TRAVEL TIPS FOR CHINA | China Travel Essentials

TRAVEL TIPS FOR CHINA  | China Travel Essentials

so hey there GRRR Travelers! Welcome back! Today i want to do my travel survival tips for China but seeing as i’ve had the opportunity to have some expats or meet some experts on the road I wanted to have them share their experience with you and tell you how it goes because expats I feel like know how to travel the country because they’ve been living in it they have to deal with the culture and they have usually the best tips. So i’m here with Raimonda and she has been here for 5?… Yes, five years. And she’s been living in Bei… Shanghai. Hwangji and Xujou.. Three different places. -Is that like different provinces or it’s a little bit but still everything is down there… is close by. is close by means when you can reach by train by 30 minutes to one hour. it’s close by. And you work here or you teach?… – Yes I came to China to the for the job and I keep doing different type of jobs. What are your biggest tips for planning a trip to China? Because China is a huge country… – The biggest issue is we need to get aware that the country is very big. The country is very different because each province has their own thing. But the biggest issue of traveling … be aware that this is a language barrier. Whatever language you speak you need to prepare yourself basic on the Chinese. Get it written down or do for that copy and paste the character, because maybe in another asian countries you can communicate a little with English like in Thailand or Vietnam or Cambodia and here you don’t always have Chinese characters written down that the people know what you want and they will help you. Wait so with the big cities like Beijing and Shanghai you still need to have written… No it’s okay because here with the most of the people you speak English or you have a foreigner and you just grabbed the first one was crossing around and people will help you. Another issue~ big cities are really well informed in the meaning of a subway, a tickets, a bathroom… you just need to read it. Because a lot of people ,they don’t read. They just go . – Read what?… The signs. You need to look at the signs using your eyes. -And there’s English?… Always. Shanghai, Beijing… I never been in Guangzhou… but i think what it will be the same thing. Yu have always Chinese and English so you sometimes you just need to follow the signs. It’s very simple. For first time travelers to China, what are some easy cities to travel, which also have a lot of sights to see. It’s basically… typically, the whole country is safe. The city, you can just walk at night and no one will touch you. That’s definitely … a very clear issue. The easy way… more comfortable cities for sure, is the capital and is Shanghai. It can be later Guangzhou, Or it can be Xingjin… it can be later, going deeper to Xian. And when you say Xian, that’s like with an “X”? Exactly this with the (letter) “X”, that’s with the terracotta soldiers. -Ok. Because always when you have kind of a touristic attraction, you will always have one or two or three random Chinese people who do speak English. Once again. the best thing you can do , you buy or print out but just prepared basic character on Chinese, because the issue is with a China cities, when you translate them into English, some of them have the same name. But when you see them in Chinese character, they are different . Jst only the English translation is the same thing, like we have two Nanjing. But one isn’t in one corner and the other one is in the middle of China and another one is in the south of China. So it’s very important that you know which province you go and then which city. -Ok. So you need to know the province and the city because there might be duplicates? …. Eexactly. Between when you look in the English version for you, everything is like “Nanjing”, but Nanjing is Nanjing. It depend upon how you put the tone, because Chinese has four tones. Depending on how you put your tone, you ending up somewhere else. There are Chinese ways to get around, understand things or to book trips, right? -Yeah. To apprroach it from like or Kayak . – The best for China, like this official site is Ctrip. C-Trip is offering a different type of tours and sometimes they offering d… sometimes they are offering ….a city tour for specific area, so you can go on this too. So you have already like a reference point, when you make your basic planning that you know when landing, that you know where you’re going …and maybe in one city you don’t want to be alone and you just gather with people. So you can use Ctrip. as well, is running and they are basically in several Chinese cities. They are having the groups and groups are doing thing that we have that are in. Intonations. Intonations dot org were information to know information to have information internations dot orgy it’s an expert community worldwide they’re coming from Germany body covering the biggest cities worldwide so I think in china tea as six or seven cities so they have the community to and you can gather the people to induce some things if you don’t want to be google getting around what are the ways to get around or the easiest ways for the first time traveler get one if you gave me here is the way is a train it’s not the train it was not the bus if it’s not the bus so you can then try to arrange a car or you take a cab okay and you can book these off its again see trip you can book see triple suffering a lot of things they can have like a range of two of the guide was a pickup service or you’re just gonna have a pickup service is everything the same thing we check if you download reach it and you spend a little more time using keywords is always important keywords you can get to some agencies who are providing all these type of service because they speak english