Travel Tips: Packing Cubes

Travel Tips: Packing Cubes

(electronic music) – Ciao, bien venuto everyone! Guess what? Go ahead, ask me what. We are going to talk about packing. Packing! I’m so happy! Now let me ask you something. Does your suitcase look like this? Unacceptable, unacceptable, I can’t breathe, take it away, please! If that’s you, you need help. And help is called packing cubes. No matter what, my underwear
goes in one of these, and my socks goes in one of these. Then in a separate, medium size cube, I put my workout gear, and my pajamas. The rest is up to you. I don’t necessarily put
everything in a packing cube, but I have done so as well. So let’s imagine we’re gonna
take a trip for four days, what I do, is I pack by outfits. In one cube, one pair of pants, and the two shirts that go with those pants. That’s day one and two. The second outfit, the
same, in a separate cube. So, these pants I prefer not to roll, and they will go with this guy and this guy. Then I’ll complete the
outfits with my night gear. This is a night shirt that
might go with these pants. And then I might do a little dress that I might wear during the day,
or at night with this pants. They go here, and since
I have a little space, I’m gonna add a little sundress, and for guys, I know that
you don’t do dresses, but it might be shorts, or it might be whatever it is that you wear. And there you have it,
four days of clothes. Button-ups and jackets,
I put in a packing folder it helps with wrinkles, like so. And now, I simply arrange it in the bag. Done. Mystery solved. Here’s the deal, I like to nest. That’s right, nest. When I arrive, the first
thing I do is unpack. And with these, all I have to do is take out my cubes, and I am done. Pretty cool, right? Now there are all sorts of packing cubes out there in the market, and I have tried, I don’t
know, maybe 99.9% of them. So, if you are interested
and you want me to review the different kinds of packing cubes, I will gladly do so. Leave me a comment, asap, as soon as possible below. And that’s it. I hope that you subscribe to this channel, and I will see you next Thursday. Ciao! – [Voiceover] Psst, hey, don’t leave yet. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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  1. Allo Sonia!  Could you please tell me which one you preferred between the Eagle Creek travel gear Pack it Specter starter kit and the Sea to Summit travelling light garment mesh bag and why?   Thank you!  P.S:  Perhaps you could compare them on a next video?   🙂  

  2. What size cubes do you find the most helpful?  I've seen many on Amazon and ripstop nylon is what I would think might be best.  Any suggestions?

  3. Hey Sonia, this is super cool. I really like the idea behind the cubes. Being that you love to travel and want to help people travel, I was wondering if there was an email that I can acquire to present to you a mutually-beneficial opportunity. I also reached out to you via Twitter.

  4. There is the brand called Rusoji packing cube set. I got mine under 20$ and was very good quality and very convenient to use. 

  5. thanks for all your great tips: i'm an old person but still love to travel and slooooowly learning to simplify, especially since i have to put my own bag in the overhead…

  6. In one of your videos you talked about carry on cases that were clear and airport approved, I can not find that video anywhere and I want to purchase some!

  7. Hi Sonia
    Found your vidblogs really helpful and got a lot of great tips from you. Could you vidblog about choosing the ideal luggage bag. Hope to hear from you real soon.

  8. Hi Sonia. I just bought some packing cubes from IKEA that are amazing. Figured I would spread the good word. The best part, they were only $7.99 for a set of four, yes, set of four! Happy travels everyone!

  9. What do you think of Space Bags? I don't own any wrinkle prone clothes (I'm a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl) and I discovered them for my Scotland/Ireland trip some years ago. As for luggage, I despise rolling luggage. I love to walk, hike, explore areas where there are stairs, though sometimes I'll end up trucking my family's rolling cases along (like for my grandparents in Australia where I was a pack mule). My check bag I've had for nearly 20 years and it's AMAZING. I'm all about the backpack straps.

  10. Anyone who is on a budget could try the packing cubes from Daiso. I tried it for my recent trip and I loved it!!! now I understand why people use packing cubes!! give it a try! thanks Sonia for the tip!

  11. Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Cubes are the ONLY way to go if you're a light packer and ultra weight minded 😀

  12. AWESOME!! I already do several things of what you do in your videos, but my friend recommended for me your channel to learn more tricks. I'm going on a 4 day trip & this video was Very Useful! Thanks! 

  13. Im sold! I bought two from zappos, I will be going to New York  next week and Las Vegas in June. Keep up the great videos.

  14. Great ideas! I travel a lot during the year as I'm a workshop presenter. I usually pack clothes for 3 days of teaching and what I wear on the plane to and from. I also pack electronic gear such as a speaker, mic, projector and laptop, with the necessary cords and accessories.  Any good ideas for those? I normally have 2 checked bags and one carry on.  Thanks!

  15. I'm so excited! I have ordered my packing cubes from Eagle Creek 🙂 I can't wait to use them on my next trip 🙂

  16. Hi Sonia. I wanted tos say that your videos are amazing and I wish if you could make a video of how to pack for short trips. Thanks goodies from Colorado

  17. Hi Sonia~  I enjoyed your videos for weeks before my first trip overseas. The adventure was 2 weeks long and every tip from these packing cubes to clothing to electrical outlet converter were extremely helpful. Thank you!

  18. …. so for guys you can put shorts here, orrrrrrrr… whatever it is you guys wear. ha ha ha. You're funny. We don't even know what we wear half of the time. Your videos are entertaining.

