Travel to Europe (What NOT to Forget to Pack)

Travel to Europe (What NOT to Forget to Pack)

hey there when you travel to Europe here
is what not to forget. When we traveled to Europe this spring specifically Munich
Berlin Paris Brussels in the Normandy area I forgot some travel essentials so
this video is about what not to forget when you travel to Europe stick around
to the end to find out the number one thing not to forget do not forget a
converter kit you will get a box and I will link one below but it gives you
adapters for different parts of the world and they are specifically numbered
or colored according to the country that you’ll be visiting and then you also
want to make sure it has a dual wattage converter and this is for like a curling
iron or something that has a heating element our kit is almost twenty years
old so if you don’t have one it is a good and wise investment I forgot to
pack peanut butter crackers for that day after you arrive because you are so
tired at night you go to sleep pretty early but you wake up like three or four
in your wide-awake so and you are very hungry
most likely so peanut butter crackers do not forget to pack those no sugar sugar
packets like equal or Splenda they’re not everywhere when you are wanting to
drink healthfully do not forget to pack headphone jacks for like your phone
which might be a flat one if it’s the iPhone or a regular Jack for like the
old airplane entertainment system plug most entertainment systems on the
airplane now are still that old kind of plug and so I also brought these type of
headphones some and I don’t like these headphones so because they fall out all
the time so my husband gave me some apple headphones and they’re like 20
dollars but they’re almost like the air buds they do not fall out of your ears
so I packed both of those if you want to watch something on your phone and it’s
not in the seat back of your airplane seat to watch their video entertainment
system then you need some type of prop for your phone a pop socket I don’t
have a pock socket anymore I just have this thing so I need some type of prop
to hold up my phone and I don’t want to hold up my phone by myself for eight
hours several airlines do provide you the headphones that go with their old
system but they might be not working correctly or you might need your own
that’s that’s why I just brought mine in case
do not forget eyedrops I just packed several of these because it’s easy to
pack them instead of a bottle of eyedrops depending on your tailwind you
may get over to Europe like we did in six hours and 30 minutes but coming back
it’s like eight hours plus for us because now we have a headwind so it’s
gonna be a little slower and my eyes were so red by the end of that flight
and I was wide awake it was during the daytime now that I was on this time so
take eye drops since I was gonna be going for so long and you can see that
my liquids bag is so stuffed already I’ve used the makeup cloths for it to
remove my makeup and I use the Mary Kay brand they take off every bit of my eye
makeup especially and then I also cut them this time in half because half is
plenty big enough for my face I took my basic amount of makeup and just in a
makeup bag I also took my toothbrush don’t forget that but I did not use a
whole lot of makeup but I did find that I wanted to wear it everyday I also pack
a hoodie in the bottom on my backpack for the airplane when it gets cold and
also by the end of our trip our ten-day trip I was tired of dressing in these
outfits and clothes that I had worn everyday so I just had a t-shirt and a
hoodie type of day and tennis shoes and I tied the hoodie around my waist when I
was warm and that can go with a long t-shirt or a short sleeve shirt in the
summer if you feel like you need a hoodie I know the airflow in Europe is
much more stagnant or not as strong and not as cold as it is in America
especially on the subway and in museums and in restaurants and in trains do not
forget to pack tissues when you travel to Europe you will have them in your
hotel but also remember that your to be around a lot more dust on the
subway system and mold different air quality that kind of thing if you are
traveling on your own like not with a bus company who is going to be taking
care of your luggage for you make sure you have really really good wheels and
you can see that my wheels go into my suitcase a little bit and they are that
thick kind of material or fabric whatever metal plastic is that when you