i’m getting the idea that you even though we are kind of like on a wordpress trip that is kind of being put together by sea trip i am getting the idea that seat which is kind of like very big in China ends the way that people kind of book things and so it’s like a trusted site it’s like in Europe everyone look at your dreams ok ok like burden i think we do like orbitz speedy exactly we chat that and what is everything ability it reaches everything you can have reach at you lost in China you need to have reaches its like a social media messaging app ap all type of app where you can pay for things and wiggles a lot of things you can buy you can sell you can transfer money the money issue it’s really connected with local cut so probably to someone was not local-based not having local bank art you want to be able to use it but you can use messaging you can use for searching something if you get to know people the first thing what they will ask you do you have Rita because the whole communication goes over we chatting it’s free or it’s 73 as long as you have a Chinese 7-ups we will be running behind the b4 to have what are some quick tips about food and health will then help with the way the most important thing okay the moral time avoid ice and wood everything what does not know we need to eat cooked food if you want to have a healthy so much what people drinking a lot of hot water just follow it because it’s good for you so much and you want to keep during your trip a healthy stomach okay well one thing I’m really curious because I like street Street food you need once again google it around before you going here going to always recommendation which city which street is good because sometimes we say chicken bones can be a rat or cat whatever at this you don’t know there’s no name on it well how do we know then what happened nothing should happen is you even I guess I’ll be careful about what you need on the street make sure if it’s neat that it will be my even that’s a CAD or rat as long as this belt hook nothing happening that’s will be just different experience so basically what you don’t know won’t hurt you but cultural it’s always be polite and respectful because he a lot of things going on in a different way but they still happening and the other reason why they are happening in the way they are happening it means don’t conflict with people it’s very important issue faced losing so never play never blame another chinese in front as a Chinese if you wanna something happening so talk face-to-face but you never blame a Chinese person in front of as a people this is totally normal that will get the red card in the country and you can leave now ok yes moving faces a variation type of culture it’s basically you don’t want the other person to feel shame in front of other people are exposed read the other people and if you do everything can go downhill from Jack last tip is where can people go to the toilet toilet always I know the sign i say for the sign the woman and demand something you can gather in the better in the airport you can have it in the market its local vegetable market has a bathroom supermoon had faster we can find basically a lot of bathroom including you can find a lot of local bands which means day as somewhat between the living areas you just need to a habit alright and the Metro platform that has a tooth the two bathroom too so you just follow the sign or to ask someone he will show you okay and then always be prepared for squat because I’m not seen any Western toilets around exactly and be read this is a hole in the ground so and that’s the issue you need always to have a deal in the bed tissues because this doesn’t exist ok and that a threat you need to go and I need to go I’m sorry I’m just like I’m getting the cue to go so thank you and I really appreciate your being here and sharing your tips for us thanks to be here welcome to shine thank you very much so here we have from Ramona travel survival tips for surviving china and hopefully that was helpful for you please give us a thumbs up subscribe to this channel if you haven’t subscribed yet subscribe if you have any other questions come down in the comments below and until then travel smart and fun we will see you in China and made a girl be with you subscribe subscribe

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  1. Christine, you have to have a good rest, you looked really tired! Thank you for the great video, we have also plans to get to China, so it'll be really useful!

  2. Thank you for this video Christine! I travled in China for three weeks in Bejing, Xian, Gulin and Shangahi back in 2012. I loved China and the people there. Your friends tips are definitely helpful for first time travlers to China. She is totally right about Wechat! China is all about Wechat, Korea is Kakao, Malaysia is all about Whatsapp and Thailand seems to really love LINE. Interesting how each country has their own means of communicating haha.

  3. Well it's about time we get to see some of your China video collection. I was taken back by that rat or cat comment. Maybe it's tongue in cheek. I guess China would be the perfect place for me to start a diet.

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  7. this is what happens when you listen to female travellers for advice. Just look at the watch on that clueless girl and tell me she isnt a fking poster girl to get robbed in an american city. All she taught me is that how to be pretencious and uninformed about smart travel on a budget. EDIT do us all a favor and wear a bra . she is obviously a butch lesbo

  8. In China every big city looks nearly the same. Beijing and xi'an are good for history. go west if you want sight seeing, like gansu, qinghai, Tibet, Sichuan…. only language will be a problem.

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