acoustic show. All right so even though the 1977 Ronco
Auto Cup can’t really hang with a modern travel mug… Hey man there you go again. It was kind of ahead of its time. There you go. And it has a lot of the features that the
modern cups still have like being spill proof, having this trigger, being
insulated, although the insulation doesn’t work nearly as well as the Contigo
does, I think they kind of set the standard for later auto mugs to come
down the road. And if I haven’t said it already I love
love love love love love love love love Ronco products, so I can never really be
too hard on these because Ron Popeil come on the guy was a pioneer. I’m gonna
proudly display this among some of my other vintage Ronco items because it’s so cool,
even though it’s not perfect. I think the biggest flaw on this was the fact that
you have to use your tongue to get the collected liquid out of there. Kind of gross.
Otherwise you know for 1977 it’s pretty good. For 2019, not so great. So I hope you
guys enjoyed this trip back to the 1970s and I’ll catch you next time. All right man I have to admit your newfangled Auto Cup is actually not too bad but we
invented it first. Don’t forget that. And hey we’ve still got disco which I’m sure is still around in 2019, but we invented that too.

100 thoughts on “Travel Mug Showdown: 1977 Ronco vs 2019 Contigo

  1. Not a fair test, the Ronco came with a strap for a reason! I bet that would have made a HUGE difference! I think a do over is in order! I want to see you use the strap on stage!

  2. I have the contigo, great for coffee especially. Keep em hot or cold for HOURS. I literally have to take the lid off my coffee for it to cool enough to drink. It is EXTREMELY good as insulation

  3. Ronco was a pioneer of sorts, bit thermos is over a century old and actually works keeping beverages hot and cold.

  4. Dude they had decent instructional back then. Used to think people didn't need that much but seeing alot of people lately…. yeah that needs to be brought back lol. Thermal dynamics have also evolved alot since the 70s lol.

  5. contigo has been around since 2009, i bought my first one at costco 10 years agoand i still have it, going strong

  6. I wonder if the Ronco cup initially had an internal vacuum, which dissipated over time, improving its insulation capabilities similar to glass vacuum thermoses of its time which are still pretty much the gold standard.

  7. I just discovered this channel yesterday, and have been watching for hours. Great stuff! I love watching these reviews of things I'm never going to buy.

    I would like to say, after reading the comments on several things, that I actually LIKE that you test things sitting down. A lot of comments will say things, such as, "You're supposed to stand when you're mashing potatoes" or "Who sits to scoop ice cream?" As a disabled person, I sit down a lot when cooking, and my sister sits down even more. So, it's good to see if a thing works, or not, when sitting.

    May I suggest, for future episodes, you do a dual approach, testing them standing and sitting, so you can compare, and you can also show whether or not the product will work well for disabled people who would be more likely to use it in a sitting position. I know I would be glad of that information. And it's good to know whether a product works, as advertised, but not for you, or maybe it would be a great gift for Aunt Mary, but not for Aunt Esther, because it has to be used standing. This is all good and useful information.

    I love your humor, and I love when you get your kids involved, too. It seems like you have a great family! And Bailey is adorable!

  8. The ronco cup's insulation may have degraded over time despite being sealed the whole time in storage. I've seen that. Though the contigo is prob vacuum insulated, and would likely have won regardless.

  9. That is really awesome to see the original travel mug, the granddaddy of all that came after. But it does look like a kids cup.

  10. I dont see why you needed to review these two against each other… newer travel mugs would have been better, mostly due to the fact that everyone knows that the ronco one would be bad at insulating compared to modern ones.

  11. Far Out Man…I really dig Ronnie P's stuff…James, thanks for the flashback…groovin' in my Dodge van, sippin from my cup, listening to James Gang on my way to the lake…with of course, my Ronnie P's Pocket Fisherman!

