Travel Professor – 3S Tourism

Travel Professor – 3S Tourism

In spite of the Roman ruins, the main
reason why Rimini gets a lot of tourists numbers is the beautiful beach. It is
about 15 kilometers of bright yellow sand, beautiful blue sky, crystal-clear
waters. I’m not sure about that crystal-clear waters but anyway water
anyway. It’s part of 3S tourism. What’s that? Sun, Sea, Sand. Many destinations don’t actually like
having 3S tourism. They like to diversify their products. Why is that?
Well, potentially it’s because of the limited amount of money that they will
spend in a destination. It doesn’t cost a lot to come to a destination and just lie on the beach and swim in their waters. 3s tourism occupies a lot of the tourism
that occurs in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and the South Pacific and even
Southeast Asia. Further, it’s associated with mass
tourism with its hedonic impulses and motivations are seen as less desirable
than something like ecotourism Some destinations: what have they done?
They’ve put, especially in Europe, they put rows and rows and rows of chairs, usually
run by private organizations, on a public beach. This brings into some sort of
question the ethics of it, the access for the local people to enjoy their beach,
which is, you know, public property but being managed or controlled by private
enterprises. How are is this space given away to these, by the public
officials to the private businesses? That’s a question that is raised. Is it
done fairly? Is it done, you know, according to demand and supply? Is it..are they
getting a fair price or are there backhanded deals? is there some sort of
favoritism where some operators would get the concessions to operate on the
beach and others not? Alright It’s hot work here doing Travel Professor.
I’m going in for a swim. I didn’t even get my swim. I was just about to go in the water and I was informed that I’m not allowed to swim here. This is a paid
beach. I’m not allowed. Should be paying money even on the sand. I’m not even using bed.
Outrageous. Outrageous. I mean it’s, you know, the privatization. People getting
rich. Private companies getting rich through selling, essentially the
environment, that should be publicly owned by the people. Crazy. Not happy.

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  1. It is sad that you were kicked out of beach but imagine free public beaches like in Fiji, for example My Suva Park is more like My Suva Rubbish dump. It is good that private organisations are taking care and cleaning the beach area and charging people in return otherwise who would be there to clean those areas. I doubt that government would be that effective to maintain that beach as what it is now.

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