Travel Tips: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

Travel Tips: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

(upbeat music) – Hi, welcome back to Sonia’s Travels. Where we talk all things travel, Woo! Today we have a quick but a very good vlog One, that one of you suggested. What are the top five
mistakes that people make when they travel. And let me tell you it was
very hard to choose just five because people make a lot of
mistakes when they travel. I’ve made a lot of mistakes when I travel. Hence I can tell you how to prevent them. Here are my picks. Number one, and this is an obvious one but it happens time and
time, and time again. People! Print out your ticket! Or email it to yourself. Or download the app and have
the ticket on your phone. Why would you stand in line to check in? I don’t get it. I don’t get it. And if you have luggage, you check in, and then you just go
straight to the express line. You leave your bags and that’s it. That’s it! Number two, and this also
has to do with ticketing and stuff. Not having a hard copy
of your reservations, and by hard copy I don’t
necessarily mean printed. I just mean that you don’t have to use your data to access it. Because what happens if
your phone can’t connect for some reason or something, and then you don’t remember
the name of your hotel, you don’t remember the
number of your reservation. You know, you need these things handy. Period. Number three is my favorite and one that I am here in
this world to eradicate, and that is over packing. No more over packing people! How many times are you
gonna pack an entire bag full of a 100 outfits, and come back home having worn like three. No more. No more! Number four, and this is
a good one my friends. This has happened to me. You need to check your visa requirements. I don’t care where your from. You might be from the
greatest country in the world. There is a country that
requires for you to get a visa. So check that out before you go and it out in quite a bit in advance because it’s hard to get a visa. Also check the requirements
that your expiration date in your passport needs to have, because some countries requires that you have six months
validity in your passport. I know, I’ve been there. I’ve not been allowed to get on a plane because my passport did not
have six months validity. So make sure that you check that out. And number five implies
saving a lot of money. You need to check your phone plan if you’re going to travel abroad. Because let me tell you a lot of people have come back to find a
bill of 500 and 600 bucks. And that ain’t pretty. And that ain’t fair. And that is super easy to avoid. So if you’re gonna travel abroad make sure you check to
see what your plan is. What your data plan is
and adjust accordingly, and act accordingly
wherever it is that you go. Alright, there you have
it, you have been warned. Safe travels. Love you. Subscribe to this channel, let me know what you
think in the comments, and follow me everywhere else. What you waiting for? What you waiting for? Bye. Hey, don’t leave yet. Don’t forget to subscribe.

100 thoughts on “Travel Tips: Top 5 Mistakes People Make When Traveling

  1. Hi Sonia! I have a couple of suggestions:

    1. How to pack for a trip with different stops that include different climates (e.g. I'm doing a whole US trip in November which includes stopovers in Vegas and Boston)
    2. What to pack when you come home from a year abroad, how to bring everything home etc

    And thanks Sonia for all of your videos! You are making my life sooooo much easier.

  2. This video just seems like a formality Thursday video.
    We need your previous like videos with some good information's..

  3. Thanks for all your insight and suggestions. I look forward to your vlogs every week. 🙂 So, one of the things that I totally don't get when traveling overseas is how to keep in touch and manage a data plan. Yes, I know every provider has an international plan you can sign up for, and there are apps like Skype on which you can avoid data usage, but I don't understand, for instance, how much data I would use to check Google Maps to see if I'm going the right way, or post a quick photo on Instagram, etc. Can you produce a vlog on this topic?

  4. Can you make a video about the different ways to travel between countries in Europe? Like flying, train, etc. I'm going to London and Paris next year an I'm worried about getting from place to place using the trains or plane or bus. It all seems confusing. Thanks!! Love your videos!

  5. I guess, there should be a series of such videos cause there are indeed too many mistakes people make while travelling and it's a good step to warn them.

  6. Hi Sonia,

    First, I'd just like to say that I've recently started watching your videos and find them a real inspiration and they're part of the reason that I've got a one way ticket booked to Venezuela in a few months time.

    I'll be staying there for 2 months to teach English (and hopefully improve my Spanish) and will be situated in the city of Merida with a couple of transits where I'll have to stay overnight in Caracas. Afterwards I plan to tour South America and teach English elsewhere.

    The more I research the country the more bad press I see on how unbelievably dangerous it is (especially Caracas). Is this really true? Or is it one of those things that is blown up by the media and if common sense is applied I should be fine?

