Travel Professor – Tourism in Iran

Travel Professor – Tourism in Iran

This is the Travel Professor. I’m here on location in the Islamic Republic of Iran. I’m standing here in the town, in the city of Isfahan and I’m standing here in Imam Square on Ali Qapu, the castle and this is where the King would be – King Abbas (Shah Abbas) and he would speak to the people down here. Yeah. You can see it’s a square and there’s families enjoying the pool. You can see one mosque. This one is Sheikh Lotfollah Lotfollah Mosque and over here to the right, we have the Imam mosque, the main mosque of Isfahan. You can also see the horses, back from the traditional days. So lots of copperware and inside making it Ok these are the things that you put the quran on. Some beautiful pottery. Very nice souvenirs. You can do loads of things in Iran. For me, the cultural attractions with the highlight but Iran offers a range of activities and go hiking, skiing in the Alborz Mountains. You can take a beach holiday in the Persian Gulf or in the Caspian Sea. Now before the Iranian Revolution significant numbers of tourists visited Iran for its culture and a diverse and beautiful landscapes, suitable for a range of activities. Now, it’s not surprising that tourism declined dramatically during the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s. Since the Iranian Revolution in 1979 the majority of foreign tourists to Iran have been either on religious pilgrims or for business purposes. In 2013, the number of international tourists to Iran reached almost 5 million, about 4.76 million, contributing more than about 2 billion US dollars the national economy. Now the strong devaluation of the Iranian rial since early 2012 means that it becomes relatively inexpensive to visit Iran. As you can see in the figure, despite the international embargoes, international tourism arrivals increased partly by the great value-for-money that Iran provides now. Morakabati in 2011 highlighted the deterrence to tourism development in Iran. These obstacles include: the perceived level of travel-related risk in Iran and this surrounding middle-eastern region and a perception fundamental basics of traveling are not there. They have an antiquated visa system, relatively high cost (of visa), poor access and poor infrastructure. What I observed is: This is all changing so with the lifting of international sanctions it might be a great time to visit Iran. I thought it was great.

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  2. Hiya is Iran safe ,Iv heard it isn't safe to travel to the middle east because the saudi wahhabi arabia hates Iran and wants to start to bomb the beautiful country .

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