Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

Travel Tips: Packing Hacks, Tips & Essentials

Hello there travellers My name is Marko i’m Alex and together we are the Vagabrothers today we’re talking travel tips! how to pack the right clothes for your trip doesn’t matter how long your trip is, it could be a week, month, year…whatever the packing list is the same And we always manage to fit all of our clothes plus our camera gear in to one carry-on size bag now the key is to bring enough outfits to change your outfits every single day or to wear the same shirt and just change your city everyday gross dude, put that down no the key is to get simple light weight material clothes that you can hand wash and use in a wide variety of climates so today we’re going to show you the clothes that we wore on our six month, six continent Biggest Baddest Bucket list trip which took us everywhere from the glaciers of Iceland to the sands of Arabia that’s right! First we’re gonna talk material okay, rule of thumb avoid cotton where possible and dress in lightweight synthetic materials they breathe well, they pack down small, you can wash ’em in the sink and hang them over the dryer over night now it’s a little bit more expensive then regular clothes but it’s a really worthwhile investment especially if you plan on doing a little bit of travelling there’s tons of companies out there that offer similar products we chose Patagonia because of their high quality material lifetime guarantees, good style and sound corporate ethics! okay so lets go through clothing, item by item, starting with shirts our go-to travel shirts are these long sleeve, button down, 50% polyester and 50% nylon super breathable, it also got UV protection and if its really hot you can always roll the sleeves up and for casual settings either bring a short sleeve button down shirt or another long sleeve and they don’t all have to be plaid hey shut up, PLAID is RAD! but you should bring 3 shirts in total, that’s the point plus it never hurts to bring a T-Shirt we recently got hooked up by these La Paz shirts really cool travel company we like their designs but we also recommend bringing a synthetic t-shirt Underarmor and Patagonia make these they quick dry, they also double for running gear or rash guards if you’re surfing next up, pants! girls, you probably already know this but some guys don’t when you choosing your pants, make sure that match your shirt and you make outfits we chose Khaki, super versatile colour and it never gets dirty okay, you should also bring a pair of shorts and a swimsuit the shorts are good even though Europeans don’t wear them they’re great for hot days and the board shorts or our swimsuits are good for running as well swimming now we also found out there’s this new hybrid clothing by Rip Curl, it’s called The Boardwalk [The Boardwalk] they basically shorts made out of swimsuit material so it’s great for two for one and you can always go comando now ladies don’t look to us for advice
on pantys but boys we do recommend that you get three pairs of these Exofficio quick dry boxer
briefs you can hand wash ’em and they dry
overnight plus they breathe so well that you don’t have to change them for a week what are you doing Mark? i always wanted to be an underwear model you put your pants back on! sorry! next up, shoes! the most common packing mistake is bringing too many pairs of damn shoes oh my God, shoes! we only brought one pair of trail runners because they are comfy enough for the city, they’re strong enough for hiking and they’re made for running we also brought a pair of sandals made by Teva or Sanuk they’re super loungeable, plus when you throw ’em on with a pair of jeans and a button-down shirt, you can dress up with them they’re also really easy to pack now last, bring some socks three different colors so you know which ones are clean and which ones are dirty last but not least, dressing in layers now it’s a pretty simple concept instead of bringing one big bulky jacket you bring layers of clothing that you can take off or put on depending on the weather now we brought these two things, a Nano Puff jacket and a basic lightweight shell, both from Patagonia they combine to keep us super warm and dry in any climate [plus] and they can pack [?] really really small super small, but last but not the least the most important accessory is this, it is a quick dry towel it’s designed for backpacking this will save you cash, at hostels they
charge you for towels buy one of these and be a happy camper and don’t forget your sunglasses and a hat so as you can see, we pack light because we keep it simple and bring only the essentials, so if you have to
ask yourself do I really need this chances are you wont and if you do, you can probably buy it on the road so take half the clothes you think you
need and twice the amount of cash those are our travel tips tell us yours leave a little comment in the box below or tweet us @vagabrothers and remember subscribe to our channel for new travel videos every Tuesday okay, we’ll see you on the road later [previous video inset] we’re going to cover a wide variety of topics from the most basic, like how to pack your bag, where to go and how to get there, to more complex questions like how to study or work abroad and some tips on how to learn a new language so lets started with the most basic question why travel? [next video inset] i had no idea that’s such a cool restaurant, farm to table, exists in Tijuana it’s obvious that there’s a lot of
things happening with food but as much as i love food, now we get to try the best part of the whole thing which is beer lets go see what’s happening with beer starting with The Beer Box just down the street vamos!

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  1. sponsor sponsor sponsor, no real advice! thanks PATAGONIA for this video uhahuahuauhuhaha
    I am just honest, prefer real youtuber and real video maker…still i like your energy but not your sponsor video, sorry…

  2. "Europeans don't wear shorts"

    Me: i'm in Europe going to a very hot place in Europe, so ofc I'm wearing shorts

  3. Only problem I have with carry-on-only is I can't bring a pocket knife or Swiss Army knife. Always want to have one of those and a flashlight handy, especially when traveling.