    I understand that you're very busy but I figured it's worth trying to get a bit of inside info from somebody that is actually from the country.

    Thanks very much!

  7. Omg Sonia, thank you for your amazing video and i follow your tips about saving money. Now my husband and i can travel to a lot of place.

  8. Great tips, Sonia! So simple but they'll save a lot of people a lot of time and hassle! Especially the visa one. I had a friend once who thought that since he was only going to China for the weekend that he didn't need a visa…umm nope! Luckily he was able to expedite the visa service, but otherwise it would've been a very sad rejection at the airport!

  9. Hey! What do you think on travel London in early May ?? I'm actually going by myself and I don't mind the rain but if spring call out for too much of rainy days.. Maybe i would go somewhere else. Please I would really appreciAte your advice. Thank you

  10. I've never traveled by myself and I'm kind of freaking out about it. And by kind of, I mean definitely. 🙂 I'm taking a month long trip to Utah next month and I'm really nervous. I know you did a video about the benefits of traveling by yourself, but can you do a video about getting over the nervousness of getting through the entire process from checking in and finally arriving at your destination?

    Thank you. I'm so so glad I found your channel. It's made me feel so much better. You are awesome!

  11. Hey Sonia! Not meaning to be rude but where are you from? Your English is perfect but your name sounds very Spanish to me! x

  12. hi sonia
    i love you but i think that you sold your spirit and your taveling soul to the Advertisement companies
    Keep smiling your real huge smile and do not let any dollar to take him.
    moshe, israel.

  13. Very good Sonia. What I alway have with me when I travel, is a secound credit card. Fortunately I didn't have to use it so far, but it can be very helpful. Also if you booked a flight, a car and some hotels on the same card, the limit can be reached  easily.

  14. u forgot the most important one to me:

    DON'T STAY IN THE RESORT THE WHOLE VACATION, traveling is about exploring and doing adventurous things while seeing new places, not about being at a pool or in a hotel the whole time that's a big waste of money

  15. Thanks for letting me know that there is an express line for people who have already checked their bags online. I'm flying for the first time alone in many years so there are so many things I'm just now learning.

  16. Oh, my gosh YES on checking the VISA requirements. It just never, never, never occurred to me that I needed a visa to go to Australia. Had to buy visas for a ton of money at the airport. Just glad it was possible!

  17. +besttraveltrip. com+ is perfect choice and has been extremely helpful in clarifying the details of trip plans. They will find the best hotel deals in the surrounding area to save you time and money on your next trip.

  18. For number 5, there's a cheaper way: in most of countries, you can find some SIM cards with Data that include only one month of communications. No monthly fees, you can use it at local cost, for probably 5 or 10 times cheaper than your roaming costs.

  19. Hi Sonia I know you love travelling and languages I have a language app that I think you really should review because it covers both and I think it would be right up your street and the apps name is called (Point It Book now a Top Travel App) try it out on your cell phone

  20. Hahahaha, Great list! And get your ticket on the right date too 😉 After standing in line for an hour we found out once we actually were flying back a week later! Euh…… Well, let's say it was a great reason to start hitchhiking 😉

  21. It's a pleasure to see your videos week after week. Being my self an experienced traveller I related to so many of what you talk about. Practice makes perfect but I also learn something new from your tips. Keep on the good work, enlightening this big family, the travelling community. Curiosity: you travel all around the world… so, when will you visit Portugal? I think you will love it! Love, Daniella

  22. Thank you so much for your travel tip's. I'm from Townsville North Queensland Australia and have actually have travelled a bit but in the past have always used my backpack, lately I have started to use a small suitcase but was finding it difficult to transition with travelling styles. I'm now heading off to Japan for 3 weeks in 3 days and still have a small roller case/bag I'm able to fit everything in better and am using packing cubes and in case I need a heavier jacket I have now found and brought the roller seal bags to make it smaller. I still have plenty of room in case I buy something and plan on buying a regular suitcase with your tips for the return trip home. ( For the extra shopping ) So again thanks for making my life a lot easier while travelling.

  23. I personally did all these mistakes hhheee, i 'm Egyptian where there are no strict rules .. When I travel to the developed countries wooooooooow , I discovered I do lots of disasters .. Thank u Sonia❤️❤️

  24. Greetings and A very Happy New Year, Sonia!

    Where would you go to find out if you need a VISA for a particular country?

  25. Thank you for making videos! But this one was not helpful, the tips are too obvious, every responsible human avoid this mistakes easily. Not hating, just pointing that out, so you would share less obvious tips) and i really appreciate the effort you put in making your videos, thank you!

