Travel to ITALY in November [2019] ? ✈

Travel to ITALY in November [2019]  ? ✈

[Music] November and Italy begins his in the fall season the fares of flights lodgings and tourist sites decrease because the temperature of the climate drops with the passing of days the days of November are usually shorter and it rains continuously however the court is not so unbearable at least until early and mid November this can be exploited as there are fewer tourists in the country as well as a large number of events and gastronomy festivals there are also wine festivals such as new wine or novella wine which are held almost all of Italy the temperature varies according to the city Roman November has an average temperature of 17 degrees Celsius and 8 degrees Celsius remember to bring windbreaker long pants sweatshirts caps comfortable shoes umbrella good reasons to visit Italy November are the prices of flights and hotels decrease tourist sites are no longer crowded with tourists full festivals and cultural events are held festivals held in Italy in November All Saints Day truffle fairs all the white truffle festival los Agora del Bianca music festivals equestrian festival salute festival thanks for watching and happy journey [Music]

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