travel on your own sometimes the train station is several blocks on cobblestone
roads so that’s why you need to have such good wheelage I made a video about
how to choose the best luggage as I was shopping kind of for you and I will link
that in the cards or down below in the description box by the way my name is
Laurie and I want to say thank you for visiting my travel tips by laurie
youtube channel i am a houston pilot wife who has made lots of mistakes so I’m
gonna give you tips to travel the globe without a worry in the world
the next thing not to forget to pack when you travel Europe is an empty water
bottle now you can take one just for the airplane for being in the airport for
your first day of walking around before you can get into your hotel but I just
have that in my little crossbody when we travel to Europe we all forgot Purell I
didn’t think about all the elevator buttons I was going to be pushing all
the handrails going down to the subway system that I was going to be touching
so just a small little bottle of that also don’t forget to pack shoes that can
get wet in the summer and the winter spring and fall it rains a lot in Europe
as here but I did pack like regular tennis shoes because of comfort but they
have a mesh top I saw a lot of like canvas shoes to be worn like in the
summer vans and booties those could be worn more in the winter but booties were
everywhere and I also saw tons of the bright
I know Michael Kors has a pair of tennis shoes that are like fancier looking
they’re all leather okay so they can withstand rain I wore booties on the
airplane because I was wearing leggings compression leggings
high-waisted compression leggings which I highly recommend but I wore those also
with my skinny jeans and then I also took these mocks from Merrell I saw none
that looked like this these are almost 20 years old and they are actually
rotting so I donated them when I was in Europe I left them in the hotel room for
the hotel staff to give away it was so nice to come back with those shoes
missing so that’s another thing not to forget when you travel to Europe is take
something that you can leave there so you don’t have to pack back up all those
things on the last day like a toothpaste tube some people like to buy brand new
liquid like travel liquid bottles and stuff like that take old ones that you
can just trash or leave or donate when you’re there and done my husband did
wear two different kinds of Merrell shoes but and those were much more modern
looking but I also saw a lot of black tennis shoes and these people were not
Americans these were they did not look like Americans when we are touring
Berlin I wore my booties and they were so my feet were hurting so bad so I
recommend that you wear whatever shoes are comfortable even if you don’t think
they’re gonna look good with an outfit I also recommend bringing a short sleeve
shirt for if it gets hot like in the winter I took a lot of thin layers but I
did also take a short sleeve shirt in case it was a warmer day and in the
winter the inside of restaurants and the train station it’s so hot you want to
take off that sweater and also if it is cold in Europe when you are visiting
like in the winter maybe remember that when you get back home in America or
wherever you live you’re and you’re having to stop and make another stop in
another airport remember that it might be warm like we got home and it was so
warm in the Newark Airport that I put on this short sleeve shirt and my shirt
jeans and then I was fine but it helps I did forget to take slip on or slide on
shoes like the little soccer players shoes or just shoes that you can slip on
while you were in the airplane and so nice to just take off your shoes
when you’re flying all night and not have to tie them or bend over and find
them in the dark pack some slip-on shoes don’t forget
that your county may have a police home safe program you can research that a lot
of counties in America have that where the police will randomly check your
house like they will drive by and see and maybe walk around your house once or
twice while you’re gone and then you will receive a text message that says we
drove by your house or we did a house check for you I suggest taking tons of
lotion because I forgot it is it was winter when we went but I forgot how dry
my hands get with hotel soap and restaurant soap over there the airplane
soap oh my gosh my hands were so dry this is what I use just to save space in