  26. Why fly to an Unknown far away place! Hey get in your car and drive to the MALL! BE SHMART! DUMMIES FLY ON AIRLINES!!! ;-(

  27. Please do a video on what to do with our phone when going abroad e.g. sim cards, unlocked phones, international phone plan? And which option is the best? Please and thank you!!!

  28. I haven't traveled in years so #1 on your list I have a question about. If I do online check-in for my flight the day before and pay my checked bags fees online do I print a luggage tag? Or when I get to the airport(Laguardia in NY) do I have to obtain tags?

  29. Sonia, you are literally the best!
    I have used both your travel and language vlogs and they are so helpful!!!!! You have helped me so much with my French and my Mandarin! I'm going to China in May, your travel videos are practically amazing! 🙂 Thanks so much! 🙂

  30. Also, …
    1. Don't take shoes or other clothes that aren't broken in.
    2. When you get on a train, make sure you are on a car (carriage) that is going to the same destination you are. Some trains carry cars that get split off to go to other places.
    3. Learn how to order coffee in Europe. Just do. It's really not that hard.

  31. I remember like it was yesterday when my mother had to pay $640 for only 20 megabytes of data roaming. Absolutely Painful!!

  32. Been binging on your videos since last night (rolling compression bags gasp). and its been bugggging me and just hit me now! Sandra Bullock!!! haha I'm sure you heard it before, not only do you kind of look like sisters but your "funnyness" reminds me of hers. (yeah I said funnyness).

  33. Hi Sonia! I love your videos, your tips have helped me so much during all my trips so THANK YOU!

    I'm travelling solo to Beirut – Lebanon in a few months and it would be the first time I travel on my own to a developing country such as Lebanon. Any tips in how to go around the city feeling safe? xx

  34. That was so nice thank you so much you have been such amazing help. I also want to know about first time travels tips and tricks that will also helpful @Miss Sonia

  35. My friend and I missed our flight. I don't know what happened and why but what got stuck in our minds as our flight time for 21:00 was 11:00 pm so we came to check in our bags at 8:00 pm. Sadly, the counters were already closed. To think that we booked that flight 10 months prior.

  36. Firstly thank you for all your wonderful tips. I assume that this information is for overseas travel. I live in Australia and some are still valid from here. When I book my flights, travel insurance, hotels, I do it all on-line. Then your tickets, etc confirmations 'should' be sent to you by e-mail. Most will send you a PDF copy. Download the PDFs and save them to your 'Travel' folder on your computer, then you can put them onto your SD card for your mobile phone/tablet, then all you have to do is open the documents and voila, they're there, happy faces all around. Don't rely on Dropbox to keep your documents in. It needs internet access, so if you save them to Dropbox, copy and paste to your 'My Docs' folder on your phone/tablet. Over packing & Visa requirements are very valid comments. Phone plans are a different kettle of fish, it all depends on where you're going. If you have a phone that's 'locked' to your home network, when you arrive at your destination you can purchase a cheap phone for the country you are in. In some cases, you may need a 'local' phone number for your bookings, so pre purchasing a SIM card may be better, then you can quote it in your booking. My overseas travels, are usually around 12 weeks. I usually make up a diary and have the booking information for each leg of travel and hotel in the diary. It also has the train/bus timetables from home to the airport and from the airport to the first accommodation I will be staying in, and the return journeys. I know I'm a 'control freak' when it comes to having information at hand, but it's best to do so and not have to worry when you don't have access to the internet at the airport, etc to look up your information.

  37. – Trying to do too much in a short amount of time. Example: 10 cities in 3 weeks! For me, 1 week = 1-2 cities.
    – Just sightseeing and eating.
    – Only visiting famous tourist areas.
    – Not befriending locals and other travelers.

  38. 6. Always check the weather condition of the city / country in the internet that you will visit for7. Use Google Map.

  39. Preparing your phone for travel is something that needs to be done. I used to work for a cell phone carrier as a customer service rep and I would see those high bills. I remember a co worker told me about a where the person went to Europe for six months and did not get any type of global plan and revived a $5000 bill as a result.

  40. You r right, these are the silly mistakes people do while travelling and among these over packing is the most obvious.

  41. My best travel experiences has been in solitude on big screed TV some using drones to shoot old castles, gardens, etc. Who wants to put up with airlines and the hassles.

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