Travel to Honduras vlog 4 | New project for us

Travel to Honduras vlog 4 | New project for us

Okay, this is the outside of our house we’ve got to get it all painted so I will show you what we’re gonna do Welcome to Honduras. My name is Carolyn and I would like to show you this beautiful country We invite you to join us on our Honduran and travel series Make sure you’re subscribed and your Bell icon is turned on so you won’t miss any of the upcoming videos We’re gonna go to the hardware store and find Some paint some tools see what all we need to go and start fixing up our house Okay, and we’re here at one of the paint stores in town Going to a small town paint store in Honduras was a new experience for us. We needed to pick out exterior paint and interior paint The store owner was really helpful and friendly When it comes to picking out the paint you choose from two color charts one chart is for exterior colors And the other chart is for interior colors In the big cities in Honduras You can find more selection of paint colors and I believe they could probably do a color match for you They have water-based paint and oil-based paint We really don’t like working with oil-based paint because it’s sticky and it’s very fumy But it was our only option for durable paint for the exterior of our house. So we went with it for the oil base Okay, so we need this for inside in that for outside What about for bathrooms and kitchen Okay We picked on our paint colors and bought five gallon of the oil base and five gallon of the water base just to get started painting our house water-based paint is about six dollars and fifty cents a gallon and Oil-based paint is eleven dollars a gallon We are going to grab a couple more things and then head back to paint the Casa Okay, so we got everything we needed or we think we need, so we’re going to get started working on our house Do some painting, we’ve got electrician coming today Hopefully, a painter to come help us out. somebody might be coming to do some cement work But anyhow, it’s gonna be a fun project. We bought this house we had renters in it for a while They moved out we decided we need to do some repairs on this house. It needed some upgrades, it needs pretty much full remodel. So we put a new roof on it We come down here to do some painting electrical work. Just some things that need to get done So there’s a lot of work to do on the house. Could it be a fun project? So we’re going to start painting start getting some work done and I’m gonna show you guys As much as I can of it. Okay, This is the outside of our house. We’ve got to get it all painted And this is the living room area it’s a small small living room area and Come around here to the three bedrooms one bedroom two bedroom three bedroom bathroom here and another bathroom in the master bedroom So we’ve got our work cut out for us This is the kitchen This goes out to the carport area And the pila what they call a pila where they store water and You can store water there and wash clothes there by hand And then here’s a storage room oh It’s locked Storage room in here looks like the electric guy is here some workers. I think a painter and an electrician so We gotta get to work It was a beautiful day to paint the outside of our house weather was perfect The oil-based paint fumes were not too bad. It was nice. We were outside painting our friend Marcela stopped by to help us paint and The fruit truck guy stopped by and sold us some really good fruit Fruit truck guy just stopped by and we bought a bunch of fruit. mangoes oranges Avocado Passionfruit watermelon Cantaloupe bananas and papaya. This is all 265 lempiras This is maracuya in Spanish. It’s passion fruit kind of messy, I should have a spoon a fork, thank you let’s try the avocado. I already sliced it In Spanish this is Aguacate Looks good that looks good. That is a creamy avocado. That is good Eat that right out of the shell, that could be my lunch for a little while Actually, it is my lunch. we haven’t stopped for lunch This is lunch break I better save this one for Dar Get the seed out of it Here you go So while we’re remodeling our house We’re staying with family at their guest house and it’s just it’s beautiful here. They’ve got peacocks beautiful garden fruit trees I’m gonna show you guys it’s so beautiful In an upcoming video, we’ll show you where we stayed while we remodeled our house More of the process of painting our house and what it will look like when it’s finished If you enjoy our videos, you can show your support by giving us a thumbs up commenting below and make sure you’re subscribed Thank you for watching

18 thoughts on “Travel to Honduras vlog 4 | New project for us

  1. Really nice vlog, I enjoyed it. The house is a fun project. Passion fruit and avocado Mmm delicious! Have a good weekend my friend 👍💕☺💕

  2. The passion fruit looked yummy! And loved your intro, all the food as well as the stone rural oven looked interesting! Good luck with the painting and remodeling!

  3. Aloha. Wow, I had no idea. I've been all over S. America but never to Honduras. Look forward to more videos! Good Job!

  4. Must be exciting working on a new project on your new casa in Honduras! That fruit looks so delicious and fresh, they always taste extra yummy in tropical countries! Looking forward to the next vlog guys 🙂

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