  19. I think you are my new favourite person, also, I knew I wasn't the only person who thinks IKEA packing cubes are amazing! 🙂

  20. Please do a comparison video of different packing cubes you have tried, I it would be great! Also, I am a new subscriber and found your channel after looking up videos for my up and coming trip to Spain, and I love it! You seem like such a great person, can not wait to keep watching your videos.

  21. Hi! I´m from argentina, and your blog its really awesome.- i´m really interesting on buying packing cubes and i´d really like if you can fill me up with the information about the different qualities on the market. Thank you very much!

  22. Hola!
    Se que te llevas bien con los idiomas asi que no voy a intentar escribir en mi muy malo ingles.
    Recientemente me he chocado con tu canal y veo que sos la persona indicada para hacerle estas preguntas.
    El tema es el siguiente, soy de uruguay, estudio arquitectura, y hay un viaje que se estila hacer en esta carrera que es al rededor de el mundo, si, todo el mundo (o casi todo); a veces dura mas, a veces dura menos pero este año va a ser de 7 meses de duración!
    Entonces, aqui va la pregunta: que consejos tendrías para nosotros? Ya que he tomado muchos tips de tu canal pero teniendo en cuenta que pasamos por casi todas las estaciones y nos movemos en todo tipo de locomoción (hacemos la mayor parte en camioneta) y alojamiento (acampamos la mayoría del viaje) y sobre todo, porque solo podemos cargar una valija mediana con nosotros! (como sabrás, esta es la que cumple con la mayoría de los requisitos de peso y medidas).
    Bueno espero tus comentarios!
    Me encuentro muy entusiasmada!
    Gracias y saludos!

  23. zip lock bags do the same job as packing cubes for 2$ roll and lock
    but i see your italian style ill spend my 50$ i saved on packing cubes eat some pasta and have a glass of barolo wine at the italian cafe

  24. +soniastravels try the ikea packing cubes they are cheap and durable i have them myself. It saves you a lot of money. ikea family member cost 7.99 normal cost 9.99

  25. Hey what's up Sonia, I take it you prefer packing cubes over vacuum bags? Trying to decide which route to go, what do you think? Thanks

  26. Nice video! Hi Sonia I'm hoping you could help me. I love the cubes, BUT I have a very big problem. I'm new to your channel so I don't know if you've answered this problem already. The first time I used my packaging cubes, I didn't have the luxury of keeping my cubes out. I had to keep them in my suitcase. So every morning I had to take the cubes out, put them on the bed and dig through each cube to figure out what was where. When I packed I did put my bathing suit stuff in one. Pants in another. Dresses in another. The problem was all the cubes are the same color so they all look the same. They did have mesh, but I sometimes forgot what my shirts looked like, or what cube my bras were in. It was a nightmare. My clothes were organized but I couldn't put my hands on the bags I needed immediately and spent a lot of time zipping and unzipping cubes lol. Do you have any tips on how to do this better or maybe a way to put a label on the cubes? It was a very frustrating and painful experience 🙁 Please help I go on my trip trip in 2 weeks.

  27. Hi Sonia! Thanks for this video and the review one. Wanted to know, which size is your luggage? I'm travelling nearly 4 months (a bit less) to China + India and am thinking of buying a 80 liters luggage (thinking of the Osprey Sojourn 80, or if not the 60 liters version), but haven't made up my mind yet. My main question tho is: I would definitely want to use packing cubes, but how many? And which sizes? Thanks in advance for the help 🙂

  28. I wish somebody would do a video for plus size and disable people who have to fit larger clothes and/or assistive devices in the same tiny suitcase. It's easy when you're a size 2-6; not so much when you're a 22 and sick.

  29. Hi Sonia I am wondering if Heys packing cubes are good or calpak pack g cubes? Can you let me know which you would recommend!

  30. I love packing cubes! Making travel such a breeze! I bought Eurybia packing cubes before making my second move abroad. These things are amazing!

  31. Hi I really need help. This is my first trip packing with carry-on only. Plus first time using packing cubes. How do I gold items in cubes to get less wrinkles, yet still pack enough for two weeks. Please help anyone ASAP.

  32. That looked pretty impressive. I am going on a trip next week to Hawaii on a cruise. I need 19 days of clothes plus stopping in Vancouver for two days prior to getting on the cruise.

  33. Please review packing cube brands, I just bought Sharper Image set and have you tried samsonite compression bags instead?

  34. Are they practical for a longer trip, or one where you need to pack say beach + night + casual day?
    It seems they are best suited for short trips where you know the weather and itinerary in advance

  35. Could you review the GORUCK 10/20L packing cubes?

  36. Just got my packing cubes. We travel at least a few times a year and sometimes up to once a month. Headed a five day long girls trip in Palm Springs and excited to test out the packing cube system. I am an organizing addict.

  37. Hi…my husband and I are going to Hawaii for a week and then on to Alaska for a week. I would like to only take one suitcase per person. What would you recommend for packing cubes??? Thank you!

  38. Desde que seguí tu consejo de poner todo en bolsos,bolsitas y demases mis viajes son súper agradables.
    LLego a los hoteles,abro mi maleta y saco todo en un instanteGracias Sonia

  39. What do you do with dirty clothes? I put them in a hotel laundry bad but they just seem to take up too much room.

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