Hello there, travelers. I’m Marko. I’m Alex. And we are the Vagabrothers. And in this video we are going to share some tips on how to survive a long flight. These days there are direct flights half way around the world, which is great, but it means flights are longer than ever. So we’re going to share with you guys 10 tips on how to survive a flight, and maybe even enjoy it. Number 1: rest before you go. One of the simplest ways to improve your travel experience is to make sure you’re well rested before you take off. Even better, the night before you fly adjust your watch to local time at your destination to help your body get adjusted. Number 2: upgrade your seat. Now most of us can’t afford business class, but a lot of airlines offer premium economy, which you can upgrade to using cash or frequent flyer miles. But it never hurts to go to the gate agent with a smile & ask if there are any extra seats in the emergency row. Thank you. Enjoy your flight. Bye. Number 3: once you’re on board, get comfortable. Take anything out of your back pack that you might need, like headphones, water bottle, or a book, and then store your bag in the overhead compartment, not down below. Trust me, you’re going to want the extra leg room. To get extra comfy, take your shoes off because cabin pressure affects your circulation. Number 4: dress right. Airplanes get really cold, and a lot of them don’t even give you a blanket. They left me with no blanket! So you need to dress warm and wear layers. Jacket, scarves and wool socks are a great call, but leave your skinny jeans at home unless you want a ten hour wedgie. Ten hour wedgie? No thank you! Number 5: pack good gear. Little things can make a big difference. If you plan to sleep, eye shades, neck pillow and ear plugs are crucial and easy to pack. Noise cancelling headphones are great, as are Kindles and tablets. Just make sure you charge everything and download any videos, podcasts, or ebooks you want before you fly. Number 6: pass the time. Nowadays, most airlines offer free entertainment, be it movies, music, or TV. But sometimes you’ve got to pay. Now on a long flight that might be worth it, but you can always use the time for some distraction-free reading. Maybe get a little bit of work done? Or you could always read that weird little magazine they put in the seat back pocket. Number 7: eat and drink right. Long flights usually have food included. So choose carb-rich foods if possible. They’re high in insulin and will help you adjust to jet lag. Stay hydrated by bringing your own water bottle. You can get the flight attendants to fill this up in the galley. Avoid caffeine and alcohol, if possible, but if you do imbibe, you can use these kits to turn a well drink into a craft cocktail. Winning. Number 8: befriend the flight crew. Flight attendants have a tough job dealing with hundreds of people, and they usually just get bitched at. So a little bit of kindness can go a long way. You can chat them up when you’re waiting for the bathroom and remember to always say please and thank you because chances are they may have a spare meal or a glass of wine that they’ll give you if you are nice. And if all else fails, you can always bribe them with chocolate. Number 9: move around. Flying is not natural. It impedes your circulation, which can lead to deep vein thrombosis. It doesn’t sound fun. Avoid this by taking a lap around the airplane or doing some simple exercises. Number 10: arrive fresh. Wash your face, brush your teeth, maybe even change your shirt. Little things can go long way to helping you hit the ground running. Well those are our tips. What are yours? Make sure you share them in the comment box. If you’ve enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs-up, share it with your friends, and subscribe to Vagabrothers for new travel videos every Tuesday. If you want more information, there’s a blog post on our website, Otherwise, plug here for more travel tips. Click here to see some of our recent adventures, and in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys on the road. Peace.


  1. For circulation purposes: having 2 golf balls, rolling them under your feet can help circulation; also very comfy and relaxing but they're not much use otherwise ?

  2. I have a meditation app that plays soothing sounds while I try to sleep. Its super relaxing and helps get me drowsy. Also, I download ASMR videos which make me sleepy as well. Original Formula Dramamine is good too, because I get bad motion sickness on planes, so it helps with that AND its a medicine of which drowsiness is a side effect, so you get the best of both worlds.

  3. Omfg , I only viewed this cause it keeps popping in my recommends , now stop cause it's getting annoying !!!

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  5. Download fast paced songs (Japanese rock for instance) for when you get into turbulence. Put your earphones in and bob your head to the songs, it makes the shaking less noticeable.

  6. I have to go to Australia in late August and I really wanna get a window sit but I’m afraid ill have to use the bathroom too much and disturb the passengers ?

  7. I fly a lot . I really like to take some snacks on a long flight. Nuts , chocolate, crackers , dried fruit… sometimes the flights don’t have food I like . Better to have a good option with me .

  8. If anyone’s interested, here’s my checklist for a carry on:

    Portable charger
    Bottled water
    A scarf or hoodie
    Light snack (like trail mix)

    I feel like I’m forgetting something but that’s pretty much all 🙂

  9. Have 19 hour flight tomorrow. Have constant sun-burn right now and my leg is healing and the bitch hurts. FML!!!

  10. Always shower before you travel. If you take your shoes off, make sure your feet don’t stink.

  11. Im flying from Denmark (a small country on top of germany and under sweden) to Qatar and from there to Bali tomorrow. From Denmark to Qatar is about a 6 hour flight and from Qatar to Bali is about 12 hours (i think) the problem with upgrades are that if you are a family its alot harder than if you are solo or 2 person. Im only 13, my brother 16 and my mom and dad and it is alot harder for a 4 person family to get upgraded if you sont want to separate. Good tips otherwise.