my liquids bag overseas when I travel to Europe and I will link these below I
recommend using this on your arms and hands and this lasted me all 10 days I
used the last bit the last day that we were coming home but I also recommend
using the hotel lotion on your legs like and the reason I say that is because I
don’t like smells so especially lotion and some of the hotel lotion is a little
cheaper so it’s okay to put that on my legs I’m not gonna be like oh and the
driest legs I’m mostly carried out on my hands
also remember to take a pen for customs to fill out the paperwork when you
return home I also recommend a hair clip especially in the winter because if you
are pulling on and off your hood it’s gonna get stringy and wet like I see why
so many people have straight hair over there because they can just pull it up
in a hair clip and be done with it or help your hair after it becomes straight
as a board or either fuzzy as a brush all the way over there I packed my
undies in a really slimline packing cube that’s an idea for you I also packed a
really thick pair of wool socks and I never used that but this is for a carry
long carry-on suitcase and you get like full
in a kit but this is the only time I would use this kind of packing cube I
can’t remember if I’ve said this already but tops that can mix and match with
blue denim or black denim I did not see any light gray denim but I am wearing
that today but a striped top can be mixed and matched with blue denim black
denim kind of thing and they it can be worn on its own or under a sweater and
then you may want to pack band-aids for blisters or there’s this one product
called blistease and I haven’t used it yet so if you’ve used it let me know
when you travel to Europe and get euros when you can if you see an ATM use it
because when we are on a food tour in Berlin which I highly recommend food
tours you get to know so much history and to taste all the cultural foods from
that area we had to pay the guy in cash like we made our reservation online and
did a deposit down deposit down town deposit anyway we had to pay some online
but that one and another history tour we had to pay in cash euros in person and
so we were low on cash at that point there were so many ATMs we went by on a
Sunday night that were already out of money and it chose that night to pour
down rain and it snowed even in Berlin so get like as much cash as you can from
your ATM as you go do not forget to pack compression bag I have this one from
Ziploc and the reason I like this is because that you do not need a vacuum
cleaner so as soon as you start rolling it it is going to compress I am making a video about how to pack in
a carry-on for 10 days so I will also try to remember to put that in the cards
and down below in the description box and also do not forget packing cubes
I bought these about two and a half years ago and I was scared that I wasn’t
gonna like packing cubes because I only would roll my clothes you used to but so
this is a cheap pair that I will link below and it comes and they come in all
different sizes but this is all I needed for this trip with the compression bag
they do make compression packing cubes and because I was scared that I wasn’t
gonna like packing cubes I did not even order those and these are fine and I
have that one compression bag so I’m not gonna buy the compression packing cubes
because they’re pretty expensive do not forget to pack a crossbody bag I want a
cross crossbody bag that is big enough for my wallet my bottle of water
if I’m gonna be touring all day and my reading glasses or my sunglasses so this
one’s not pretty and I don’t have a link for it but you do your research and buy
one that you’re comfortable with that the strap around your neck is not going
to annoy you either one thing that we did not even think about when we
traveled to Europe and I am telling you now for the number one tip of what not
area when you travel is if you’re going for a long trip to Europe halfway
through your trip book an Airbnb house or rent a house that has a washing
machine then you can just wash all of your tops or all of your undies and you
don’t have to bring as much but make sure you remember that most houses over
there do not have a dryer so you’ll need to hang dry them like so spend two
nights in an Airbnb or a rental house anyway thank you for watching this video
I’m sorry if it’s super long I hope it did not waste your time leave me a
comment below and introduce yourself happy travels across the pond

