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  1. Thank you so much I am traveling to Spain for 3 months and I had lost total perspective of what to pack ..this is very helpful ?

  2. So usually for me, I bring enough clothes to last everyday of the trip (which is a lot of clothes)

    I would like to change my packing style to something like the one in this video. For confirmation, do you wash your clothes if you decide the rewear them? I assume that’s what the laundry bag is for.
    Do hotels have washing machines or do you like hand wash them in the sink? I know one of the hotels that I stayed in in Japan had one but idk how much this occurs as I don’t travel often.

  3. Can you show me dear how to fit one or more handbags in the luggage?? It's the most concerning thing for me always??

  4. I have that pink makeup pouch but in a teal color! I am younger, so I prefer to use it for a toiletries bag! And yea, it has A LOT of space! Great Vid!

  5. When she said that was 2 weeks worth of clothing I was like “whAt”
    I’m going in vacation for 4 days and I’m bringing 14 shirts… ?
    100% an over packer

  6. Love the makeup bag! I am going on an 8 day Viking River Cruise and that looks like a great way to keep my makeup and brushes organized!

  7. If you take medicine save the brown see through medicine bottles and rinse them out and then dry them. Then if you have disposable razors that you are going to take with you, you can put at least three of them in a medicine bottle if it’s big enough. You can also put q-tips in one and band-aids in another and cotton balls in another one, and if you have those flat round cotton pads, you can even use a medicine bottle for those.

  8. Im going on a vacation
    But i will be in Jordan for 2 months
    So i must bring to many clothes

  9. tysm! I always am so disorganized on trips. I purchased these items and they are arriving on friday. I’m leaving on saturday so I’ll have a evening to pack lol! this video will save me time and from forgetting something.
    I’ve watched about 100 packing videos but this is the best yet! I recently discovered your channel! amazing content! ??
    def subbing!

  10. Can u please make some more a packing videos because u such a great job and your also halo me out and I love it

  11. I just bought some package cubes for my road trip to Florida and I’m super excited to use them!! And thank you so much for the tips!

  12. Hello. You made a very Nice video and you articulated everything well. No extraneous comments or anything. I travel a lot on business to Europe and packing cubes really do cut down on feeling overwhelmed on my trips which always last between 3-4 weeks. This summer I’m back in Europe for vacation and will still keep your tips in mind. For men’s toiletries, do you think it’s better to have a large toiletry bag, like the ones you can hang on a knob in the hotel bathroom (I never do that per se), or would you recommend splitting up the toiletries into several small bags? The smaller bags are practical in that you can break up the amount and distribute the weight more evenly in the suitcase as opposed to having one huge “brick” of a toiletry bag in the suitcase. I’m interested in what your opinion is for me since we don’t have all the makeup that women like/need to travel with. Have a nice day.

  13. Ironing the clothes would have been nice lol! firstly underfilling the cubes is not the way to use them as it creates more volume and wastes space and doesn't compress the items at all! you could have rolled tighter and certainly a bit neater ..clothes won't unravel if you pack them tighter and pack cube fully! using shower caps ( cheap disposible ones) is far better and takes up far less room than those big bags , both the make up and toiletry bags are both bulky and too big,also how is packing big sizes of things packing light ?? you need flat bags with only enough product for your trip not enough for a couple of months! the accessory cube is huge with a couple of bits floating around in it ..what a waste of space! If you had packed properly you could have easily fit this in a large capacity carry on!!

  14. Love the color of your toiletries bag, How much & can i order through Amazon? i need to order my self that make up bag

  15. I'm leaving for a trip for 1 week tomorrow and I watched tons of videos many didn't help yours helped me pack my whole suitcase

  16. im traveling for a school trip by myself without my family too Dc. and im having troubles finding good affordable packing cubes, shoe bags, laundry bag, under garment organizer, and a luggage (hard shell)
    Edit: carry on sized. any recommendations??

  17. The organization of the cubes is neat, but I feel like they just take up space and prevent all the squeezing and tucking into every nook. I pack in a carry on, and can do a 2 week trip pretty easily (granted, I aim for airbnbs with a washer/dryer). I also have a carry on (ebags 21 inch motherload is the bomb) that basically has this organization built in. I used to travel with a huge suitcase, and with experience, have just found it so much more enjoyable to not deal with that.

  18. I personally think that if you fold your clothes they will be flat enough so you can stack them to save more space but I’ll try it

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