All right, so it hasn’t been so much vlogging for me the last few days because it has been snowing like crazy really It’s very very impossible to make videos when it’s snowing that much I think we’ll go out and to do some skiing today, and it maybe do some adventure, and I’ll bring my camera the whole day So I just left everyone else at the slopes and to come back and make some videos for my fans and Right now it is starting to snow a bit, and I’m not feeling for flying my drone when it’s snowing Right now I feel a little bit stupid I walked all the way back home from the slopes to make some videos And then I can’t do it because it is snowing But I love it her in Norway it is very very very beautiful, and actually I’m thinking about making a trip up here And and just exploring Norway because it’s such a beautiful country

59 thoughts on “Travel Norway / WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY?!

  1. I’m so glad I found your channel. You should have way more then 6000 subs. Your videos are Casey neistat/ peter McKinnon quality. The cinematography is stunning.

  2. Norway looks incredible! You can easily get paid by the government to promote tourism in Norway!
    And also, which is the last song you used?

  3. Great cinematography reminds me of Daniel Marsh or Peter McKinnon. You should try to meet up with Daniel if you go to Philippines. (not sure if you did before during the South East Asia vids)

  4. Thanks, great video nice channel and information. I am here to show my support ? can you please support me too please

  5. Austin sent me. He wasn't lying. I have liked, subscribed and plan to watch and like all your future videos. This was hypnotic and i'm looking forward to more. Keep up the great work.

  6. Never went skiing but I do want to try it one day! Nice vlog love the edits simply amazing! WOW! I also make vlogs out of Amsterdam would lvoe to know what you think! It would mean the world to me! Actually found your channel through (austinmcconnell) when you gave you a shoutout in one of his videos! You def got me thinking about visiting Norway!

  7. Went to Norway recently, not in the snow. The fjords are amazing and shockingly beautiful. The water is such an intense turquoise and ice cold. I love the attitude of the locals, and the available desolation.

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