  12. Oh wow. My family had that orange Ronco cup at their house when I was growing up. I was born in 1975, but my family never threw anything away! So they still had it years later when I was a kid.
    I used it as a child it worked fine for cold stuff, not well on hot stuff. All cups held less back then because large beverage size was smaller that’s all.

  13. What did we learn? That in 50 years we've made many technological and innovative advancements. At least you got to take the little plastic sippy cup on your musical caravan and suffer with room temperature coffee

  14. I like the bright color of the '77 Ronco cup. Stands out visually, less likely to be misplaced or accidentally left behind. And there's nothing wrong with adding a little flashy color to one's life. Most products made today are in drab-looking gray or black, as if they are intended for taking along to funerals… like the 2019 Contigo cup here.

  15. Dude you came to fresno??? I would say cool but its Fresno…ehh lol but still soo cool I didnt even know you came to my part of town. Hell yeah be careful though

  16. Ha i work in elk grove village! Small world. Its a suburb outside if Chicago right by ohare international airport.

  17. Whats up! we just stumbled over your account and absolutely love your videos. 👍 We are seeing the world a lot, maybe you'd also want to check for our Cinematic Travel Musicvideo as well 🌴 So lets inspire each other. Enjoy your amazing day, and continue the very good work! 😊

  18. As an adult, I suppose this is an off the wall comparison. But, as a kid, I would watch his commercials and marvel at the modern-day Thomas Edison.

  19. James, something is very wrong with that test. Anyone can chime in here at any time to correct me if I'm wrong, and I am by far a genius when it comes to thermal dynamics. But, when you put the ice water in the Contigo cup, I don't think you waited long enough for an accurate reading because the beginning temp was over 40F and the ending temp was 31F. Last I checked water with ice in it will remain colder longer as the ice draws up the heat that builds in the water. Once the ice melts, the water will then and only then begin to retain heat and warm up. You still had ice in the Contigo cup after 22 hours but not enough to actually lower the temp of the water more than when you started. And the last time I checked, they have yet to invent the travel mug that will make your drink colder after 22 hours……lol

  20. Ok. I'm sold. The modern brand wins with me too. I was wondering if you've ever reviewed the travel cups that plug into the cigarette lighter of your car. Can u please do a vid.

  21. Contigo tends to make wonderful products. I use a stainless steel insulated waterbottle by them that keeps everything inside warm or cold depending on the temp. They're also super solid 🙂

  22. My Contigo is bomb 💣! But, if you want to sip your coffee/tea/ hot chocolate within an hour, don’t pour boiling water in. Lol
    Likewise with iced drinks. If you expect to be thirsty, don’t fill it with ice….it takes quite a while to melt.

  23. Ronco Auto Cup is way cooler only way it would be even cooler and too cool for school if it had wood grain fin,,,,,,,,,didn't know ELO was making guest appearance

  24. Watching this video reminds me of the saying " Everything old is new again ".Granted the newer technology has an edge on the older stuff but ya have to give props to the originators of the technology.
    To date myself a bit we had the travel cups in abundance and one has to remember this technology predated cup holders in vehicles. They could just roll around on the floor and you were safe from spills or leaks.

  25. You have to understand what was available at the time the Auto Cup was invented. It was a game changer at the time. Vehicles didn’t have built in cup holders. You want cup holders you buy a cheap plastic piece that slides into the door window slot. Road trips took longer in the 70s because of the maximum highway speed limit of 55 mph at the time. Thermos was available but the cup to drink out of was completely open and easily spilled. I would expect a modern version of the Auto Cup to work better.

  26. Drill a hole in the outside shell of the Contigo to allow the vacuum to reach equilibrium. Then patch the hole with something then test the two. The Contigo is a vacuum insulated where the Ronco is just a double wall blow molded plastic vessel with a positive pressure. Then ask yourself how the infinite vacuum of outer space can coexist next to a positive pressure atmosphere of earth without a physical barrier. 🎵Space may be the final frontier but it's made in a Hollywood Basement!

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