  12. Usually two days before my trip I would stay up all night until like 4 or 5am and then the day before my flight I would stay up late as we’ll, so u can get sleep on the plane and won’t have to worry about turbulence cause I’m a deep sleeper

  13. Make a long list of things to do on the plane! It’ll make sure you’re not sitting on plane bored ?

  14. ? Gotta love those insulin-rich foods. As a diabetic, I never knew I could just eat rice instead of taking insulin shots ?

  15. Have learned most of these things the hard way, especially about dressing warm. I have found myself absolutely freezing on planes and coaches in the past.

  16. Watching this at 3:30am because I’m jet lagged after 26 hours of travelling and bored! Also I arrived home so won’t be needing these tops for a while ?

  17. Suggestion-re. staying fresh, if you have a layover and time permits, the best way to arrive at your destination "Feet on the ground running," is to ask if there is a shower at your layover airport. If you're traveling business class, there should be a shower in any business class lounge. If you're flying coach, just ask someone. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. That's how I arrive in Thailand from D. C. wide awake and ready for action. And that's after 20+ hours in the air.

  18. Thank you so much! I’m traveling to Australia (23+ hrs flighting ) in 5 days then after only three days there I fly back to the states then over to Japan (20+ hrs flighting)! And this was so helpful cause I haven’t ever been in a plane!

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    ʸᵉˢ ʷᵉ ˢᵗᵃⁿ

  20. I definitely recommend compression socks! They help keep blood flowing in your legs so that they don’t get swollen

  21. I'm on an 11 hour flight to LAX next month and it's my first ever time going there. Dear Lord, save me. ????

  22. I got a great traveling tip, bring a portable charger or 2, this way your phone, tablet, etc… will be charged if you need at your destination.

  23. When you get on the plane don’t emedietly go on your phone or whatever spend a few mins getting used to the plane

  24. 10 Tips to survive a long flight:
    1. Xanax
    2 Xanax
    3 Xanax
    4 Xanax
    5 Xanax
    6 Xanax
    7 Xanax
    8 Xanax
    9 Xanax
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  25. If you’re going to take off your shoes please make sure both your shoes and socks are clean and smell fresh

  26. I flew for 14hours and 40minutes last week. My tip is stay awake as much as you can before your flight so you can sleep long and well during the flight. Drink water often during the flight and eat. Last but not least stand up as much as you can and stretch.

  27. I will not sleep at all and then sleep through the entire flight. Always works and I don't remember the flights at all.

  28. Whenever I fly from Miami to any European country, or on the return flight, I make sure to get up twice during the flight and walk around the airplane or stand for 15 to 20 minutes. You can ask for a glass of water from a flight attendant and make small conversation with them, or talk to other passengers who are also moving around doing the same thing (that way you don't look weird just standing there). Good way to avoid blood clots forming in your legs and traveling to your heart. You definitely don't want that.

  29. Don’t take your shoes off until the plane has taken off because if there was an emergency having your shoes on being able you to get out faster

  30. As soon as the door closes start scanning for 2 or 3 empty seats in a row. Attack them ASAP after the plane takes off.

  31. I’m going from Indiana to Thailand… 25-38 hours depending on which airline we take. My longest previous flight is 4 hours. This is going to be interesting ?

  32. That was great thanks. First time taking a flight next year so don't have much idea! Noticed the Satori EXP backpack in the vid, that's my photography bag, is it definitely within size spec for carry-on luggage?? Would be great if it is

  33. 1. dress comfortable
    2. verify if alcohol is free for international flights. alcohol helps me sleep.
    3. get a seat in the isle its easier to make your way to the latrine instead of getting past somebody.
    4. upgrade your ticket if u can. this really applies to larger/taller people.
    5. refrain from eating food that makes u poop.

  34. I am going to japan in 17 days. I can't wait and I have been in long flights many times already but I'm just excited 🙂
    It's a 8 hour flight

  35. if im in a long flight i stay up all night. so that once im on the plane i can pass out…way better than staying awake for 17 hours

  36. Pack food! Munchies!! Nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, sweets, chips, comfort food. The volume of long haul airplane meals is very limited. I hit the grocery store before I go to the airport, but take note that liquids can not always get through security screening . I have had yogurt confiscated, but they didn't mind the sushi or the broasted chicken. Once passed security you can always buy airport food, but it is not cheap.

  37. After my experience, I gotta say that, DON'T WEAR WINTER CLOTHING, not sure if it's just me but I could bearly breath during my last flight, turned the air on a bit more in my space and it was a bit better

  38. Heading to Australia from BWI (two layovers before LA to Australia) in one week. I did not want a window seat as you get stuck there when getting off the plane. No one wants to let you out. Total flight time is about 22 hours. First leg 2 hours, Second leg 4 hours, then the big 15-16 hours. NOT counting my 2 layovers at airports….. Worst coming back in layovers…

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