Travel the World in 90 Seconds on the Four Seasons Private Jet

Travel the World in 90 Seconds on the Four Seasons Private Jet

My name is Laura Begley Bloom. I’ve been a travel journalist for 25 years. One day I got this call from Four Seasons
saying – do you want to come and check out our Private Jet Experience? I’ve been covering travel for so many years. I’ve been to so many great places. I can’t wait to experience the places that
I know, in a whole different way. I was a little nervous going into it because
I didn’t really know what to expect. Your hand is held at every step of the way
on this journey. There’s a private chef onboard the jet. There’s a dedicated team that caters to your
every need. And it makes travel so much more enjoyable
and so much easier. It’s all so seamless. We did so much, but then also got to have
these moments of reflection to relax and to really take in what you were doing. It’s hard to articulate the experience that
you’re going to have on a trip like this because it really is the culmination of all of these experiences – with the places I saw. It was the incredible food. It was being on this jet. It was the new friends that I met along the way. It’s a really emotional experience. It’s something that you’ll carry with you forever. People always ask me,
what’s your favorite place you’ve ever been? Or what’s the best travel thing that you’ve ever done? And I have a feeling this is going to be my
answer for the rest of my life.

16 thoughts on “Travel the World in 90 Seconds on the Four Seasons Private Jet

  1. I love the four seasons. Bora Bora have been the best so far, and the Maldives…..going to four seasons Vietnam next year:-)

  2. "your hand is held on every step of this journey…" 
    wow, how boring.

    book a business/first flight and choose your own adventures. be an adult. grow up and engage.

  3. Airplane seat is bad. Hermes collaboration is needed for this luxurious tour. Its still Something normal

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