Travel to Mykonos, Greece with Aggie Lal |

Travel to Mykonos, Greece with Aggie Lal |

Good morning, or perhaps I should say
“Kaliméra,” because I’m sitting here in a coffee shop, one of my favorite in
Mykonos, Greece. My name is Aggie Lal. I’m a professional Jetsetter. I travel
the world for a living and I’m so happy to have you here at the Jetsetter website. For those of you who don’t know Jetsetter, it’s an online source for how
to travel stylishly, smartly, and consciously. Before I even go any further
and show you my favorite spots on this beautiful island, make sure you like this
video and subscribe to the Jetsetter channel because there’ll be more to come. Let’s do it. You can’t come to Mykonos and not go
shopping—at least window shopping. Let’s take a look. Mykonos is full
of these cute little streets that are filled with shops, restaurants, and every
time I come here I feel like I could spend an entire day just going from one
restaurant to another, trying another Greek salad, trying another
coffee. But if you get a little tired like I just did, this little quiet
street le’s you just relax, get some fresh air, and enjoy the white buildings
with cute little blue touches. And this is another thing I love about Mykonos:
you have a church, you have a restaurant, you have Louis Vuitton, you have all you need
in one little corner, it all kind of works here together. This little
coffee shop, ice cream shop is one of my favorite places. Delicious crepes,
delicious coffee, and homemade ice cream. YUM. We come back every year. And, of course, kitties everywhere in
Mykonos. Look kitty, see the camera? Hi! I think he likes my hat! Cats are
the happiest guys in Mykonos, the best life. If you’re a cat, come to Mykonos! Always so busy in Mykonos. If you want to have a photo by yourself just come early in the
morning, 8 o’clock. It’s empty, Greeks like to sleep in, and you can take a photo of
empty blue streets by yourself but for now, you have to navigate between the crowd. All that walking has made me hungry. I’m going to take you to my favorite Greek restaurant, La Familia, and we’ll have some traditional
Greek food. Let’s go. I love this restaurant because not only the food is
delicious, I love the bougainvillea being all around the tables. It’s very, like,
family vibe and it’s called La Familia so rightly so. Mykonos is an old fisherman town so every restaurant you go to you get to see beautiful fresh fish, a lot
of eggplant, cucumber, tomato obviously —a typical Greek salad. So apart from fresh
fish and typical Greek salad, you’ll see a lot of spreads with cheeses and a lot of
fish-based dishes. For example, Taramosalata (I hope I’m pronouncing it right), it’s
like a spread with white fish and cheese. It’s really delicious.
So as we’re waiting for a meal and it’ll get olive oil with some ciabatta bread
and balsamic. In Greece, you get a little bit of fresh Greek olives obviously and
this is actually feta cheese with sun-dried tomatoes made as a paste. So you grab a
little piece of bread. I’m just gonna dip the good old way and have some feta, cheese,
tomato… When you see me in Greece, you’ll see me eat
Greek salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And for whatever reason, if I was eating
Greek salad in L.A., I would get bored after day two. It’s my second week here in
Greece and I just can’t get enough. It’s so fresh. Always a little bit different.
Always just as good. And here we have famous Greek moussaka which is basically
minced meat with béchamel sauce and cheese. It’s kind of like lasagna but it’s mixed with
eggplant. This restaurant has the moussaka I’ve had. If you’re very thirsty, Greeks actually do drink Aperol spritz. Maybe not as much as
Italians, they kind of tend to have their local Ouzo, but to me it’s quite strong at least for now so I’m sticking to Aperol. It’s important what you eat
but it’s even more important where you stay. We are staying at Myconian
Ambassador which has 78 rooms and it’s located 20 minutes from the city center.
What’s important to me is that it’s walking distance to Nammos shopping
village with high-end designer clothing, shoes, bags, you name it, and another 10 minutes from a beach club Scorpios which I absolutely adore. So let
me show you around and you’ll see why I like it so much. You can’t come to Mykonos and miss out on Scorpios. Scorpios is my absolute favorite place. It’s the closest to Tulum you can
possibly get here in Europe. Good music, good food,
good company. What else could you want to have? Oh wait! A margarita. Cheers! Baklava’s not native to Greece but it’s
very popular here in Greece. I love this particular one. It’s so full of honey and nuts, it basically glues my teeth together. I’m usually not a messy eater but there’s
no nice way to eat it. It’s so delicious. So sweet, though. The fun fact is
that they actually repaint all the streets of Mykonos every year, so as you
walk, it’s all beautiful and it feels so fresh because it is. Postcard, anyone?
I actually love looking through postcards because they give you great photo
ideas. It’s kind of fun to see wow this spot looks amazing.
Let me find it. It must be on this side of the island. Like this pink door looks
great. This little alley. It’s a fun challenge and it’s also a great way to
learn photography. I love the variety of shopping. Like I said you get luxury
shopping, which I’ll show you in a second, but you also get these Greek outfits and
traditional antique, ancient Greek dresses. One hundred percent Greek cotton, so I guess it’s good. Very cute, very Greek. We have made it to another of our
destinations: Bar Semeli. It looks super empty right now, but wait about
two hours and it will be completely covered with people, impossible to get a table
without a reservation, because the sun sets right around here. It’s one of the
best restaurants to watch the sunset, but I have one more spot, so let me show you. We made it to Nammos Village, one of the most luxurious shopping centers in
Greece. Let’s take a look at what’s inside. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Oscar de la Renta.
You name it, they are all here at Nammos and once you’re done with shopping, you
head to the beach to have an even fancier dinner. We’re gonna do that, too. What a way to finish our day and what a
way to finish our video. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you fell in love
with Mykonos from in front of your computer just as much as I love this
island. I hope this guide was useful. Come to Mykonos. Enjoy it. If you liked the
video, make sure to leave a thumbs up or subscribe to the channel. There will be
more videos coming, more guides of more beautiful islands. Thank you so much for

17 thoughts on “Travel to Mykonos, Greece with Aggie Lal |

  1. Fabulous Video. Beautiful Place. I love Mykonos. You are so a pretty woman. Love you and all your journeys Videos. You are the best. Thanks for this video and your to matching explanations. 🔝✔️💖

  2. Definitely in my Bucket List. What a gorgeous island! Thanks for the tips and I hope I make it there soon. 😍😍😍

  3. The least you could do is get the language right. Just in case someone is watching.
    The Greek word for "Good Morning" is not "Caldera".
    Here is the definition for "Caldera". "Caldera" is a large volcanic crater, especially one formed by a major eruption leading to the collapse of the mouth of the volcano.
    The Greek word for "Good Morning" is "Kalimera".
    It seems to me that this video is all about you, and shopping.
    You changed 10 outfits, at least, in 9 minutes of video.
    We know there is shopping, but is that all there is on the island?
    What about all the rest, of the culture, and what the island has to offer.
    I mean besides Scorpios.
    Do better, I could do better than that.

  4. I loved mykonos when I was there, high season is very busy, heres a tip – make sure you rent a car, scooter, it gets so busy and jammed. I was really surprised as someone who travels every month myself (check out my insta ). thank you for the lovely video !

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