  4. SWISS GEAR has their new backpacks called SCANSMART (TSA approved):

  5. You say that you are travellers but you still think Europeans don't wear shorts? Seriously how are you that ignorant??

  6. Thanks for the information, in the month of July I will climb a mountain in the Peruvian Andes, greetings from Peru

  7. yeap, i only carry one white and black shirt – One shorts and One Full pant – 4 clean underwear and Bra and yes, My Camera gear fills the large space. One toiletries bag and One cosmetic bag

  8. Solar powered chargers; I swear by them. I have 2 solar powered lamps so if I can't get batteries I can still read and a solar-powered phone charger.
    Also locks; Lock everything important you own in your backpack, wear the keys around your neck and if you're somewhere dangerous or crowded, lock your backpack to yourself with a cable lock wrapped around your backpack straps and through your belt loops.
    Panic alarm for obvious reasons.
    A survival knife.
    Bandages and a first aid kit.
    A lifestraw to make all water drinkable.
    Emergency blankets, for yourself and on the off chance, someone else you meet needs one too.
    Firestarter shoelaces, in case you don't have matches.
    A dust mask, for pollution, especially in big cities in Asia like Seoul.
    A scarf.
    A fold-up umbrella, mine looks like a tablet.
    If you're female; menstrual cup.
    A universal plug adapter, you will use it.

  9. “Europeans don’t wear shorts” I’m from the UK and have traveled all over Europe. Europeans definitely wear shorts lol.

  10. I feel like packing is so much easier for guys ?like I wouldn’t dare dream of wearing a basic outfit while on vacation or wearing the same outfit all of them have to be cute , different an short sleeve . Also a lot of storage is taking by hair products/ items of my perfume an lotions .

  11. For those of you who are not happy possessor of an Android phone with a mini-usb charger, I suggest having one or several (mini-usb>lightning; mini-usb>type-C) adapters in those little pockets that are all over your bag(s)

  12. Do you have a video about what other essential things is needed to travel, like which filters for water etc? Thank you, Go bless ??

  13. Actually packing is not always the same. Warm weather location is so easy. Camping and cold destinations
    Is difficult.

  14. Women need sandals and tennis shoes. Also if you have old clothes bring half empty suitcase and buy cute cheap things when you get to where you’re going. Shopping is a female thing!! But seriously, I bought skirts and
    Casual rompers for $5. Each in Mexico.

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  16. Test your gear before you take it with you. Synthetic blends don't always produce moisture wicking. The rule of three is good, but there's a lot of stuff that you're missing like protective clothing like a bandana. Carrying a bandana has saved my behind more than a few times. The number one piece of gear I use when traveling is "wet ones". Seriously it's hand wipes that have the most often use of any gear when traveling.

  17. I got rid of my rain jacket in Europe because it was a pain in the ass when you are in a restaurant etc, so just bought a 5 Euro umbrella off a random guy in the middle of storm in madrid

  18. Two female backpackers found killed at Morocco hot spot

  19. Look at you guys!!! You are so young… Look like a couple of frat bros! LOL Cacky definitely gets dirty my broheim.

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  21. I’m going Backpacking this September with my sister & niece! And I can’t wait !!! So thankful for your channel and all of the tips!!!

  22. Hello there fellow travelers, I personally recommend having this 5 in 1 eva semi-hard sunglasses case to protect your precious eyewear and you can store some of your valuables there too like money or car keys. And you can just hang it on your waist or in your bag. Find it here:

  23. Silk is beautiful for traveling – super comfy, light, quick drying… Merino same, but warm, even if wet. I recommend a gore- tex jacket waterproof but breathable and extremely strong.

  24. Great advice! Overpacking has always been a struggle for me. I'd definitely also recommend considering what your luggage is. If you buy to big of a suitcase/pack then you are more than likely going to overpack. Mix/match is definitely the key. Thanks for the info!

  25. Such a big help. Just starting to travel more and want to cut down on bags (airline baggage fees ugh!). Any other tips for traveling to paris.

  26. When you are 6'7" choices are limited, because few companies even make your size, and fewer still stock your size..

  27. Hey guys, if you are planning on travelling away, ensure the safety and privacy of your personal space where ever you stay, with an easy to carry around, easy to install, portable door lock. Visit to purchase one (Sorry to promote but from experience it is actually worth being able to lock your door wherever you stay).

  28. The alternative video for hetero, and manly men can be found here…

  29. Natural fibres do not get smelly like synthetics. Nylon will retain any bidy odours. Gross. If you are not wearing A CLEAN PAIR OF UNDERPANTS EVERY DAY, then that is beyond disgusting and a bacterial soup. Double gross. Ditto socks.
    Less is more, however, when it comes to the number of items.
    This seemed more like an ad.

  30. Hi guys, i leave for 4 months in Russia for a student exchange and i Will also travel in Europe . 3 pants/shirts/sweater/socks will be enough ???

  31. The music was way too loud! Could hardly understand what you're saying!!! Tone it down next time…. It should be background music!

  32. Hey good job!! I thought I was the only one wearing quick dry travel gear. Well, not the only one, but it's fun to try to turn others on to the concept.

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