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  4. That’s so funny about your shoes Laurie! When I visited my daughter in Germany I told her I was going to set my boots out for someone to have. She said they were in such bad shape NO ONE would want them😀!

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  9. Thanks Laurie. I'm off on my travels soon so this is useful. You're right, it rains a lot in Europe. I live in Wales and was highly amused by some Irish people commentong on how rainy it is here! Rain sweeps over from the Atlantic and dumps itself on the west coast and Ireland. I use blister plasters. Always pack them, I don't use them often because I'm more canny now about shoes! My husband still prefers fabric plasters. You don't have to buy the branded ones, pharmacy own brands work as well. Looking forward to your next video.

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  14. One tip you missed. If you use a wash cloth when showering or bathing, remember to bring your own, maybe in a small zip bag. Most European hotels do not provide wash cloths, only towels.

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    Recently used Foot Glide on a heavy walking trip, and it was life changing! I typically get a hot foot walking all day, especially the balls of my feet. A liberal swiping of foot glide made that a non-issue, and we had 8-10 mile days of walking for five straight days.

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  25. I like the compression packing cubes best. The reason is my ziplocks always leak air back in. I have to pack them last because of that. At this point I am only going to use them for when we move. With the compression cubes unless the zipper comes undone it stays put. I will say this though konmari folding style does not work well for compression cubes or ziplock bags unless you lay them flat. Standing them up like Maria Kon does works well for regular cubes or even just the suitcase. Also an update for a comment on a previous video of yours. I like the konmari for regular packing cubes and compression the best out of all the various folding methods I tried including rolling my six inch rolls. I got about five more outfits in the compression and three more in the regular cubes for my carry on. I actually have more room for souvenirs with that method taking the same number of outfits than I did before.

    Also a tip for a dryer-less washing situation, run the spin cycle 2 to 3 times. 3 times is best. This will wring out more water so the clothes will dry faster with air drying. I also just hang the stuff straight up on the hangers like I would with a dryer.

    Also I hate to tell you this, but "donating" stuff to hotel staff is one of their biggest pet peves (at least here in the usa). I had a friend who worked as the cleaning manager at a best western. Most hotels require they either put the stuff in lost and found (sometimes up to a year) or trash it. Once the time frame is up, it is tossed out in the trash. The only thing they keep is chargers and the reason is that those are frequently requested by hotel guests. The maids prefer tips or thank you notes, and it is best if you leave a note saying it is a tip for them so they don't get into trouble. If you are going to trash your stuff then they ask you place it in the trash bin or bag so they know you won't be calling to get it back.

  26. Laurie or anyone. I heard that my toothpaste, hand cream all the other 3 ounce items have to be in a quart only bag. What happens if it doesn't all fit? Does that include medication?

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  53. Don't worry about foreign exchange of money. Larger international banks have ATM machines that are compatible with USA debit cards. When you use a bank to exchange currency you will be taking a significant loss because every transaction has handling fees and the bank you are using will be utilizing the exchange rate that they get, less handling fees. From the ATM, using your normal PIN number, get an appropriate sum of Euros, Lira, or whatever, add the cost of an international cash out, and make a deduction from your US account. Allow a little extra, and make adjustments when you get home

  54. Also, if you're going to be going to any churches in Europe, many of them have rules about what you are allowed to wear – usually to the tune of knees and shoulders must be covered – and they WILL enforce these rules without exception. So if you plan to visit any (or decide on a whim to check any out), make sure you can meet those guidelines, or they may not let you in. If I will be wearing sleeveless shirts at all, I make sure to keep a sweater or scarf with me so that I can put it on for going into any churches. Those zip-off hiking pants can also be a convenient option if the weather is hot. Personally, for hot weather in Europe, I prefer lightweight knee-length skirts and lightweight short sleeve shirts (polo or button-up) in colors that can mix and match (last time, I brought 4 shirts, 2 skirts, 1 sweater, 1 lightweight fleece, 1 wide scarf, and 3 pairs of shoes – sneakers (only wore these for the last 2 days because my ankle started hurting), black flats, and leather hiking shoes (these are what I wore most of the time); I could wear anything with anything, which gave me lots of options for 2 weeks).

    A few things I discovered when I was in Italy and had to do laundry by hand in the sink:
    -if you only wash the part of the garment that actually needs it, it dries much faster (even wool socks) – if you're going to staying at one place for several days, then you can afford to do a more thorough washing, but it's never fun to have to pack wet/damp clothes in a suitcase
    -hotel shampoo works well as laundry detergent, so there's no need to bring any from home, unless you have to use a specific one due to allergies or something like that (then definitely bring your own, but it doesn't take much)
    -don't wait until you've run out of clothes to wash them if you don't have access to any laundry facilities – if you wash as you go, you will always have enough clean clothes
    -roll up wet laundry in a towel & squeeze the water out (more than once is even better) before hanging up to dry – similar to running the spin cycle a few times, it makes things dry much faster

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